Los Angeles International Airport

Southwest Airlines is a domestic airline of the United States. It flies to 121 destinations,  including national and international. Majorly, it operates from International terminals. 

Los Angeles Airport is the primary base for flights flying to international destinations from the city. It is home to 65 plus airlines. Millions of passengers fly from here making it one of the busiest airports in the country. 

Complete Information on Southwest Airlines Los Angeles Airport Terminal  

Airport NameLos Angeles International Airport
Airport CodeLAX
Airport Addresswww.flylax.com
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Southwest Airlines uses terminal 1 at LAX or Los Angeles Airport. However, the check-in is shifted at terminal B. Due to use of two terminals, it becomes essential to confirm what terminal is Southwest at LAX. After clearing the security check, catch the plane from the below mentioned terminal and gate. 

All services excluding the check-in are available at Southwest LAX terminal 1. There are 3 levels at this terminal. Find out which service of the airline is situated where and also check the additional amenities present. 

Southwest Airlines Departures

Southwest Airlines Departures 

The departing flights of Southwest Airlines take place from Terminal 1, level 3. Although the check in is at another terminal, the boarding gate remains at 1.  

Arrivals Terminal for Southwest Airlines 

Arrivals terminal for Southwest airlines is also 1. After landing, the passengers can follow the guided route by the airline staff and pick the bags from the conveyor belt. Use the escalators or elevators to reach the desired place. 

Southwest Airlines Check-In

Originally, Southwest airlines check-in was available at terminal 1. But these days it has been shifted to Terminal B. There was a curbside check-in also present at level 2 of terminal 1. Passengers visiting the airport must check the updates.

Baggage Service Counter for Southwest Airlines 

The baggage counter is situated at level 1 of Southwest LAX terminal. A quick reminder is to tag the bags before visiting the counter for submission. Also, make sure to check the policy before packing the luggage to stay on the safer side and avoid removal of essential items. 

Parking Facility at LAX Airport 

The Southwest passengers can easily park their vehicles in the LAX parking area. There are different garages with a varied price range. Special areas for electric vehicles, specially abled people with wheelchairs and other features are also available. Now you can reserve the parking lot for the scheduled date and make sure there is enough space for your vehicle. The minimum parking charge is 9 dollars and extends to 70 dollars.  

FlyAway for the Los Angeles Airport Guests 

At the airport, catch the bus to Transit to any terminal, Van Nuys and LA Union station. The Southwest Airlines’ passengers can move to terminal 1 using the LAX FlyAway bus. It is a paid service to these stations. Prices and bookings are available online. 

Explore Shops and Dining Options 

There are several options of shops and restaurants at LAX airport. Some are specific to each terminal. While a few others are available on both the terminals. Alcoholic and Non Alcoholic beverages stores are also available. Check the entire list from the official airport website. 

Other Amenities at the Airport 

Apart from the above described amenities, the airport offers a set of other essential services that the passenger might require during their visit. A few are mentioned below for your reference. 

  •  WiFi
  • Restrooms 
  • Pet Relief Areas
  • ATMs 
  • Currency Exchange Counters 
  • Shops and Restaurant
  • Nursing Stations 
  • Medical kit and First AID 


LAX airport is one of the largest and busiest in the United States. It offers its base to various airlines. Reach the airport early but before leaving check what terminal is Southwest at LAX. Carry the essential documents and booking confirmation number to get the boarding pass offline. 

Southwest Terminal at LAX – FAQs 

What Terminal is Southwest at LAX?

Southwest Airlines reserves terminal 1 of LAX airport

How many airlines use Los Angeles Airport?

Los Angeles Airport is used by more than 65 airlines. 

What is the LAX Airport contact number? 

Call LAX Airport helpline at : (855) 463-5252.
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