How to Change Allegiant Flight

Change Allegiant Flight by visiting the official site and choosing the “Manage Trip” option. Passengers may require their booking ID and other details to update the flight details. Requests to change the can be sent through the mobile application and by contacting the airline.  With the straightforward policies of Allegiant Airlines, passengers can change travel dates, times, and destinations seamlessly. The airline understands this and thus formulated the Allegiant Change Flight Policy. The policy describes what rules are to be followed in different scenarios. The procedure is basic and easy to understand, scroll through to learn. 

Allegiant Change Flight Policy

Allegiant Change Flight Policy

Allegiant Change Flight Policy states that changes must be made at least 7 days or more prior to the departure date. In addition, passengers are required to pay the applicable Allegiant Change Flight Fee to complete the process. Allegiant Flight Change Policy has made certain rules and regulations according to the time when the request is made to change the flight. Read the following terms that come under the policy

  • Flight Modifications

Passengers can make changes to the travel date, time, and destination of the originally booked ticket. 

  • Fare Difference and Change Fee

If the passenger exceeds the time limit then a certain fee amount is levied. In addition, a fare difference is payable if the new flight costs more than the original booking. Allegiant Change Flight Fee differs according to the fare type and the selected destination.

  • Source of Booking

Individuals who have booked flights from either the concerned ticket counter or Allegiant Airlines’ official website can follow the procedure shared on this page. Passengers who have booked flights from third parties and travel agencies must reach out to the concerned authority for modification concerns. 

  • Changes Made Before/After 24 Hours

Passengers who make changes within 24 hours of booking can avoid applicable charges. However, if the Allegiant Flight Change is requested after 24 hours then the fee will be applicable. 

How to Change Flight on Allegiant?

How to Change Flight on Allegiant

Check out this section on how to change Allegiant Flight. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to make modifications to booked flight. Before starting the procedure, make sure the necessary changes are decided. After that, refer to these steps:

  • First, visit the official website of Allegiant Airlines with this link –
  • Secondly, there will be an option “Manage Trips” in the menu bar at the top. Click that to make changes to the flight details.
  • Thirdly, the loaded page will ask you to enter your name and Allegiant Confirmation Number. If you do not remember the ticket number then you can simply login into the account using your email id and password. 
  • Afterward, choose the flight you want to make changes to. Click on the available option for Allegiant Change Flight and follow the online instructions.
  • Now, confirm Allegiant Airlines Change Flight and pay the fee, if applicable.
  • The updated flight details will be emailed to you.

How Do I Change My Flight on Allegiant Air Customer Service?

How Do I Change My Flight on Allegiant Air Customer Service

Passengers who prefer proper assistance can reach out to Allegiant Air Customer Service at (702) 505-8888. You can simply put forward your reasons and ask for Allegiant Air Change Flight. Keep in mind, your name in the reservation and purchased flight bundle cannot be changed. The staff at the office will assist you and provide you with the best solution. Be ready to pay applicable fee charges and fare differences, if any. 

Allegiant Change Flight Fee

Allegiant Change Flight Fee

Changing air ticket details will lead to the payment of the applicable Allegiant Change Flight Fee. The amount is levied per head and for every round of trip. It can be from $25 to 75$ depending upon the request time frame before the scheduled departure. The charges are deducted from the total amount of the ticket and the remaining is given back to the passenger in the form of a credit voucher for future travel with an expiry date. It must be used within a year as the expiry date cannot be extended further. Additionally, travelers are also liable to government taxes and fees, along with fare differences.

How to Avoid Allegiant Change Fee?

Yes, you can avoid Allegiant Change Fee if you cancel the entire ticket even if you wanted to make a minute change. As per the Allegiant Cancellation Policy, if the ticket is canceled within 24 hours after booking and seven days before the scheduled departure date then no charges will be applied upon cancelling the ticket. There is another way as well that is described below.

Can I Change My Allegiant Flight for Free?

Yes, individuals can avoid charges with a service called Trip Flex. What is Trip Flex? It is a service that can be purchased at the time of booking the flight. This option allows passengers to change flights once without any charges for modification up to an hour prior to departure. So, when there is a high chance of changes in your trip then you must purchase Allegiant Trip Flex. However, passengers will be liable to pay fare difference for purchased inflight & other services, if any. Individuals can make changes to their hotel and air-purchased packages up to 72 hours before the scheduled departure. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you change the flight on Allegiant?

Yes, You can change flights on Allegiant Airlines by visiting the official website and clicking the “Manage Travel” option.

How much does it cost to change a flight on Allegiant Air?

It can cost around $25 to $75 on changing an Allegiant flight. The fee amount depends on how early the change request is made. 

How do I contact Allegiant customer service?

Travelers may contact the Allegiant Customer Care Agent by dialing (702) 505-8888 and requesting for changing details on their flight ticket.

Can I change the dates of my hotel booking?

No, Allegiant Airlines do not permit changing the date of booked hotel.

Can I change the name on the Allegiant Air package reservation?

No, as per the Allegiant Flight Change Policy, passengers cannot change their names on the reservation. 

Can I change what’s included in a bundle?

You can only add other services on the Allegiant ticket bundle or upgrade your seat. Declining, adding, or changing items in your bundle is not permitted. 

Allegiant changed my flight time, do I have to pay charges?

No, passengers do not have to pay any charges if the flight time is changed by the airline itself. You may contact the customer care agent for more information. 
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