Is Breeze Airways a Good Airline

Breeze Airways is not recommended by its passengers. The customers state that the airline conditions are poor and the service quality is also average. This American airline is still new in the market with one year of experience and struggles to offer its best at this early stage. 

The product and service quality of Breeze Airways is low or below average. Passengers have registered complaints about its lack of planning and irregular operations. While it is also believed that the airline will eventually grow as it is handled by the experienced owners of the industry. If you were planning to try this airline service then look at the key points to analyze its current situation and performance.

Breeze Airways Contact Details

Address6340 S 3000 E Ste 400, Salt Lake City, Utah, 84121, United States
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Key Analysis Points On Breeze Airways 

Breeze Airways is an American Airline that offers flights to shorter distances that are not extensively covered by major airlines. The fare prices of its routes are very low and cheap.

Moreover, Breeze Airways also offers free cancellations and changes on customized reservations. Despite all these benefits, passengers have reviewed its overall experience as unsatisfactory. Certainly, it is due to the lack of implementation. It is a new airline and misses a disciplined operational procedure to deliver quality service to its passengers. 

Nevertheless, If you are planning a trip and would like to take a chance with the airline, read the following points indicating its performance. These will help you to judge if Breeze Airways is good and make your decision process much easier. 

1. Breeze Airways Delays and Cancellations 

The most common complaint is Breeze Airways’ failure to handle operations during bad weather conditions. It ends up delaying or canceling the flights without any compensation or reimbursement. Breeze Airways had poorly managed such delay situations and did not respond to refund requests. 

2. No Refunds for Sudden Cancellations by Breeze Airways

The Alternative flights offered by Breeze Airways are days apart leading to chaos in the passenger’s schedule. This leads to major disappointment among travelers. Also, many have complained that there were no cab or accommodation services offered to them. 

3. Average Breeze Airways Cabin Crew Performance 

Average Breeze Airways Cabin Crew Performance 

Breeze Airways Cabin Crew performance has been marked as average and people did not have any major complaints about it. Indeed, safety-wise, Breeze Airways can be trusted.

4. Breeze Airways Luggage Loss Complaints

Another complaint that has been registered by a bunch of passengers is regarding the luggage loss and damage. No response on behalf of the airline added to the negative reviews. There was no refund or compensation allocated to reimburse them for their fault. 

5. No WiFi on Breeze Airways 

No WiFi on Breeze Airways 

WiFi is not available on all Breeze Airways aircrafts. It is still in progress and its launch will be limited to very few flights, initially. Probably in the future, you can witness a decent internet connection with Breeze Airways. However, it is missing as per the current updates. There is no specification about the same on the official website. 

6. Seat and Safety Quality on Breeze Airways 

The seats and onboard services offered by Breeze Airways are not up to the mark. The fleet is not prepared as per the claims and needs improvement. In the upcoming years, there could be visible changes in this section, though. 

Overview of Breeze Airways


Breeze Airways is a 2-star rated airline that is not experienced enough and lacks quality service. Since it is owned and handled by David Neeleman who has been part of other existing airline foundations, there are chances of improvement. However, for now, it is a big No to the question-Is Breeze Airways is a good airline. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Breeze Airways good?

Breeze Airways is not a good airline with its current limited resources.

What makes Breeze Airways different?

Breeze Airways offers flights to less traveled and shorter distances within America at cheaper rates.

Who is the owner of Breeze Airways?

David Neeleman is the owner and founder of Breeze Airways.

Is Breeze Airways expensive?

Breeze Airlines is a domestic airline that offers very affordable rates and is not expensive. 
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