What is premium economy on Air Canada

Premium Economy, the premium class offered by Air Canada to its passengers, is an upgrade to the basic economy and lower than the business class. The Premium Economy class on Air Canada includes 2 free checked bags, extra legroom, complimentary meals, and wider seats. However, people flying in premium economies can have access to a wide variety of benefits. You can fly on a larger seat, have extra legroom, get priority boarding, two checked baggage, and other airport services. 

Passengers can enjoy a comfortable journey along with other priority services. Additionally, passengers travelling in Premium Economy can enjoy a variety of foods offered in the flight, complimentary beverages, and enhanced entertainment facilities.

What is included in Premium Economy on Air Canada?

The passengers wondering about the premium economy seats of Air Canada, it is an intermediary option between economy class and business class. It offers passengers a highly cost-effective travel experience without losing their wallets. Check the below points to know what all is included in Premium Economy:

  • Comfortable and enhanced travel experience.
  • Affordable price in comparison to business class.
  • Wide variety of meals and beverages to choose from.
  • Spacious seats, wider legroom, and greater seat pitch.
  • Priority check-ins, priority boarding, and baggage handling.

Does Air Canada Premium Economy have Lounge Access?

Does Air Canada Premium Economy have Lounge Access?

Air Canada Premium Economy Class don’t include lounge access like the Business Class. However, if you are a Star Alliance member, you can have access to lounges at the airport. You may review the criteria for accessing the lounge at airports as it requires certain memberships, passengers can also pay for lounge access via their credit cards or other payment methods. 

Air Canada Premium Economy Meal Service

Air Canada provides complimentary meals and beverages to the passengers. The airline serves these meals either in pre-packaged meal box or in ceramic dishes that also include metal utensils. Additionally, the airline provides a facility to the passengers to check the menu within a week of the flight departure. This can be done by visiting the official website of Air Canada Airlines and entering all the required details. 

Air Canada Premium Economy passengers traveling in a flight having more than 2 hours of travel time will get a water bottle. After the flight’s departure, travelers will get the option to choose coffee, tea, soft drinks, and any 1 from a bottle of red or white wine.

In addition to this, Premium Economy passengers will also get a midflight meal that includes a cold sandwich.

Other Amenities, Perks, and Services

Air Canada Premium Economy passengers also get additional benefits before the flight departure. This includes:

  • Priority check-in services
  • Two checked bags allowance
  • Sleep Set (Pillow and Blanket)
  • Amenity Kit that includes eye mask, socks, and dental kit. 


Air Canada Premium Economy is an upgrade to the Economy Class in Air Canada. Passengers with Premium Economy tickets will get extra legroom, wider seats, complimentary meals and priority airport treatment. Passengers who purchased an Economy fare ticket can also get the option to upgrade to Premium Economy on Air Canada. The predominant difference between the premium economy class and business class is the pricing criteria, lounge access, and other minor benefits. However, if you want to cut to the chase, need comfort, but don’t want to pay a higher cost, getting a premium economy ticket is worth the effort. This page includes all the relevant information that will surely help you know what is Premium Economy on Air Canada, its benefits, and some additional perks. Read the complete details to know everything before reserving your tickets for your next trip with Air canada to avoid any hassle and travel comfortably.

What is Premium Economy On Air Canada (FAQs)

Can you use a lounge with premium economy tickets?

The lounges are typically reserved for business class passengers. However, the passengers can pay to get access to lounges.

Are drinks free in the premium economy?

Yes, the passengers can have access to free meals and beverages in premium economy along with extra comfortable seats. 

How many bags can you take on premium economy?

Passengers are allowed to carry two checked baggage with premium economy tickets, weighing 23 kgs each. 

Is premium economy worth paying for?

If you are not comfortable with Economy Class and looking for additional amenities, more comfortable and wider seats, complimentary meals, etc. then, Premium Economy Class is worth it.

What are the benefits of Air Canada Premium Economy?

Air Canada Premium Economy class provides larger seats, additional space for legroom, Next-gen entertainment system, complimentary elegant meals, and much more.
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