Are Corner Hotel Rooms Better

Choosing the perfect hotel room can greatly impact the overall enjoyment of your stay. One often overlooked but intriguing option is the corner hotel room. Tucked away at the edges of a hotel floor, these rooms boast a unique appeal that goes beyond mere aesthetics. In this article, we explore whether corner hotel rooms are truly better and why they might be the preferred choice for some travelers.

Hotel Corner Rooms #Pros

Hotel Corner Rooms
  1. Panoramic Views: Corner rooms typically offer panoramic views, allowing guests to enjoy a wider perspective of the surrounding area. The additional windows on two sides provide an immersive experience, whether you’re overlooking a bustling cityscape, serene landscapes, or picturesque coastlines. The enhanced view can make your stay more memorable and enjoyable.
  2. Natural Light: One of the advantages of corner rooms is the abundance of natural light. With windows on two sides, these rooms often benefit from more sunlight throughout the day. The bright and airy atmosphere can create a more inviting and comfortable space, enhancing your overall hotel experience.
  3. Enhanced Privacy: Corner rooms are often situated at the end of hallways, resulting in less foot traffic and noise outside the door. This can contribute to a quieter and more private stay, making it an attractive option for those seeking a peaceful retreat. If you value solitude and tranquility, a corner room might be the ideal choice.
  4. Unique Layouts: Corner hotel rooms frequently feature unique layouts that set them apart from standard rooms. The additional space and creative design elements can make your stay more interesting and enjoyable. Whether it’s a cozy reading nook, an expanded seating area, or a uniquely shaped floor plan, the distinctive layout of corner rooms can add a touch of luxury to your experience.
  5. Potential for Upgrades: Many travelers are unaware that corner rooms are often considered premium accommodations. As such, hotels may be more inclined to offer upgrades or special perks to guests booking these rooms. While not guaranteed, there’s a chance you might find yourself enjoying a complimentary upgrade or additional amenities when opting for a corner room.

Corner Hotel Rooms #Cons

While corner hotel rooms undoubtedly have their allure and unique features, it’s essential to consider potential cons before making a decision:

  1. Limited Availability: Corner rooms are often in high demand due to their sought-after features, resulting in limited availability. Securing one might be challenging, especially during peak travel seasons or in popular hotels.
  2. Potential for Obstructed Views: Not all corner rooms guarantee unobstructed views. Depending on the hotel’s location and surroundings, there’s a possibility that certain angles may offer less appealing views or be obstructed by nearby buildings.
  3. Higher Price Tag: The premium nature of corner rooms often comes with a higher price tag. If you’re on a budget, opting for a standard room may be more economical, allowing you to allocate funds for other aspects of your trip.
  4. Varied Layouts: While some may appreciate unique layouts, others might find them less practical. Corner rooms may have unconventional shapes or layouts that could be less efficient or comfortable for some travelers.
  5. Limited Accessibility: Corner rooms are typically located at the end of hallways, which may result in longer walks to elevators and other hotel facilities. This might be a consideration for individuals with mobility issues or those who prefer more centrally located accommodations.
  6. Less Predictable Amenities: While corner rooms often come with additional perks, such as enhanced views, natural light, and unique layouts, the specific amenities can vary from one hotel to another. It’s essential to research and confirm what is included with the corner room booking.
  7. Noise Considerations: While corner rooms may offer enhanced privacy, their location at the end of hallways could expose guests to potential noise from nearby service areas or emergency exits. This can be a concern for those who are sensitive to noise disturbances.


In the realm of hotel accommodations, corner rooms undoubtedly offer a unique and appealing experience. From breathtaking views and natural light to enhanced privacy and potential upgrades, these rooms provide more than just a place to sleep—they offer a distinctive stay that can elevate your entire travel experience. So, the next time you find yourself choosing a hotel room, consider the allure of the corners and indulge in a stay that goes beyond the ordinary.

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