Longest Non Stop Flight in the World

Long hours flight is a trending topic these days with more and more airlines introducing routes covering the longer distances. While this should have been hectic for the passengers, the increase in bookings defy this fact. There could be several reasons as to why there is a rampant increase in the long hours flight format. While profit seems a clear motive for the Airlines, there are many points to justify passengers’ choice for long hour flights. 

Premium cabins and long hours flights are a perfect combination for the Passengers. No long hour layovers, no connecting flight are the first initial thoughts when required to summarize the benefits of long hour flights. 

While it could be a not too tempting travel plan for the economy passengers. Afterall, Air journeys have their own limitations like ear blockage, nausea, dizziness are to name a few.  It is a perfect non stop,quick to reach way for the business class and first class passengers.

Moreover, the economy passengers traveling with the leading flights can easily book their long hours journey with zero layovers. The comfort and services have been greatly improved in recent years making it more feasible to cover such long distances in economy cabins. 

Indeed, these are the speculative reasons so far for passengers to book the long hours non-stop flights. On the other side, profit is the ultimate reason for airlines to offer such non-stop flights. Airlines’ staff do not require to reclean and rearrange the aircraft making it more cost-effective

 Also, this has resulted in one of the modern aircrafts being introduced in the airline industry.

Top 15 Longest Commercial Flight in the World

Longest Commercial Flight in the World

The Airlines have started to own such state of the art aircrafts that have refined and smoothen the air journey experiences. Passengers rely more easily on the newly equipped aircrafts and book the aircrafts. The Boeing dream liners is a great example to mention. Let’s check out a compilation of 15 commercial non stop long hour flights that are slowly gaining their share of stardom in the industry. 

1. Singapore to New York

Flying non stop for 17 hours and 50 minutes, the Singapore to New York flight is the longest flight in the world. It is an Airbus A350 model which was discontinued for a while due to certain reasons. During the pandemic it flew to fewer destinations. However, now with the declining pandemic, the Singapore Airbus A350 has regained its momentum and is covering its more than 18 hours journey non stop becoming the longest non stop long hour flight. The total distance it covers is approximately 9537 miles. It is important to remember, Singapore Airlines has regained its tag of the longest non stop flight after it reported after the pandemic.

2. Singapore to Newark (EWR)

Maintaining the competition, the second position in the longest commercial non-stop flight is occupied by the Singapore Airlines. It flies to Newark(EWR) covering 9523 miles in the 17 hours 50 minutes duration. The timing for the first longest and the second longest remains the same, the distance changes by a few miles. However, Singapore Airlines has been continuously working on its US routes in the non stop flights format. 

3. Qantas’ Perth to London

Qantas Airlines flies the third longest distance in the world by covering a distance of 9008.63 miles. It takes 17 hours to complete this long journey which is flown by its Boeing 787-9 aircraft. Boeing 787-9 is one of the modern aircrafts equipped with the essential necessities to alleviate the passengers’ experience. It helps reduce jet lag, ear blockage by reducing the air pressure in this aircraft. 

4. Qantas’ Melbourne to Dallas

It is like a format to attain two consecutive positions in the worlds longest flight series. The third and fourth flights are of the Qantas Airlines. It flies from Melbourne to Dallas in a time span of 17 hours and 50 minutes, covering 8992 miles. This journey is flown by the Boeing 787-9 aircraft. As previously addressed, Boeing 787-9 series is leading the game in the long hours flight journey. 

5. Auckland to New York

Air New Zealand airlines earns the fifth position in the top longest non stop flight category.  Boeing 787-9 will travel a distance of 8828 miles in 15 hours 55 minutes will help Air New Zealand to achieve the fifth ranking in the longest commercial flight category in the world that flies non-stop for 17 hours straight. The term ‘will’ must be noted attentively as this route is yet to be launched in the year 2023. 

6. Dubai to Auckland

Emirates Airlines’ Airbus A380 holds the responsibility to fly 8824 miles in 17 hours 5 minutes, capturing the sixth position in the longest non stop flight rankings. It lands at AKL airport from the Dubai DXB airport. 

7. Singapore to Los Angeles

 Flying to the LAX airport from Singapore, Singapore Airlines again establishes its position in the non stop longest flight in the world. The distance covered is 8770 miles in 17 hours and 10 minutes. Singapore Airlines covers this route with Airbus A350-900.

8. Bangalore to San Francisco

An exceptional addition to the world’s longest commercial flight with zero layovers is the Air India Airlines. It flies from Bangalore to San Francisco with Boeing 777- 200 LR covering 8701 miles in a time span of 17 hours 40 minutes. 

9. Houston to Sydney

Another Boeing 787-9 travels 8596 miles in 17 hours 35 minutes by United Airlines. United Airlines is at the ninth position in the longest non-stop flight in the world. The journey starts from the IAH airport and ends at the Sydney SYD  Airport. 

10. Sydney to Dallas

Qantas proves that it is one of the competitive airlines by reappearing again in the top 10 non stop longest flights in the world. It ranks at the 10th position by traveling from Sydney to Dallas in 15 hours and 5 minutes. It covers 8576 miles in this time duration with the Boeing 787-9.

11. Manila to New York

The Manila to New York route enters on the eleventh number flown by the Philippine Airlines. This route has a total distance of 8520 miles which is flown by the Airbus A350-900 aircraft. Time taken to fly from Manila to New York is 15 hours and 25 minutes. 

12. Singapore to San Francisco

Singapore Airlines steals the fourth route in the longest flight in the world hour format achieving new milestones. Following this is the United Airlines that shares the twelfth position. The distance covered by both the airlines is  8446 miles in around 14 hours and 30 minutes. 

While the aircrafts used by both are different. Singapore Airlines flies to San Francisco by Airbus A 350-900 and the United Airlines uses the Boeing 787-9 aircraft. Both these aircrafts are highly competitive and are used for the long hours flight by the commercial airlines. 

13. Atlanta to Johannesburg

Delta Airlines covers 8439 miles in 15 hours and 20 minutes becoming the thirteenth flight route covered by the non stop flight of Delta Airlines making its count in the non stop longest flights lists. 

14. Dubai to Los Angeles

Another interesting route that is covered by Emirates Airlines claims its fourteenth position in the  longest commercial non-stop long hours flight in the world. The 8339 miles distance is flown by Airbus 380 that takes 16 hours and 15 minutes of time. 

15. Jeddah to Los Angeles

Boeing 777- 300 ER drives passengers from Jeddah to Los Angeles enabling Saudi Airlines to achieve a milestone of fifteenth rank in the longest commercial non-stop flights flown in the world. For it to ride passengers from Jeddah to Los Angeles, it takes around 16 hours and 50 minutes.

So these are the top 15 longest non-stop flights in the world. These take a minimum of 12-14 hours when flown non stop. It is important to understand that these take the least possible time as they fly non stop. Flights with layovers, connecting flights are much more time consuming. This is another reason why people have started appreciating the long hours but non stop flights. 

Also, considering the Airlines point of view, it is easier for airlines to carry a set of passengers in a long duration without requiring the necessity to reclean, rearrange the entire settings for the next bunch of passengers for another short duration. It even adds up the cost for the airlines. So, these non stop long hour flights are cost effective and admired by the passengers are going to survive in the market for long. Instead, these will grow tremendously. So configure to the list of these top 15 airlines flying for long hours non stop earring revenue for the commercial airlines.  

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