How To Change Volaris-Flight

As there are many domestic and international Volaris flights flying to different destinations worldwide, it becomes easy for travellers to change flights as per their convenience. Sometimes, due to unforeseen change in plans, passengers need to change their flights. In such cases they need to follow certain instructions to quickly make changes in their flight bookings. The process of Changing a Volaris Flight is a fairly easy one. The following instructions specify how to change Volaris flights.

How To Change Volaris Flight Via Website?

How To Change Volaris Flight

The flight changing option is available at the official Volaris Airlines website specifically in the section “My Trips” under the tab “Change Your Flight”. You need to put in your reservation details and then follow the required steps. The following steps explain how to change a flight on Volaris on the official Volaris Airlines website.

Step 1: After opening the tab “Change Your Flight”, Choose the flight that you wish to change.

Step 2: Select the flight origin, departure date and the destination.

Step 3: Now, the new flight that you wish to book.

Step 4: Specify any other added services that you want.

Step 5: Finish the payment process and you’ll get the new flight booked.

Note: When you’re changing itinerary on the airlines website, it would apply for all the included customers on reservation.

While changing the flight route, there is no option for changing country of origin.

Considering Round Trip Flights:

  • After departing the outbound flight, you can change the date and time of return flight.
  • In case you want to alter the flight origin or landing destination, make sure to have any corresponding changes for the other.

Make Changes as Per Your Requirement With Flexibility Combo Plan

You can add a Flexibility combo to the reservation, which ensures unlimited date and time changes when you wish to adjust travel plans. Further, the airlines won’t charge you any fee for making such changes. However, the difference in fare is applicable.

To make changes in your flight itinerary, passengers must:

Ensure that the changes are made minimum 4 hours prior to the scheduled flight departure

  • Any changes won’t be possible to make after printing the boarding pass
  • Changes are only allowed after full payment of your booked flight

Benefits of Changing Flights Under Flexibility Combo

How To Change Your Flight

As a passenger’s travel plans can change, Volaris airlines offers the choice of adding Flexibility Combo to add convenience for change in plans.

Passengers can choose this option when booking their flights to:

  • Make unlimited changes in date and timings
  • Avoid paying fare differences

Changing Flights Under Business Combo Booking Plan

Passengers can add combo booking plan and add it while making flight reservations on the website or the application to make:

  • Changes in time/date as per their requirement
  • Hold fare for 24 hours (applies to only flights that leave in 72 hours or later)
  • Zero cost standard seat selection.

Can I Change My Flight Date on Volaris?

You can change your flight date on Volaris as it is a customer centric low-cost economy airline. It has passenger friendly policies that allow customers to easily change their flight dates at a minimum charge. At Volaris it is easy to reschedule your flight without facing any difficulties.

To change flight dates at Volaris you would need to bear the Volaris flight date change fee after surpassing the free date change grace period. You can easily make these changes on your own online by visiting the official website of Volaris, or you can seek customer service assistance in case they’re not sure if you can change the flight date with Volaris. 

Can I Change My Seat on Volaris?

To fulfil seat change requests, Volaris allows changes in seating plan, it is possible to book a new seat or upgrade your seats in your cabin. You can book new seats by visiting their website and following the specified instructions.

If you find the online process tough to understand you can contact the Volaris customer support team through phone. 

Another common method of requesting a seat change for the current booking is by directly visiting the Volaris ticket booking counter at the airport. However, make sure to initiate the seat change request a few hours before the Volaris flight departure time. Carry your government ID with all the necessary documents at the airport as you would need to present them for initiating a seat change or an upgrade request.


It is common for passengers to change their flight plans and the aforementioned ways for changing Volaris flights ensure that you do the same without running into any problems. Volaris airline policies prioritise on traveller comfort and convenience and they ensure customers are able to change or cancel Volaris Flights easily without making any complications. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change my flight date on Volaris?

Yes, it is usually possible to change your flight date with most airlines, including Volaris.

How can I reschedule my flight after booking?

To reschedule your flight after booking, contact the airline’s customer service and inquire about their ticket change policies and fees. Provide your booking details and desired new flight date and time, and follow their instructions to complete the rescheduling process.

Can you not change your one way in Volaris?

Volaris does allow changes to one-way flights; however, it is important to note that the specific conditions and fees associated with changing a one-way flight will depend on the fare type you have purchased and the airline’s policies.

How can I change my flight date without paying fare difference?

To change your flight date without paying a fare difference, you will need to have a flexible or refundable ticket.

Can I change my flight date one day before?

Changing your flight date one day before departure is subject to the airline’s policies and availability. Contact the airline directly to inquire about the possibility of changing your flight date.

Is Volaris Same-Day Flight Change Possible?

Yes, Volaris does offer a same-day flight change option for its passengers.
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