Anything But a Backpack Day ideas

Anything but a backpack day in school or college is all fun and games, until you can’t decide on what you should take, if not a backpack. Well-well in our guide of “Anything but a backpack day ideas”, you’ll find plenty of options which you can use on anything but a backpack day. This list contains items that can be easily carried, and will bring out the fun side of yours to your mates. So, let’s get started with 30+ ideas on what you can bring. 

  1. Tote bag: Carrying a tote bag can be a stylish way to hold your essentials while on the go, to anything but a backpack day of your school or college. 
  1. Fanny pack: Fanny Pack is a good alternative for a backpack, especially when you want to keep your essentials at hand and still look cool. 
  1. Purse or handbag: it’s never a no to adding elegance to your outfit for the day. So, carry a purse or handbag to rock your look. 
  1. Messenger bag: if you got important assignments or related documents, then carrying a messenger bag can be a comfortable space to store your essentials. 
  1. Crossbody bag: Another trendy yet useful option is Crossbody bag, use it if you want to keep your hands free, and still look like a fashionista. 
  1. Duffel bag: Looking for something sturdy and contains plenty of room for all your gear, nothing can be better than the duffel bag. 
  1. Briefcase: Carrying a briefcase on anything but a backpack day ideas funny choice, but it’s sure to be an  object with enough compartments. 
  1. Clutch: Clutch is an elegant accessory especially amongst the females, so if you don’t want your anything but a backpack to weigh you down, this is your perfect choice. 
  1. Drawstring bag: Drawstring bag is a simple yet practical choice that’s perfect to take on-the-go, with an easy-to-use drawstring closure. 
  1. Waist pack: Waist pack is a classy add on to your super-classy outfit, if you don’t have enough to carry, waist pack is a comfortable fit for the day. 
  1. Shoulder bag: Shoulder bag is a good choice for the imperfectly-perfect timeless classic people, so if you are an adult, take it, we’re sure you’ll love it. 
  1. Laptop sleeve: If you have no books but a laptop to keep, then a laptop sleeve is a sleek and stylish choice to carry along with you. 
  1. Gym bag: A gym bag is not only for carrying your gym essentials. So, make use of it on your day of “anything but a backpack day”. 
  1. Rolling luggage: Nothing can be more hilarious than roaming around with a rolling luggage on your school corridors. 
  1. Tool belt: Just want to carry something for the sake of it, carry a tool bag. It’s small, it’s convenient, and it’s perfect to keep nothing but something with you. 
  1. Grocery bag: Grocery bags are reusable, they are eco-friendly, and you can even carry your books to your school in a grocery bag. So, why not? 
  1. Garment bag: Store anything you wish in your garment bag, maybe the things that might come in handy while you party with your friends after school. 
  1. Shopping cart or basket: Make your visit to the school just the same as your visit to a shopping mall, feel free to add anything you want, no one’s judging. 
  1. Cooler bag: If you are an outdoor enthusiast, who’s been chosen to keep food and drinks with you on “anything but a backpack day”, this is your perfect choice. 
  1. Portable file box: Portable file boxes are made with a sleek design, which fits them in any home, office, school, or college. 
  1. Document case: When you are more of a sophisticated kind of person, looking for a secure closure, you can carry along the document case with you. 
  1. Camera bag: Camera bags have padded compartments, which makes it easy for you to keep anything that is vulnerable, and can break easily. 
  1. Guitar or instrument case: A guitar or an instrument case is a sturdy case which is perfect for transporting your guitar to school, or other essentials as well. 
  1. Baby carrier: Let your inner child flourish on anything but a backpack day, while still leaving room for everything that comes around. 
  1. Beach tote: A beach tote is perfect for beach essentials, but who said that you can’t take it to your school or college. You can definitely bring it along. 
  1. Bike pannier: Bike pannier usually comes in handy when you are travelling on your bike, so if you have no other option, this can be your saviour for the day. 
  2. Shoe bag: Shoe bags are lightweight and are made with a breathable design, which makes it a convenient option for you to carry along. 
  1. Laundry bag: Laundry bag provides plenty of space. So, if you are carrying a little too much with you, laundry bags are the perfect choice. 
  1. Pouchette: Pouchette is a small but versatile bag, which is stylish and compact. It can be used as a makeup bag, a clutch, or a wallet, or any small thing you like to take. 
  1. Large cooking pot: A must-have tool for the cook can be a funny and hilarious tool for a student, so carry it along and see how sarcastic it makes you look. 
  1. Mop Bucket: Mop bucket is another good for a giggle, gullible choice for the students to carry on their “anything but a backpack day”. 
  1. Drawer: Getting ideas on how to look cool, and make it your day, then carry a drawer along with you and see how it makes other people laugh. 
  1. Microwave: Carry a microwave as an alternative to a backpack, heat anything you want, specifically when you are an adult, studying in college. 
  1. Trash can: Trash cans are a hygienic way to dispose of waste but what about disposing your things in it, and carrying it with you to your school. 
  1. Paper lantern: Paper lantern is another convenient choice for students, which is easily accessible nearby, and can carry some of your stuff to school with you.  
  1. Potato Sack: Last but not least option is, a potato sack, which can carry around 100s of potatoes. So, why not your school supplies? 

What is the Motive of Anything But a Backpack Day?

What is the Motive of Anything But a Backpack Day

Anything but a backpack day encourages students to bring their school essentials in anything but a backpack, this allows for creative individual ideas amongst the students. Furthermore, it enhances the thought procedure of the students to think out of context and to use alternatives of a backpack. There are several benefits of having this day. For instance: 

  1. It promotes creativity: This day encourages the students to think creatively, about what they can bring at school instead of a backpack. It fosters a sense of innovation among the students. 
  2. It promotes individuality: It allows for an individual perspective of every student and helps them to explore their unique style, sense of humour, and be creatively hilarious in every possible way. 
  3. It encourages environmental awareness: By asking students to use alternate methods of carrying school supplies, such as a reusable bag or containers, can help promote environmental sustainability. 
  4. It adds a sense of excitement: Children love anything that involves fun, and anything but a backpack day adds excitement to that fun, it helps boost the morale of the students and create a positive surrounding. 

Overall, if you look into the positive side of “anything but a backpack day”, we’ll see that it is a fun, creative, and exciting way of getting students engaged in activities and to make them think out of the box. Further, motivating them to win with flying colours. 

Rules of Anything But a Backpack Day

Rules of Anything But a Backpack Day

The specific rules and guidelines of anything but a backpack day entirely depends upon the school or the college community’s decisions. However, there are some common rules, which ought to be followed by the students, no matter what class they are in. Some rules may include: 

  1. Bring an alternative which is safe to carry and is not harmful or dangerous to the students and the staff, likewise. 
  2. The alternative object should not be noisy or distracting. For instance, students may be asked to not to carry wheeled carts, metal containers, etc. 
  3. The alternative method carried should accord with the learning environment of the school, as the object needs to be kept in a desk or any storage areas. 
  4. Students should only bring items which are necessary for school, or for that particular day, as unnecessary items are not tolerated. 
  5. Students should strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the school. For instance, students should follow the dress code. 
  6. Students should never violate the criteria that is being asked to follow. Otherwise, it can lead to suspension from the day. 

These are just a few examples of the rules that should be implemented on that day. The specific rules, regulations, or guidelines will depend upon the organisation hosting the event and their futuristic goals and objectives for that particular day. 

How Can you Find the Best “ideas for anything but a backpack day?”

There are endless ways to find the best ideas for an alternative to a backpack. As this is a fun and exciting activity, it has been taken into consideration by many organisations. A quick search on the online platforms will do the job for you. However, if you are still looking for something extra and unique, you can ask for an opinion of your friends and family. 

Some other ways to find the best ideas are as follows: 

  1. Brainstorm with your colleagues and friends with a wide range of ideas, and make a list of all that you loved by narrowing it down to the best ones. 
  2. Search online as much as you can, the internet has millions of options to choose from. Use sources such as instagram or pinterest for inspiration. 
  3. Consider taking a particular theme for your alternate method. For instance, go with something that can be reused or recycled. 
  4. Be creative, while being fun and creative. Try looking for ideas that are safe for you, your mates, and your surroundings. 
  5. Once you have the list of all the potential ideas, consider getting feedback, to see which one gets the best reviews. 

Overall, by following the mentioned trips, you should be able to stand out of the crowd and be the star for the day. 

Things to Keep in Mind for “anything but a backpack day”

Using an alternative carrier instead of a bag is fun and thrilling as well. However, it’s not as exciting when you have to carry essentials with you, essentials which are prone to vulnerability, such as important documents, your wallets, glass items, etc. which is why it’s important to keep a few things in mind, to ensure that the day runs smoothly and safely. Here are some key considerations: 

  • Make sure that the alternative method is safe to use and does not pose a risk of injury or harm to you and others. 
  • Don’t carry items that are heavy, as it might become an obstacle to carry it along with you in the organisation. 
  • Check with your administration to ensure that you are following the rules and policies as set by the community. 
  • Ensure to communicate with your colleagues, fellow mates, teachers, or staff in order to get and provide clear instructions.
  • Make sure to encourage yourself and your friends to keep the environment in mind, to use sustainable objects. 
  • Remember that the ultimate goal is to have fun, promote creativity, and enhance individual identity, while still adhering to the guidelines.

By keeping a few of these key considerations in mind, you can help ensure that your “anything but a backpack day” runs smoothly, isn’t causing you any hurdles, is safe, inclusive, and enjoyable for you and people in your surroundings. 

Do you Get a Prize for the Most Creative and Hilarious “not-a-backpack?”


Whether or not there are prizes for “anything but a backpack day” will depend on the school or organization hosting the vent. Some administrations choose to offer prizes or incentives to encourage students to participate and recognize their efforts. 

The prizes may vary, but could include things like gift cards, small rewards, and school supplies, there may be a competition contest for the most unique and creative alternative of a backpack, or anything that the school community feels is feasible. 

Nevertheless, the students should note that the main motive for participating in any event is not winning but enjoying, to be able to promote creativity, individuality, and fun, rather than running for prizes. The main aim is to escape the stressful and competitive environment and feel free for a while by trying new and unique things. 

Can You Decorate your “anything but backpack?”


Yes, you can definitely add colours to your black and white anything but backpack. Now adding colours doesn’t mean actually painting it, but if you want, then no one is going to stop you. So, if you are carrying something mundane and boring like a trash can or a paper bag, you can decorate it as per your preference, and make it look more interesting and wonderful. 


Ensure that you keep safety, accessibility, communication, environmental impact, fun, and creativity in your mind. Do not think about the prize, rather think about bringing out the best in you, stand out of the crowd while you can. Ultimately, if you participate with the intention of just enjoying your heart out with your friends and colleagues, you can definitely ensure to have a great day ahead, a day like you have never had one before. 

FAQs Related to ideas for Anything but a Backpack Day

Is it mandatory to participate in “anything but a backpack day?”

Participation is typically voluntary, and students are not required to participate if they do not wish to do so. However, the event can be a fun way for students to express themselves. 

Why have an “anything but a backpack day?”

The main goal of the event is to promote creativity, individual ideas, and fun, to motivate students to try something unique and new. 

What are some alternatives to anything but a backpack?

Alternative carrying methods include things like tote bags, drawstring bags, messenger bags, rolling carts, pillow covers, strollers, etc. 

Do you get a prize for carrying the most unique alternative to a backpack?

Whether or not you will get a prize for your alternative object, entirely depends upon the organization hosting the event. However, you can still request for the prizes, beforehand, in order to boost the confidence of the students. 

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