Cancel Volaris Airlines flight by visiting the official website and providing booking number and last name. Passengers can cancel Volaris Flight can claim full refund by informing the airline within 24 hours of booking the ticket. However, for offline cancellation, dial the number listed country-wise on the official Volaris website. Individuals are also informed that canceling a ticket also involves application of penalty fees. Passengers wouldn’t get refunds if they cancel after 24-hour of the ticket purchase, and if the flight doesn’t depart or arrive from the U.S.

Volaris Cancellation Policy

Passengers have to comply with terms and conditions stated in Volaris Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy. If the ticket is bought via travel agency than make sure to contact them to cancel the flight. Volaris Airlines states that passengers can cancel flight ticket anytime however, charges are applicable. Every passenger is liable to pay the cancellation fee as a penalty. In some cases, passengers are even eligible to get a full refund. Which takes around 7 to 20 business days. However, flight cacellation is allowed on limited fares of the airline. Thus, before discussing the Volaris Flight Cancellation Policy, check which fare is eligible. The following are the three types of fares:

  • Basic Fares: This is most affordable ticke among all the fares which does not provide any onboard facilities except for seats. Volaris flight change and cancellations are not permitted for this fare type. 
  • Plus Fares: This ticket offers several services like seat selection, luggage allowance, and flight change and cancellation. However, fee charges are applied. 
  • Fexible Fares: It is the premium ticket of the airline and provides flexible services. This offers priority boarding and extra luggage allowance including the benefits of Plus fares. In addition, no fee is charged for Volaris Fligh Cancellation and modifications.

Volaris Airlines 24 Hour Risk Free Cancellation

Volaris Cancellation Policy

For Plus fare domestic flight tickets bought, whether United States, Mexico, Central or South America, the flight is eligible for Volaris Airlines 24 Hour Risk Free Cancellation. However, passenger must not have checked in for the flight, neither online nor at the airport. Otherwise, no passenger is entitle to apply for refund application. In case, the flight is scheduled to takeoff in 24 hours after purchasing the ticket then you are not eligible for this policy. Kindly contact customer care service in such condition at three hours before flight departure. In addition, you have not checked for the flight yet. The refund is provided in the form of an Electronic Credit which is eligible to future flight purchase under the following conditions:

As a low-budget airliner, Volaris makes it simple for passengers to cancel their booked flights. You can cancel Volaris flight tickets either through online or offline medium. To cancel your flight online you need to visit the official Volaris airline website and follow the cancellation steps. However, for offline cancellation, call the number of your country listed country wise on the official Volaris website. 

Further we will discuss the flight cancellation process in detail and with the below mentioned steps you’ll be able to cancel your flights without getting confused at any point. The online cancellation process on the Volaris website will ensure you’ll cancel your upcoming flight booking with the least possible time consumed. 

Note: Passengers wouldn’t get refunds if they cancel after 24-hour of the ticket purchase, and in case the flight doesn’t depart or arrive from the U.S.

How Can I Cancel My Volaris Flight Online?

The airline offers several ways to cancel Volaris flight including online and offline methods. Passengers can use any in accordance with convenience. However, it is advised to go for the same method used for booking the flight. This makes smoothless and a less complicated flight cancellation process. The following steps guide you about how to cancel Volaris flight online:

How to Cancel Volaris Flight online
  • Visit the official website either on your PC or your phone. 
  • Scroll to the upper right landing page corner and click on the button “Login”.
  • Enter the Volaris account credentials and you’ll get member’s area access.
  • Scroll to the option “Change flight” and click on the tab “Change flight”.
  • Then, under the tab “Manage your journey’ click on the option “Change flight”.
  • Under the option “Manage your journey,” enter the provided booking code with the last name of the passenger’s name. 
  • After coming to the option  “Go to My Trip” press the key enter.
  • You’ll get a list of itineraries that you can change or remove
  • Select it for cancelling a flight
  • After clicking on the cancel tab, confirm your selection.
  • Finally, you need to pay the cancellation fare, if the airline demands it. You’ll get an email with confirmation of the flight cancellation. 

Without the right knowledge about the appropriate steps, travelers mostly get stuck on the Volaris online cancellations process. The good news is that with the above mentioned instructions the cancellation process becomes fairly simple as you only need to follow a few simple steps. 

Thus, the steps listed above explain how to cancel a Volaris flight online. 

How to Cancel a Flight on Volaris Offline?

If the departure schedule of your domestic flight is less than only 24 hours after your ticket purchase, you can cancel your reservation after calling Volaris customer support numbers at least 3 hours before the scheduled departure provided that you didn’t check in. 

Contact the following numbers within a 24 hour window after the reservation to cancel it and get refunds:

  • Mexico – 01(55) 1102-8000
  • United States of America – 1855 VOLARIS (8652747)
  • Guatemala – 502-2301-3939
  • Costa Rica – 506-4002-7462
  • Argentina – 503-2504-5540
  • Honduras – 505-2251-2198

You can cancel Volaris flight offline after proceeding with the aforementioned ticket cancellation process. To continue with the process travellers need to furnish vital Information/documents, like:

  • Booking Code, an alphanumeric combination that corresponds to the booking (like PNR), full name (as available on the PNR) and the email registered when booking the flight.
  • In addition, you might offer a copy of the official ID, bank account or other necessary document for the refund.

Volaris Flight Cancellation Fee 

Volaris Airlines charges around $100 to $500 for flight cancellation. The fee to cancel the flight depend on the type ticket purchased. Ticket refundable nature can also affect the flight cancellation process. Basic fares are non-refundable in nature and does not permit passengers to cancel the flight. Plus and Flexible fare permit flight cancellation but Volaris Cancellation Fee may apply. Most of the flexible fares do not incur penalty fee. Also, no fee is charged for flight cancelled within 24 hours of booking. Passengers will get the refund amount after deduction of Volaris Flight Cancellation Fee and taxes. The amount is paid back to the same account used for purchasing the ticket.

Volaris Refund Policy

The transfer of amount may take from 7 to 20 business days as per refund policy of Volaris Airlines. Passengers require to submit a copy of official ID, bank account or other required documents for refund. Volaris flight cancellation and refund is applied to both flight segment. Meaning, if you book a round trip the cancellation and refund is applied to the complete round trip. Therefore, cancellation for only one segment is not accepted. It is important to not check-in for booked flight to claim refund of cancelled flight. If the flight includes service package then the refund will depend on the service provider. Thus, contact the airline call center for more information. If the flight is booked via travel agency then the refund will also be processed from their end. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to cancel a flight on Volaris?

Passengers can cancel Volaris flight via online and offline methods by providing their booking number and last name. 

Can I cancel Volaris flight online?

Yes, you can cancel Volaris flight online by visiting the official website of the airline. 

Can you cancel a Volaris flight by calling the airline?

Yes, passengers can cancel flight by contacting the airline, the country-wise listed number are provided on the website.

Can I cancel my Volaris ticket if booked through a travel agency?

Yes, but you may contact the travel agency for flight cancellation and the refund will be processed by them only.

Can I cancel my Volaris flight after 24 hours?

Yes, you can can cancel Volaris flight after 24 hours but the fee charges will apply. 

How long does Volaris take to refund?

Refund for Volaris cancelled flight can take around 7-20 business days.
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