Does Spirit Airlines Allow Dogs

Spirit Airlines does allow dogs to fly. Only domesticated dogs are allowed to fly on Spirit. Moreover, it’s not just dogs, domesticated pets are allowed on Spirit Airlines. 

Though the dogs are allowed on Spirit Airlines, the airline, and the local authorities have described certain laws and protocols regarding the same. 

Certainly, allowing pets is subjected to certain norms for safety cautions of the pets and the other passengers.

Air travel is a bit more sophisticated than other travel mediums and undergo strict policies.

While planning to travel with your dog, read the following detail: 

Does Spirit Allow Service Dogs?

Relaxing the stress of charges and rules, service dogs are allowed for free on Spirit Airlines.

  1. Firstly, service dogs can travel for free with their owners.
  2. Secondly, not just one but two service dogs can fly on Spirit Airlines. 

Procedure To Fly With Service Dogs 

Service dog owners flying with Spirit Airlines must submit the Service Animal Transportation Form.

The form has to be submitted along with attested certificates of health, behavior, and training of the dog 48 hours prior to the departure.

 Spirit Airlines instructs passengers to fill the form following the below steps: 

Download the form.

  • Fill the form after reading carefully
  • Guest care notifies if the form is approved.

Note:  Owners traveling with 2 service dogs will have to fill two forms separately attaching the  required documents.

Also charges can apply to fly certain service dogs on Spirit Airlines. Find the details in the Terms and Conditions section. 

Before that let’s learn if Spirit allows emotional support animals.

Does Spirit Allow Emotional Support Dogs? 

Yes, Spirit does allow emotional support dogs. Emotional service dog owners must have valid proofs and need to sign an agreement validating the travel before traveling with their pet. Spirit can immediately cancel the boarding if the documents are not unauthentic.

The other rules and protocols are described in the Terms and Conditions section.

Terms And Conditions

As previously stated, Dogs can fly on Spirit Airlines. Moreover service dogs can travel for free of cost. Yet, there was a big But in the statement. 

The terms and conditions are divided in two sections highlighting the standard pet policy and special provisions for service and emotional support dogs.

Dogs can fly on Spirit Airlines if they are harmless, healthy, and trained. Documents must be submitted proving the same.

The Airline claims no responsibility for the pet’s health and impairment during the trip.

The total weight of the pet cabin and pet must not exceed more than 18.14 kgs or 40 pounds. 

If the dog harms or troubles any passenger, the airline will depart it on the very first route. 

A declaration form must be signed by the owner for taking all the responsibility of traveling with their pet. In case of any loss to other passengers, the dog owner shall be held liable. Fine shall also be levied according to the formal procedure. 

Emotional Support And Service Animals 

Valid proofs and certificates must be provided verifying that the dog is a service animal.

Spirit inspection team can ask questions to reconfirm if the dog is a service animal and is required by the individual.

If the Service and emotional support dog is under training, charges will be applied for flying dogs on Spirit Airlines.

If the dog doesn’t fit in a lap or within the leg space, then additional reservation is required. 

For fully occupied flights, the passengers will be shifted to another flight with vacant seats available.

Passengers traveling to or from international destinations with their dog must comply with the local government regulations. Not doing so can restrict the dog flying  on Spirit Airlines. 

Cost For Traveling With The Dog On Spirit Airlines 

The cost for one way travel amounts to $125 per pet cabin. Here, cabin is referred because the Spirit Airline suggests to carry pets in a cabin.

While dogs are allowed if they sit on a lap or within the leg space of the booked seat.

For carrying the pet, the cabin has to be 18x14x9 inches. Pet cabins are counted as carry-on bags and are liable under the charges policy. 


Spirit Airline policies are flexible in terms of pets’ air travel. Passengers must be cautious about the rules as it can forbid the pets to travel in the cabin. Even a complete denial from the authorities might be imposed if the documentation isn’t complete. 

It is advisable to timely submit the documents and reach the airport for further necessary checks. 

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