How To Change Name On Delta Ticket

Delta Airlines has provisions for changing the name on the ticket. If you have misspelled your name on the ticket and wondering how to change name on Delta Ticket then you have landed on the right page. Your name on the ticket has to be correct and should be valid as per the government-issued ids. However, there are some attached guidelines that need to be followed in order to get your name corrected. Here, you will find information related to Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy. 

How To Change Name On Delta Ticket?

Change Name On Delta Ticket

Delta Airlines has Name Correction Policy that applies on required conditions. Before boarding, passengers are required to go through formalities. If any passenger is found to have the incorrect name on the plane ticket then the access to plane can be denied. So, the question arises:- Does Delta allow Name Changes on Tickets? Yes, passengers can get their names corrected on the ticket. For this, you will have to follow some guidelines to get the work done. However, you don’t have to sweat it. We have done all the work for our readers. On this page. You will find listed important details pertaining to the How to Change Passenger Name on Delta.

Currently, Delta is not entertaining any request for changing/ correcting the name on the ticket for the US to China itinerary. A new reservation has to be made by the passenger for the updating of the name. 

Delta Name Change Fee

Passengers have 24hrs to cancel their booked tickets or make a new reservation. Such cancellation will be free of cost. So, if you put it in this way then we can say that for initial 24hrs errors can be avoided without any fee. Similarly, this way customers can also Change Delta Flights free of cost.

Afterward, passengers will not be able to make free corrections. You will be liable to pay the Delta Name Change Fee of USD 200. 

How to Change Name on Delta Skymiles?

How to Change Name on Delta Skymiles

First and foremost, you will be required legal documents to back up your request to Change Name on Delta Skymiles. You have to login into the website and complete the Identity Verification Form. In addition, attach previously mentioned documents such as marriage certificates, divorce certificates, court orders, etc. The same process can e followed to Change Last Name on Delta Skymiles. 

Aside from changing their name, passengers can also update their gender and date of birth details through the same process. For this purpose, the required documents may vary.

However, if the concern is only to change the middle name on the ticket then you will not require any documentation. The account can be simply updated and the following changes can be made:

  1. Adding middle name.
  2. Updating middle initial name to full name.
  3. Updating middle full name to initial. 

Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy for Domestic and International Flights

There are certain guidelines that one has to fulfill to change the name on the ticket. Correction is necessary in order to ensure accurate PNR (Passenger Name Record) and to avoid cancellation. Follow the below-mentioned guidelines:

  • The ticket must be booked of Delta Airlines, which also includes, Delta Connection Carriers. 
  • There will be no changes to the Secure Flight Passenger Data (SFPD). Information provided at the time of reservation will remain the same. 
  • Passengers can request a name request only once against a single ticket.
  • The reservation shall be made in the name of the traveler. 

However, if you come under any of the following exceptions then you have to contact Globa Sales Support or Reservation for help.

  • If the ticket is booked for the journey to or from China and India.
  • If the passenger booked a flight ticket from any other airline.
  • If the correction is required on more than three letters.
  • Further correction is required after prior correction is already made.

Delta Airlines Name Change/Correction Policy for Travel Agents

Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy for Travel Agents

Minor corrections can be made without the need to contact Delta. The required correction will be made by the travel agent and the ticket will be reissued. Scroll through this page and check Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy for Travel Agents.

1. Delta Airline Ticket Correction to First/Middle Name

The travel agents will assist you in changing the first or middle name on the ticket. Once the correction is made, the ticket will be reissued. The listed activities will be performed by the travel agent:

  • Correcting passenger name in the Passenger Name Record (PNR)
  • Adding a statement that intimate that the correction has been made to PNR. The statement is called an OSI message, it will be something like: “OSI DL Name Correction to First/Middle Name Only”
  • The Ticket will be reissued. Mind you, changing the flight or dates is not allowed. 
  • For this, passengers do not require any waiver code.

2. Last Name Correction

  • Passengers are informed that correction is allowed up to three letters of the name. By now, you must be aware that if the limit exceeds you have to contact Global Sales Support. 
  • The name will be corrected on PNR.
  • OSI message will be updated.
  • No requirement for a waiver code.

3. Updating Last Name without Making Changes

Under this, there will be no changes made, the travel agent will only make an addition to the last name and performed all the usual formalities. 

4. Correcting Inverted First and Last Names

In case, the passenger has entered first name in the place of last name and last name in the place of first name. Such corrections are done by a travel agent. However, if the passenger has in middle name or title (MR/MS/MRS) and such information is inverted then you may require to contact Delta.

Delta Airline Name Change Due to Marriage

If you have been recently married or have gotten divorced and need correction on the booked ticket then you will require a legal document. Such a document should validate the given reason for name correction (Marriage. Divorce Certificate). Your ticket will be issued again and you may have to pay a fee for such a service. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change the name on my Delta ticket online?

You can contact your travel agent to make minor corrections to the ticket. The correction will be done online. 

Does Delta allow name changes on tickets?

Yes, it is possible for the passenger to make name changes on tickets. It will be done as per Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy.

How to change the last name on Delta Skymiles?

You simply have to log in to your Delta SkyMiles account and fill out the Identity Verification Form with supported documents.

Do I have to submit documents to change my middle name on Delta Skymiles?

No, you do not require any legal document to make corrections to the middle name on Delta Skymiles.

Do we have to pay Delta Name Change Fee?

Yes, passengers are liable to pay the Delta Name Change Fee of USD 200. However, it can vary depending on the nature of the ticket booked.
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