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Make Up is an art, which is why the make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai are praised for their artistry. And, as the number of makeup artists are growing rapidly in Dubai, it becomes tough for us to decide which one to go with?

So, here we are again, to give you the list of top-notch makeup artists and travel bloggers in Dubai, who are popularly known for their work, their art, and how beautifully they present it to the world.

List of Top-Notch Dubai-based Makeup Artists to Follow on Social Media 

Top-Notch Dubai-based Makeup Artists

If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest makeup trends and techniques, you can follow the list of makeup professionals, who play an important role in the beauty industry, helping their clients with unleashing their beauty. Let’s get started! 

1. Befrenshee

Befrenshee, is a popular French makeup artist, who currently resides in Dubai. She has gained a following on social media for creating glamorous makeup looks and for sharing outstanding makeup tutorials on her page. Her passion for beauty and glamour goes hand in hand with her talent to make anyone feel beautiful and wanted. 

While she appears to have a significant following on her social media accounts and her positive reviews from her clients, it’s obvious for her to be known to the world. Her talent, her huge number of clients, and her popularity speaks for her interests and talent in the field of makeup, beauty, and glamour. 

So, if you wish to have your makeup done from the one and only Befrenshee, you can reach out to her through her social media accounts. 

2. Miss Mulberry

Miss Mulberry

Heard about the famous Miss Mulberry, she is worth giving a try to. So, the famous travel beauty blogger runs her website that’s filled with amazing fashion and lifestyle blogging for you all to have a look at. Not only does she celebrate the art of beauty and makeup, but also has her hand of clothing. You name it, Miss Mulberry has it. 

With more than ten years of experience in the beauty industry, she has appeared in numerous online publications and magazines. She is your girl when it comes to introducing yourself to the bestest makeup artist cum travel and fashion blogger of all time. To keep yourself entertained with her personal experiences, visit her page. 

Follow make up artist beauty travel blogger Dubai, Miss Mulberry to stay updated on the latest makeup trends, fashion styles, and so much more. 

3. Najla Gun

Najla Gun

The next best makeup artist in our list is, the unstoppable Najla Gun who has collaborated with one of the most famous brands named as Sephora, Dior, and L’Oreal. Her popularity speaks for her interest in providing the best makeup tips, makeup tricks, and makeup tutorials. 

Just like every other famous makeup artist bloggers share their experiences and interests in social media, Najla Gun does the same. However, one difference between her and others is that she makes it easy-peasy for her fans to make it up with everythings she posts. Trying makeup according to Najla is a win-win. 

Interested fans can follow Najla Gun on her social media accounts, to get more information about “how she does, what she does?” 

4. Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan

Don’t we all know the famous beauty brand, Huda Beauty? Yes, Huda Kattan is the owner of this famous beauty brand, which is loved by a million people. Huda Kattan being based in Dubai, is known for her makeup hacks and tutorials, with over eighteen million plus followers, who has made her the queen of beauty and makeup. 

If you haven’t tried out the famous Huda beauty’s liquid lipsticks, setting sprays, highlighters, false eyelashes, palettes, and other such beauty products, try them now, you won’t regret using them. Make up artist beauty travel blogger dubai works with a lot of brands and famous personalities as well. 

You can also follow her on her show which premiered in 2018 that shows her behind the camera. 

5. Sondos Alqattan

Sondos Alqattan

Another well-to-do makeup artist in Dubai is Sondos Alqattan, who has over fifteen years of industry experience and has worked with some really well-known names in the industry itself. She appears in magazines and on the internet quite often, sharing her tutorials to those who want to see them. 

Sondos runs a blog named “the beauty lookbook” which offers fashion and lifestyle inspiration from numerous well-known celebrities and designers all over the world. With over 150k youtube subscribers, she has come a long way in the run. You can check out her channel if you enjoy doing makeup or enjoy watching others do makeup. 

What Sondos Alqattan demonstrates in her work is that everyone can look ravishingly beautiful with just a little time and effort.

6. Aliya Fatima

Another wonderful Dubai based Makeup artist is Aliya Fatima, who has over two million followers on instagram, who people follow for new tips and tricks related to makeup and beauty. Her one of the most liked videos on instagram is a video tutorial of how to create a mermaid look, in just five minutes. 

If you want to know the secret to Aliya’s art and how she does her makeup so effortlessly, you can watch her social media platforms. And yes, maybe add two of her favourite beauty products in your beauty product list which are Catrice Camouflage Concealer and Nyx Cosmetics Shade + Light Contour Palette. 

Follow Aliya for getting constant reviews related to makeup and more. Step by step, she is going to make you learn what you desire. 

7. Diana Chipar

Diana Chipar

Famous beauty blogger and travel enthusiast, Diana Chipar is one of the biggest names in the industry with over ten plus years of experience. Her blogs are a go-to for travel tips, beauty advice, and numerous product reviews. She teaches everything on her own youtube channel right from braiding hair to contouring, etc. 

She talks about everything in detail so that her readers aren’t jumping to the conclusion without even knowing the steps correctly. So, if you are a keen makeup lover who seeks advice and how to do it in the best ways possible, Diana Chipar is your guide to learn the best makeup tutorials, and so on. 

Follow Diana Chipar for the best advice because her dedication towards her work not only helps educate others but also impress others. 

8. Judy Poulos 

Judy Poulos has over ten plus years of experience in the makeup industry with a demonstrated history of working with professionals. She has appeared in numerous magazines and online publications, thanks to her renowned talent and art. So, if you are a beginner who wants to learn makeup, Judy is your girl. 

She teaches how to apply makeup like a pro by applying makeup to herself and posting it on her social media accounts. And, when it’s about blogging, she makes sure she is being honest with her fans, it’s always fun and games with Judy Poulos. 

Her makeup is unique and reflects the culture of her country. You can follow her for some really interesting makeup tutorials. 

9. The Tezzy Files

Another makeup artist in the world of beauty is The Tezzy Files, who is warm, fuzzy, and tezzy in her work. She loves to do makeup and educate people about the same. She is genetically Indian, but is spending her life quite well with her beloved husband in Dubai. Besides, she educates people with new fashion and style. 

The tezzy files are all fun and games in her work and make sure that her fans are enjoying while she educates them about lifestyle. Being into this world for a long time, Tezzy makes people understand her unique techniques instantly. 

So, if you want to learn more about the Tezzy Files, you can follow her on her social media accounts and get in touch with her skills. 

10. Caren William

This beauty travel blogger and youtuber, Caren William has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Kim Kardashian, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry. She is quite popular for her unique makeup looks and style, which earned her quite a significant name and following on instagram.

Caren has the capability to turn every human innovative, when it comes to art and beauty. Her indigenous tutorials on makeup have caught the attention amongst international fellows. Being one of the leading makeup artists in town, she is providing insights into global trends and travel tips for women. 

Following Caren on Instagram might be beneficial for all of our beginner artists in town. 

11. Mohommad Hindash

Mohommad Hindash is another Dubai based makeup artist known for her artistic creations in makeup, as she continually impresses her fans with her perfect suggestions and opinions on makeup and beauty products. She is vividly known for her branded eyeliner {the Hindash X Wow}, which is a highly demanded product in the beauty market. 

Trying her makeup hacks and beauty tricks can satisfy your makeup process and get you one of the best looks you’ve ever created. So, what are you waiting for? Follow Mohommad Hindash to be as creative as her and still win every time you try. 

Follow Mohommad Hindash to get yourself introduced to different basic and stylish makeup hacks. 

12. Mona Kattan

Last but not least, is Mona Kattan, the global president and co-founder of Huda beauty. She along with her sisters Huda and Alya had done enough for the success of their brand Huda Beauty, together. It’s evident in her work how passionate she is towards fashion, makeup, beauty, and lifestyle. 

She plays a major role in uplifting the brand, Huda beauty in its success. Not only is she a good entrepreneur, but also a majorly known make up artist, who with her work focuses on all goods of the makeup industry. 

You can follow up with her and the brand on her social media accounts and learn for yourself, how beautifully she creates some amazing looks for you. 

Wrap Up!

This article contained information about the top-notch makeup artists cum travel bloggers in Dubai, who can make your world turn upside down. By following these makeup artists, you can definitely uplift your career in the makeup industry or otherwise. So, do let us know which makeup artist spelled magic in your heart and impressed you with their techniques. 

You can also drop some of the makeup looks you love in the comments section and let us know your opinion and suggestions related to our makeup artist Beauty travel blogger Dubai. 

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Make up Artist Beauty Travel Blogger Dubai (FAQs)

What questions should you ask your makeup artists?

There are numerous questions which you should take into consideration, including the brand of makeup they are using, how you want your look and if they’ll be able to do it on your skin, and so much more. It is the utmost responsibility of the makeup artists to make their clients comfortable. 

What are the main duties of a makeup artist?

The first and foremost duty of a makeup artist is to make their clients comfortable, enhance their look with makeup, consult with clients their specifications, and take their skin tone into account while applying makeup. 

What is the biggest makeup mistake?

Not preparing your skin before makeup is one of the biggest makeup mistakes people make. One has to make sure their skin is prepared by using the right products and by pampering your skin beforehand to ensure your skin absorbs the makeup so it doesn’t look cakey. 

What should you avoid while doing makeup?

Applying makeup on dirty skin is something you should avoid while doing makeup as it might harm your skin and as a result, you can catch certain allergies as well. 
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