Rick on the rocks Florida dad blogger lifestyle travel is a blog run by Rick Griffin, a Florida based father and lifestyle blogger. Rick shares his experiences as a dad, travel enthusiast, food lover, and cocktail connoisseur on his social media accounts and his blogs. 

Rick, through his blogs, shares his passion for food, travel, fashion, lifestyle, and family life. Rick, being a father, and an adventurous human being always have something or the other for his readers on the internet, then be it his family adventures or sharing recommendations for things to see and to do. 

Rick also provides helpful advice to his readers who share similar interests as him. So, if you also enjoy the life of Rick and want to be as interesting as him, be as adventurous as him, following his blogs can be a right idea to do so. 

Today we will discuss a bit more about Rick on the rocks Florida dad blogger lifestyle travel and his interesting recipes for cocktails and food, as well as fashion and lifestyle tips. 

Things to Note-Rick on the Rocks Florida dad Blogger Lifestyle Travel

Rick on the Rocks Florida Dad Blogger Lifestyle Travel

Who says that dad’s cannot be interesting? A dad like Rick can make every boring dad turn into a fun and adventurous one. So, let’s learn a few things about Rick on the Rocks Florida dad blogger lifestyle travel, as he offers a new and unique perspective on modern family life, combining personal experiences with cultural insights and practical advice. 

Whether you are a parent or simply interested in learning more about life in the sunshine state, there is sure to be a Florida dad blogger who can offer you valuable insights and inspiration. Let’s get to know his humorous and engaging writing style, as well as his love for good food, music, and craft beer.

  • Rick’s stories will make you live, laugh, love, and cry, all at once. He shares his life experiences with utmost sincerity, honesty, warmth, and love. 
  • You can count on the Florida dad for everything, right from spills, to thrills, to feels. Rick won’t ever let you down. 
  • Rick is a perfect storyteller who ensures how to attract his readers interest, leaving them wanting more of his adventures. 
  • Is there ever a dull moment with Rick? Absolutely, no. He has always got something interesting and adventurous going on. 
  • Rick offers readers different kinds of products, which the readers can buy from his store. 

Why Choose “Rick on the Rocks” as your Guide to Explore Florida?

Rick on the Rocks

We all agree that “beauty lies in simplicity”, which is why the real beauty is in the simple moments spent with our families. Family trips can turn out to be one of the greatest adventures we experience in our lives, which is why we should just skip wasting time on things that don’t matter and start spending time with our families, making uncountable and unforgettable memories. Here are a few reasons why you should choose Rick as your guide: 

  • He is a dad who has been travelling for quite a long time, has explored a hundred of places, and knows about a lot of things. 
  • He has always got something fun, adventurous, new, and exciting to share with his readers. 
  • He always keeps you informed about the local events happening and he attended, or just Floridian musings, which you won’t want to miss. 
  • He provides the best reviews and feedback of restaurants and businesses. He tells you what’s happening in the world and much more. 
  • He gives you information about the cheap airfares, beautiful destinations to travel to, and other vacation essentials. 

You name it and Rick has it. There are numerous reasons why you should choose Rick on the rocks Florida dad Blogger lifestyle travel as your guide to have more adventure and less stress. 

Categories-Rick on the Rocks Blog

Rick on the Rocks blog

There are numerous categories present on Rick on the Rocks blog, which are related to food, adventures, travel, lifestyle, fatherhood, etc. you can get an idea from his experiences about the places he has travelled, is travelling to, or is going to travel to. 

The tips can prove to be a saviour for many travellers. Evenmore, not only the wanderlust dads can get inspiration from Rick on the Rocks blog but the travel savvy moms who love to explore with their children can also look up to him for travelling inspirations.

So, if you are looking for advice on “how to have fun with your kids”, Rick’s going to help you with that as well. Below mentioned are the top categories on Rick on the rocks page. 


So, if you are planning to explore Florida on your next weekend, you will require a lot of entertainment to perform. Rick has got some really interesting and entertaining things to do for you including, must-see attractions, how to keep your kids entertained, etc. This category mainly focuses on how not to get bored during your trip. 


Food isn’t just a means of survival, it’s more about having gratitude in our hearts. And, when you can have a taste of Rick’s recipes, why not? Rick presents its readers with some super-tasty food recipes such as the chicken salad, lime pie martini, sandwich, soups, and much more. Once you have a taste of all these fantastic recipes, there won’t be going back to basic food. 


In this category, Rick talks about all the auto related things. Such as how you should be resting your vehicles, how to prevent fuel-line freeze ups, and what tyres to use during winters, and so much more. So, if you are travelling on your vehicles with your kids and family to different destinations, you can follow up on this category to check up on the important stuff.


As a blogger, traveller, and a lifestyle guru, Rick has the mantras for all. So, here’s a few things which you can enjoy in your cocktails as well. 

  • Try new and unique things yet stick to your limitations.
  • Don’t force booze, as it’s for the taste only and not for being irresponsible.
  • Drink as much as you can handle, because at the end there are responsibilities.


Music makes us feel alive, it helps us seize the moments. So, with the help of Rick’s regular reviews on concerts and albums, you can get yourself one or two really good experiences. Music can keep you entertained downtown the trip and it definitely is a source to enjoy the moment as it is, without thinking about anything else. 


There are a few simple rules of travelling, plan ahead of the time, don’t pack unnecessary things, pack-snacks, be specific about your money and don’t hassle about anything. These few tips will ensure that you are having one of the best adventures in your life and your kids are enjoying their level best with you. 


From fashion, to travel, to food, to lifestyle, Rick has got it all covered for his readers. Some of his best lifestyle tips include, how to be spontaneous, remember to take care of yourself and your family, be mindful about your surroundings, regularly ask your kids for opinions on food, places to visit, and more. 


Getting reviews and information beforehand about the products that are recently launched in the market or that are about to be launched in the market is a win-win for all. And, when Rick’s doing it for you, you gotta trust his reviews because he is the best. 

15 Top-Notch Dad Blogger Sites Across the World

  • Skint Dad
  • Fatherly
  • All Pro Dad
  • Fathercraft
  • High Tech Dads
  • Direct Advice for Dads
  • How to be a Dad
  • Designer Daddy
  • Lunchbox Dad
  • St. Louis Dad
  • The Yorkshire Dad
  • DaddiLife
  • Dad Info
  • Dad and Buried
  • The Fatherhood 

1. Skint Dad

Skint Dad focuses on how one can save money when entered into the “dad’s world”. To all the dads out there who are finding it hard to manage their finances, Skint Dad is going to help you with the same. So, buckle up and look for how to make, save, and manage money. 

2. Fatherly

Fatherly is one of the digitally leading brands which makes it easier for all the fathers in the world to raise great children, with his friendly and expert advice on how to be a good parent. Fatherly focuses majorly on the behaviour of how a father should act with these children. 

3. All Pro Dad

All Pro Dad is basically a fatherhood program set up to inspire the parents during their parenthood. It focuses on providing guidance and practical tips, whilst focusing on how one should embrace his identity and still be bold of a character as a dad. 

4. Fathercraft

Fathercraft is for dads who are constantly looking for resources, parenting information, and that helps the dads shape destinies of their children in a fun and adventurous way. It also helps fathers highlight the adventures and challenges they experience while raising their children. 

5. High Tech Dads

High tech dads is a unique collision of dads with technology, where the site covers topics like parent tech, smarthomes, cloud computing, parenting hacks, and other tricks and tips to make your parenthood smooth as ice.

6. Direct Advice for Dads

Direct advice for dads focuses on providing helpful tips for soon to be dads and dads. It advises you on what you can do while your wife is pregnant and some other crucial factors that you should definitely know about being a parent. 

7. How to be a Dad

Just like all the other major dad bloggers, this site also focuses on easing out the stresses of being a parent. Being a parent is a challenging task but it’s so overwhelming at the same time, which is why it becomes important for dads to balance hassle-free.

8. Designer Daddy

Designer daddy wants to take parenthood on a whole new level, it wants to focus on the desire to create. It creates super cute costumes for your kids, which your little ones will surely love. Do check out this page for buying costumes. 

9. Lunchbox Dad

Lunchbox dad is all about providing parenting products and tips to the parents. From making bento school lunches to providing parent humour, Lunchbox dad has got it all covered for you all. So, you can have some fun while performing your duties. 

10. St. Louis Dad

Want to find out about all the cool stuff dads can do? Follow St. Louis dad for the perfect answer. In this page you can follow up with the content to be a cool and fun dad to your children, because parenting should never be boring. 

11. The Yorkshire Dad

The Yorkshire Dad introduces you to different aspects of being a parent by sharing his microadventures, running, family attractions, venue reviews, and much more. You can follow the Yorkshire dad for updated reviews about the things that interest you. 

12. DaddiLife

The parenting website for dads is just awesome when it comes to single dads looking for parenting advice. It’s your guide to be playful with your children, give them the best treats, and to treat them and yourself with happiness. 

13. Dad Info

Whether you are looking for answers to your parenting questions or for advice from the experts, dad info will give you all. This site has been providing all kinds of support to parents since 2008, and it won’t let you down. 

14. Dad and Buried 

Dad and buried talks generally about the feelings of dads and how parenting can sometimes be frustrating, as we all agree, it’s not always fun to be around kids, and it’s okay to feel so. So, if you love to see parenting podcasts, you can follow this page. 

15. The Fatherhood 

The fatherhood is one of the dad bloggers sites for the Aussie dads, the website is a pure bliss for all the dads who need help with proactive planning. So, if you all need to take parenting to a whole new level, following the Father hood can be your cup of tea.

Wrap up!

Rick on the Rocks Florida Dad Blogger Lifestyle Travel fills all the dads with information they require on parenting, and not only it focuses on how to be a fun and exciting parent to your kid but also how to be a responsible one. We have mentioned some of the other famous dad bloggers who help you out. 

We hope that this blog helps you get more involved with your children, in their lives, and benefit from the deep bond that comes from being an engaged parent. In conclusion, we encourage all the dads to embrace their role as a parent and to be present in their children’s life. It’s a journey worth taking. 

Rick on the Rocks Florida Dad Blogger Lifestyle Travel – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I balance work and family life as a dad?

Finding a balance between your professional and personal life can be challenging, but it’s important to prioritise your family and make time for them. You can always set boundaries with work and prioritise your schedule to have quality time with your family. 

How can I connect with my children and build a relationship with them?

One of the best ways to connect with your children is by spending quality time with them. You can play games, go for walks, simply have conversations about how their day’s been, and so much more. This will help your children to open up and engage with you.

How can I be a positive role model for my children?

Kindness, honesty, responsibility, and respect are the four things that you should teach your kids. You should teach them to be humble and kind, and to admit when you make mistakes and take responsibility for them. 

How can I handle discipline and behaviour issues with my children?

Set boundaries, provide consequences for negative behaviour, be consistent and fair in your approach, and provide positive reinforcement for good behaviour. Following some of these steps can handle behaviour issues with children.
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