How to Upgrade to Premium Economy on Air Canada

Premium economy is a class offered by Air Canada to its passengers which consists of a higher level of comfort than economy, but lower cost than business class. Premium economy is available on certain international and North American routes, and offers a wide range of advantages to enhance the travel experience of the passengers. 

The premium economy seats are particularly designed to offer more comfort, extra legroom, complimentary meals and beverages, and a vast selection of entertainment options. 

Amongst the wide range of classes offered by Air Canada, we’ll particularly discuss Premium Economy and how we can upgrade our economy ticket to premium economy

Steps to Upgrade to Premium Economy Class

How to Upgrade to Premium Economy on Air Canada

Passengers have quite a few options when it comes to upgrading their fare types, depending upon the ticket type, booking method, and seat availability. Here are a few options, through which you can upgrade your economy ticket to premium economy.

At Check-in 

If you are an economy passenger willing to upgrade to premium economy, you can choose to do it during the check-in at the airport check-in counter. If there is availability of seats, the airline staff will accommodate you through the process. The cost of the upgrade depends entirely on the ticket type, route, and other factors.

Purchase Online

You can also purchase premium economy by logging into your Air Canada Account on the official website. You can follow the prompts to see if there’s any upgrade available on your route or ticket type. And, if there is availability, you can purchase it by using your credit card or through the required payment methods. 


Air Canada allows bidding for an upgrade through its feature “AC Bid Upgrade” which gives passengers an opportunity to bid on the available upgrades during the course. You will receive an email by Air Canada to bid on upgrades and if your bid is accepted, your class will be automatically upgraded to the amount you bid. 


Frequent travellers would know what aeroplan points are, if you are a member of Air Canada’s loyalty program, you are eligible to use aeroplan points for upgrading your class type. Depending upon the availability of the class seats, number of points, route, and class services, you can have access to easy upgradation via the aeroplan points. 

It is crucial for passengers to note that the upgradation depends upon the “subject to availability” and other such factors. If there is no availability, the passengers won’t be able to process seat upgradation. It is recommended that you check with Air Canada’s customer care executive to gather information about the availability and pricing. 

Wrap up

Now that you know “How to Upgrade to Premium Economy on Air Canada” You can check on the same with the Airlines itself, to get updated information. You can also check with your travel agents or on the official website of Air Canada to gather the needful information about seat upgradation or class upgradation. 

How to Upgrade to Premium Economy on Air Canada? (FAQs)

Can I Upgrade my flight after booking?

Yes, the passengers can upgrade their flight after booking. However, make sure you are only upgrading one cabin at a time.

Can you ask the flight attendant for an upgrade?

Once you are inside the flight, you cannot upgrade your class. However, you can do so at the check-in counter at the airport. You can also ask the gate agent who has a list of fliers who are eligible for upgrades.

How much should you pay for a flight upgrade?

You have to pay an approximate of thirty percent more than you paid for the economy. The amount may also vary depending upon certain factors such as routes, ticket type, etc.
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