Can Minors Fly Alone on Delta Airlines

Yes, minors above 4 years of age are allowed to fly alone with Delta Airlines. Its unaccompanied minor program ensures the kid is able to travel safely, alone. Although minors are allowed to fly alone on delta, there are certain rules and conditions that must be fulfilled. 

The kids below the age of 4 do not qualify Delta age to fly alone. An adult who is 18 years or above must accompany these young passengers. On the other hand, kids between 5-14 are permitted to fly under this category. While, the 15-17 age group minors have the option to fly alone as an adult. Those flying alone as minors are assisted by the staff and hence there is an additional fee payable for these unaccompanied minors service. 

Delta Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Program and Policy 

Delta Airlines has established a detailed program for the unaccompanied minors. Committed to their safety and entertainment , it offers additional services like tracking wristbands, dedicated Sky Lounges and others. This all is under the unaccompanied minor Delta program ensuring guardians or passengers of a safe journey.

 The price for kids flying under Delta unaccompanied minor program is 150 USD/ Canadian Dollars/ Euros for the United States, Canada and Europe respectively. It includes service to at most 4 children under one booking as siblings or friends for each way. Also, the flights are also limited on which minors flying alone Delta are permitted. Review the pricing for kids and additional limitations described in this table. 

Age Group Delta Airlines Flights Eligible for Travel under Unaccompanied Program Prices 
0-4 Not Permitted alone $150 for each way, applicable for utmost 4 children
5-7Only on non stop flights
8-14Non stop and connecting flights 
15-17Limited to nonstop and connecting flights

The prices can be paid during check-in for one way of the flight or the round trip in advance. Now moving forward let us look at the steps required to confirm reservations for Delta child flying alone. 

How to Book Unaccompanied Minors Ticket on Delta Airlines?

1. Parents or Guardians booking flights for their unaccompanied minors must call at 800-325-8847 to confirm their child seat. It is a must step as the airline needs to process and prepare special facilities for such reservations.

2. After booking, you must be present at the airport during check-in and till the flight departs the runway. 

3. The documents required at the time of check-in are:

  • ID Card 
  • Address 
  • Contact number 

Also, address and contact details for the adult or parent who will pick up the child from the airport along with his/her photo. 

Delta Airlines Rules and Suggestions for Minors Flying Alone

It is a completely new experience for minors flying alone Delta without the familiar faces. So, it is a must for the parents to note all these points and adhere to it for a smooth boarding and landing. Following are suggested by the airlines. 

  • Adults dropping the passengers at the airport must submit the photo, address and contact details of the person who will receive the kid at the arrival or after landing. 
  • Also a mini carry-on bag with the tracking wristband, child’s name, address, phone number, video games or toys, snacks and other essentials for the trip. 
  • If there is a change on who is going to pick up the child, then immediately dial at 800-325-8847  inform the airline staff. 
  • Adults with the child at the time of departure should find the airline staff who will accompany the child and should not leave until the plane boards. 
  • Lastly, those arriving to pick up the kid or minor must arrive 2 hours prior to the scheduled landing to receive a gate pass without which the staff won’t hand over the child as a precautionary measure. 


Can Minors Fly Alone on Delta Airlines must be a question in your mind if you are not accompanying your child. Then, yes is the answer to your question. Find out the terms and conditions and the additional charges under which Delta allows kids to fly alone on board. 

Minors Fly Alone on Delta Airlines (FAQs)

What is Delta age to fly alone?

Delta allows minors above the age of 4 to fly alone. The kids within the 15-17 age group have the option to fly as adults. 

How much is the fees for minor flying alone Delta?

Delta charges 150 Dollars for tickets booked under unaccompanied minor programs.

Can minors alone fly alone on Delta Airlines? 

Definitely, minors can fly on Delta Airlines non stop or connecting flights if they are 4 years or above. 
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