Does Sun Country Airlines Have WiFi

Sun Country WiFi access is limited to enjoy the in flight entertainment options. Passengers can not stream, browse or message on board. However, to keep the boredom away, there is a sufficient variety of entertainment shows and movies that are offered for free. 

No additional charges are levied on the in-flight entertainment options. However, for those who are searching for does Sun Country have free WiFi, it is a big no with complete assurance of a boredom free flight. Surely, it is sad that the airline doesn’t offer access to the personal devices for other streaming and browsing purposes. Nonetheless, as stated above about the In-flight entertainment options, check the next section to know how to connect to Sun Country WiFi.

How to Connect to Sun Country Onboard WiFi?

How to Connect to Sun Country Onboard WiFi

Sun Country WiFi does not offer WiFi on board as it is a low fare carrier. However, as previously mentioned, passengers get complimentary access to use the in-flight entertainment portal. For this, there is a wireless WiFi which is known as Air Fi. If you are flying from a long haul flight, then such options can be a great fit to keep you engaged throughout the film. 

There are tons of shows, movies, music and other options pre-installed on the portal. You can explore and choose your best favorite from the available. The AirFi will not allow you to download any additional programmes. Now that we have gathered all relevant details on your query for does sun country have wifi on flights, simply find and connect to the AirFi. In case of any help or guidance, connect to the airline staff on board. 

Summarized Answer on Does Sun Country Have WiFi

Sun Country WiFi on board is known as AirFi which is only available to connect to its In-Flight entertainment portal. The service is not efficient for the passengers to use for messaging, browsing or streaming. Nothing expect, watching shows or movies is possible. However, given the ticket prices, if there is no urgent meeting or phone call required, then this airline is a very good option to fly within a budget and stay entertained during the flight with its several uploaded programs or shows. Without a doubt! Sun Country is safe Airline to travel, that too allows its passengers use wifi on board without any safety issues and assures to provide you the best air travel experience onboard. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Sun Country Airlines have wifi?

No, Sun Country does not offer internet connectivity on board. It has its in-flight entertainment WiFi that enables you to connect to a list of limitless shows and programs.

What is the price for Sun Country WiFi?

Sun  Country has AirFi which is a free service for all its passengers to enjoy access to in-flight entertainment options.

Does Sun Country have free WiFi?

In Present, Sun Country does not offer Wi-Fi connectivity during flights.
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