How to Change Southwest Flight for Free in 2023 How to Change Southwest Flight for Free in 2023
How to Change Southwest Flight

Flexible Southwest Flight Change Policy allow paasengers to make changes via online website. Passengers require reservation details like confirmation number and last name to change Southwest Flight. And the amazing part is that it never charges for any change made in the flight. It can be changed unti the last 10 minutes before scheduled departure on Same-Day Change & Same-Day Standby basis. The Southwest Airlines Change Flight Policy is applicable to both refundable and non-refundable fares. Passengers can make changes to flight date, time, and destination as per the Southwest Flight Change Rules. The new value of the ticket can be less or more than the original. The prices will be returned or applied in the respective cases. Now let’s dig further to know how to change flights on Southwest. 

Southwest Change Flight Policy

As discussed before, The airline allows changes on all its fare types according to Southwest Flight Change Policy. Given, the changes can be made on the same of the departure as well. 

  • when  changing the date for a Southwest flight, the fare can be more or less than the original amount. The airline will refund the excess amount or the passenger will have to pay the remaining balance amount.
  • There is no Southwest Flight Change Fee. Only the fare difference is payable.
  • A Passenger can make infinite changes to its itinerary, given the deadline and other rules are followed.
  • Even if the check-in for Southwest Airlines is complete. Free changes are still eligible, only the time left for departure should be ten  minutes or more.

Southwest Same Day Change Policy

Southwest Same Day Change Policy

Passengers can change a Southwest Flight on the same day according to the Same-Day Change and Same-Day Standby policy. It is applicable to selected fares. With this, passengers can cancel Southwest Flight up until 10 minutes before scheduled flight. Mind you, passengers will have to pay the fare difference. If the new flight costs less then the remaining amount will be refunded. Southwest Same-Day Change Policy allows passenger to take either earlier or later available flights. Fares like Southwest Business Select, Anytime, & Wanna Get Away+ are included in this policy. However, A-list members can take same-day change benefits even in Wanna Get Away fare.

Guide to Change Southwest Flight Online 

Change Southwest Flight Online 

Change Southwest Airlines flight tickets via a phone call, website and the offline visit to the office. The airline suggests making changes from the website, ensuring ease to the passengers. However, passengers can choose to use any of the above mentioned options. 

Plan change is not a new story. Things happen at the last minute. The airline offers various ways to Change Southwest Flight. Share your information with the staff and changes via Southwest Change Flight Phone Number.

Below are defined simple and easy steps on how to change a flight on Southwest. 

  • Visit the Southwest Airlines official website. Else, open its application on your personal devices.
  • On the screen, you will find the Book section. Within the same, there are a few other options. 
  • Scroll your eyes to the right corner of that box, you will find the Change/Cancel option. 
  • Choose Change Flight and Click on it.  As a result, boxes asking for confirmation number, first name and Last name will appear at the same place. 
  • Enter the details to log in.
  • Next up, a new page will appear, reflecting the upcoming flight details.
  • Along with the information, there will be an option to change the flight. Click on it. 
  • The changes will be made accordingly. 

If you are booking a new flight but the cabin is the same. Then the fare difference must be paid. Otherwise, if you are upgrading the itinerary from the non-refundable to refundable fares, then the cost may apply. Other detailed rules for it are mentioned in the next section for better clarity.

Southwest Flight Change Terms & Conditions

Similarly, there are few other conditions where Southwest Change Flight Policy is applied differently. Read the below described points to know what Southwest Flight Change terms and norms are applicable as per certain circumstances and reservations.

Switching Fares

In case of cabin upgrades, when switching to a refundable fare of Southwest Airlines, the extra charges paid are only applicable for a refund. 

Explanation: If a Southwest passenger has a booked flight with a non-refundable fare. But, he/she makes changes in the cabin type by upgrading to the non-refundable. After all this, if the ticket is canceled, then the fare amount applicable for refund is the additional amount to book the refundable fare. The original amount of the non-refundable ticket is not eligible for refund.

Change Single Ticket with Multiple Reservations

For changes in a single person’s booking with reservations of two or more people. Users must first divide the itinerary and later apply for changes. All this is possible online via the website or the mobile application. If there is any issue in implementing the same, contact the airline on its helpline number.

Changing Reservation of a Minor

Southwest Airlines’ Tickets with minor reservations are not permitted for a flight change. The adult will have to  either cancel the entire itinerary or just Cancel Southwest Flight ticket of the minor. In the first scenario, book a new flight along with a reservation for the minor. Whereas, after canceling the minor’s ticket, changes in the adult ticket are applicable. In case of any issue, passengers can contact the airline representatives. 

Change Southwest Flight Booked with Companion

For changes on ticket reservations with a companion on Southwest Airlines’ ticket, you will have to first cancel the person included ticket or the complete reservation. Later, apply for changes according to the described situation.  

  • Southwest Involuntary Changes: At times, Southwest Airlines sends a confirmation mail for another flight at the same time or later. It is due to some delay or cancellation in the original flight booked. Various reasons including technical errors cause such changes. The passenger is free to fly on the alternative flight or reject and claim a refund, if the schedule does not match the new timings. 
  • The refund can be in the original form of payment or can be as a Travel credit for future travel with Southwest Airlines. Passengers can book a new flight within 14 days after the date of original departure. It is applicable for involuntary changes and cancellations


Step by step guide for How to change southwest flight is described in this content. The airline has very flexible rules for changes and cancellations. Southwest Airlines even allows changes on its non-refundable fares. Passengers who have sudden plans  or are expecting future changes must refer to the terms and conditions section to clear their query on can I change my Southwest flight. 

Southwest Change Flight – FAQs

How to change a flight on Southwest?

Visit the website and log in to change or cancel Southwest Airlines tickets. 

Can I change my flight date on Southwest Airlines?

Yes, non-refundable and refundable ticket holders, both can change their Southwest Airlines ticket. 

How to change your flight date with Southwest Airlines for minors? 

Southwest Airlines tickets with minor reservations can not be changed. The only way is to cancel and rebook it. 

Can you change the return flight date Southwest?

Yes, Southwest Airlines allows easy changes on return flights with the same policies for both side itineraries. 
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