Does Turkish Airlines Have a 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

Yes, Turkish Airlines does have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Individuals can cancel the flight irrespective of their ticket type and retain the complete refund in their accounts. Not even a single penny is deducted from the original amount of booking. This flexibility is offered considering the unforeseen situations that lead to plan cancellations. Perhaps, Turkish Airlines does not want to trouble its customers who were fast in realizing that they would not be able to board the plane. So, it is essential to cancel the flight within 24 hours or else a fine will be levied and the charges will be deducted from the total amount paid. 

While 24 hours or one day is the prime factor of the cancellation policy that promises full refund. There is one more term and condition that should be fulfilled in order to apply for refund under the Turkish Airlines 24 hours cancellation policy. Refer to the minute and major terms to be followed under the policy.

Turkish Airlines 24 Hours Cancellation Policy 

Turkish Airlines 24 Hours cancellation policy requires fulfillment of two conditions simultaneously. If either of them is missing, then the amount of ticket canceled shall be reduced when refunded due to fine and charges applied.  Check what the 24 hours policy of Turkish Airlines expects from individuals canceling the ticket. 

Terms and Conditions of the 24 Hours Cancelation Policy 

  1. The ticket should be canceled within 24 hours of booking. The 24 hours begin from the very minute when the booking is confirmed and ends with the last minute hand of the clock totaling to 24 hours. 
  1. Next to the 24 hour condition is the term that the respective flight must have 7 days or more time left for flying. 

At the time of booking, if a flight has less than 7 days of departure then it is not eligible for the full refund. Similarly, if there are more than 7 days but the time has exceeded more than the defined limit of 24 hours, then there shall be deductions in the original amount and the remaining shall be deposited in the owner’s account. If your ticket follows both the conditions and you wish to cancel the flight, you can cancel the Turkish Airlines Flight within 24 hours. 

Turkish Airlines Refund Policy

Not all Turkish Airlines tickets are refundable. Instead, fines are deducted from the original amount of booking. While some tickets are entitled to a full refund. The Turkish Airlines cancellation policy is varied based on various factors, especially the ticket type. To cancel a Turkish Airlines ticket and claim a refund follow a few steps.

Receivers of the refund could be the passenger or the person who paid for the tickets. It occurs at times that the payment is made from a different account and the person to be flying is different. So, Turkish Airlines after confirming the details credits the amount to the owner. In case of cash payment or drafts, the bank details of the depositor are collected. Finally,  within the 7 business days the amount to be refunded is credited in the respective account. 

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