How To Change Name on an Air Canada Ticket

Carefully type your name when booking a flight! It should be exactly the same as written in the official documents. Why so? If the name spelling does not match then you would not be able to board the flight. Also, the name change will cost a lot.

If you are one of the readers who have already made the name mistake and are looking for policies under which you can change the name. Specifically, you have booked a flight on Air Canada. Then you landed on the right page. This page is a well-researched guide on how to change a name on an Air Canada ticket.

Before jumping to the steps, let’s learn the policy of Air Canada’s name change. There are chances that you get to change the name for free. You can also cancel the flight and fill in the right name while paying zero additional charges.

Does Air Canada Allow Name Changes?

Yes, you can change the name on your Air Canada ticket only due to legal and valid reasons. A complete name change is questionable while spelling mistakes can be corrected after paying a fee. If there is a minor error, then the airlines allow name change without a fine. Otherwise, a minimum of 25 USD to a maximum of 200 USD will be charged to change the name on the Air Canada ticket. For instance, it charges approximately 25 dollars for making any change.

The price of changing names varies depending on the ticket type and the reason for the mistake. There are circumstances under which Air Canada allows its passengers to change their name free of cost. Here, the reasons are only specific to name change and not name correction. 

When Can I Change My Name For Free on Air Canada?

Air Canada and any other airline require the first and last name with a photograph and identity proof to confirm your entry. Without identity confirmation, you can not board the flight. So, it is important to have the exact name and spelling as mentioned on the ID card. In case there is a change in your surname or first name apart from the spelling mistakes, then the airline allows change only under specific circumstances.  Here is a list of situations when Air Canada allows name change. 

  • You were recently married, divorced, adopted, or any other reasons for legally changing a name, and reasons due to which you changed your name legally. 
  • A companion of a disabled person requests a change due to various reasons. 

These two are the primary conditions under which any candidate falling into these can get their name changed. Given that the individual has valid documents to prove why and when they got their name changed. The name change reason shall be accepted only if it was after booking the flight. Apart from the name, there are provisions to change Air Canada flights. In case, you wish to make changes then you should follow the steps mentioned in the embedded link.

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Paying Fine for Name Change

Business, Premium, Latitude, and Economy seats with the flexibility option are not charged even a single penny for name corrections and changes. If you don’t fall under the above-described category and you are not looking for a name change but a name correction, then you can do the following steps to avoid or reduce the fine levied for the process.

  • Cancel the flight within 24 hours and rebook the flight to avoid a penalty. Also, Air Canada does not fine 24-hour cancellations defining the time period beginning from the minute of booking confirmation.
  • Reissue the ticket with a new name. This might be more cost-effective as compared to the fine charged for the name change.

Step-by-Step Guide to Change Name on Air Canada Ticket 

Dial the Air Canada Customer care number for your region. Inform them about the changes and request a name change. The staff shall guide you on how to send the documents for verification purpose. You can also visit the nearest office to submit the necessary documents for the change required. Ask the airport staff about the necessary steps on how to change the name on an Air Canada Ticket.

Else visit the website or the mobile application and follow the below-listed steps to change the online.

  1. Navigate the Manage Booking tab on the website or the app. 
  2. Select the option and login with your last name and reference number. 
  3. Upon Logging in, the details related to your scheduled booking with various options will appear on the screen.
  4. Click on Change and make the necessary changes. (Keep the documents of proof and the reason for change handy).
  5. Fill in the asked questions related to the name change and correction.
  6. Finally, make the payment as mentioned. 


Finally, you will be able to make the changes to your name and fly on schedule as planned. Remember to compare the prices for reissue and the change. Whichever is more feasible, choose that one and pay accordingly. If you realize your mistake soon, then the best is to cancel within 24 hours. Follow the basic steps to learn how to cancel an Air Canada flight and avoid paying the fee charged for the name change. Always, remember to carry the local authority-approved identity card and other necessities to support the legal reasons for your name change.


Can I change a person on the flight ticket name?

 No, the tickets are non-transferable. Only name correction and change is allowed for exceptional legal abided cases

How to Change name on Air Canada ticket for a married person?

Submit the marriage certificate and other documents as proof to change name on the Air Canada ticket.

How much Air Canada charges for misspelled names on the ticket? 

Air Canada charges 25- 200 dollars (USD) for making a name change depending on the fare type, hour of change since booking, and the reason for Change. 

How much Air Canada Charge for Misspelled names on the ticket?

Air Canada charges 25-200 dollars (USD) for making a name change depending on the fare type, hour of change since booking, and the reason for the change. 
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