Alaska Airlines has power outlets beside each seat in the majority of the outlets. There are 110 Volt power plugs and USB to support different chargers.These were installed in the year 2014 and post that almost all flights are equipped with charging portals for various electronic devices. However, the passengers are advised to carry fully charged devices to avoid any issues. 

Also a backup battery  for the life-supporting essential devices like ventilators is also advised to carry for a risk free journey. The Alaska Airlines keeps updating its cabins as per the requirements of its passengers and power charging outlets was also such improvement in the year 2014 along with entertainment library and a few other features. Yet, there could be some flights or certain issues which may not enable charging on board and hence it is always suggested to carry fully charged devices along with an additional battery for essential items.

Does Alaska Airlines Have Power Outlets on all Cabin Types?


Alaska Airlines has charging portals in each of its cabin types. These are attached to every seat for easy access and quick charging.There are very less chances of not finding power outlets in your cabin or flight. Still as a precaution, you must fully charge the electronic devices for the journey. Also keep an additional battery if there is any delay or issue and the original power drains out. 

Since electronic devices are not limited to laptops, mobile devices and a few other entertainment devices, it is possible that the power outlet is not appropriate for your specific device. That is why it is advised to always prepare a back up plan.  You can also confirm with the staff about does Alaska Airlines have outlets as the airline has quite good and reliable features. Furthermore, not all electronic devices are not allowed on-board due to various heating and explosion risks associated with it.Review the list of electronic gadgets or essentials allowed in the cabin. 

Hand-held electronic games/virtual pets*Cameras
CD, MP3, tape and DVD players*Global Positioning Device (GPS)
Short-range Bluetooth accessoriesSmall tablet/laptop computers and eReaders*
Portable voice recordersNoise-canceling/reduction headsets*
Smart watches / Fitness trackersCochlear implants
Electric shaversHearing aids

Types of Charging Outlets in Alaska Airlines Flight

Charging Outlets in Alaska Airlines Flight

Alaska Airlines is a good airline which focuses on providing the best in-flight facilities to its passengers. Charging ports were introduced by the airline in 2014 along with a few other additional renovations in the seating arrangements. These power outlets are generally beside every seat of each cabin. The First and the Premium class cabins that offer more privacy are offered with a few plugging options for the various chargers. The passengers can also confirm does Alaska Airlines have outlets on the plane while booking the flight ticket. Also check the types if the port or the power outlets to support your charger is present in the booked cabin. The quantity of available plugs or charging ports is subject to the flight and cabin type. 

Passengers when selecting the cabin and the seat can take an overview of the features and book accordingly. It will help you plan what essential and extra batteries should. While the rules should not be ignored as there are certain restrictions on carrying specific types of batteries like lithium ion and others due to the dangers and potential hazardous situations that can occur. Check the packing instructions in order to be able to carry the restricted items according to Alaska Airlines baggage allowance. 


Does Alaska Airlines have outlets? Yes, the passengers can charge their electronic device using the plugs or USB ports. The airline ensures all basic sorts of facilities to its passengers. Charging, in flight entertainment, TV screen, leather seat coverings are to name a few of its facilities. Evermore,the number of charging outlets differs according to the cabin types and seating arrangement in a flight. Check the above content for a detailed answer on  does Alaska Airlines have power outlets. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Alaska Airlines have outlets on the plane?

Alaska Airlines does have outlets in the aircraft or plane. 

Does Alaska Airlines have power outlets?

Yes, Alaska Airlines provides power outlets on many of its flights to allow passengers to charge their devices.

Is the charging port also available in Alaska Airlines Main or basic cabins?

Yes, Alaska Airlines offers power outlets in both their Main Cabin and First Class cabins. Passengers in the Main Cabin also have access to charging ports to charge their devices during the flight.
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