Is Alaska a Good Airline

Alaska Airlines is a very good airline with consistent quality performance in various factors. It is highly ranked for service quality and safety standards. It is not a low-cost carrier but surely offers value for money. If you are familiar with the airline name but have never flown with it, there must be questions and concerns about is Alaska a good airline. 

The majority of the Alaska passengers’ feedback is in favor of the airline. The features and services vary according to the fare type and are sufficient for comfortable travel. 

Parameters To Determine How Good Is Alaska Airlines? 

Parameters To Determine How Good Is Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is the highest rated for being at the top in terms of customer satisfaction. It has been earning this reward for the last consecutive 11 years. This is based on a comparative analysis by  J.D. Power 2018 North America Airline Satisfaction Study.

There are various factors like cabin types, WiFi, and other complimentary services that determine why and how good is Alaska Airlines. Its experience in the industry and customer-centric approach have given it an edge to be one of the best and reputed among the other top airlines. 

However, like every coin has two sides. Here, in this case, there are a few limitations of Alaska Airlines that are also part of the discussion amongst the flyers. Continue reading for an in-depth analysis on the pros and cons of Alaska Airlines. 

Brief History and Successive Growth of Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines took its first flight on June 4, 1944. It is a 78-year-old airline that now accounts for the major carriers of the United States. It has other regional partner airlines that allow it to offer a scheduled network of flights to more than 100 destinations. 

It is also the largest in North America for flying the most passengers. Not just that, it has received many international and regional awards for the good quality of its services and dedication towards the customers. 

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Rewards and Recognitions to Alaska Airlines 

Alaska Airlines is very popular in North America, especially. The airline has expanded its route map to various regions and has created a considerable share of the market.

For 11 continuous years, Alaska has managed to smoothly grab the rank of the top airline in terms of customer satisfaction. Its safety is also recognized at the top in the United States. Many other international rewards have been bagged by the airline proving that Alaska is a good airline to fly with. 

Alaska Airlines Fleet and Fare Types

Alaska Airlines Fleet and Fare Types

Alaska Airlines has Boeing 737, Embraer 175, and Airbus A321 aircraft series that is among the popular and modern ranges ensuring fuel and operational efficiency. The airline is very dedicated to planning its future considering the goals of sustainability. There are also other members of the fleet. However, the majority is of the former aircraft series. 

Moving further, Alaska fare types are majorly divided into three types- Saver, Main, and First class. The prices for the cabins are quite high. However, the quality of services and additional benefits are worth it. The reclinable seats with comfortable cushioned neck support and significant leg space. The features get even better in the First class. 

Additionally, priority boarding, check-in, and other services are offered to higher-section cabins which guarantees value for money. 

Limitation: The features and amenities in the Saver section are few due to the low fare prices. The passengers have also faced some service issues. Even though this is more about personal experiences,  such instances have been recorded before. 

Alaska Airlines Speedy WiFi

Alaska Airlines Speedy WiFi

Alaska Airlines offers a Satellite enabled WiFi network that ensures the internet speed is 20 times faster. Not only that, the prices start from a minimal rate of 8 dollars and increase according to the usage like browsing, streaming, or messaging. Passengers can purchase the internet service after boarding the plane. 

Free In-Flight Entertainment Library for Alaska Passengers

More than 800 movies and programs are available on the display screen. This is one of the free-of-cost features which keeps the passengers entertained. Moreover, this is for all fare types and represents the dedication of Alaska Airlines to enhance the overall experience of the passenger. 

Limitations: While it might seem, there is zero fee involved, it is not entirely true. To watch these programs, WiFi connectivity is required. It again needs to be paid at any cost. 

Alaska Airlines Safety Standards and Crew Performance

Alaska Airlines Safety Standards and Crew Performance

Alaska Airlines is rated as the safest carrier flying in the United States. It has a good safety record and the standards followed by the crew and experienced pilots are also truly appreciated. 

It is an IATA-certified airline which again solidifies the international criteria for a safe airline. It has managed to employ and train a reliable force of employees.

Limitations: At certain times, passengers have complained about the responsiveness of the on-ground staff and inflight crew in handling and offering the claimed services. Although it is subjective, careful actions should be taken by the airline to avoid such instances.  

Benefits of the MileagePlus program of Alaska Airlines 

The Mileage Plus program of Alaska Airlines rewards frequent flyers. Also, for purchasing the airline partners’ services, you are eligible to earn Miles points which can be used to book flights and other services offered by the airline. The best part about it is its non-expiry nature. It enables bookings late in the future. Also, these can be used to book flights with partner airlines under the Oneworld alliance. 

The members of the MileagePlus program also get to enjoy the lounge access of Alaska Airlines. Other additional benefits are offered including great discounts and upgrades. This ensures passengers’ loyalty towards the airline as he/she is getting timely rewarded and appreciated for flying with it. 

Oneworld Alliance of Alaska Airlines 

Alaska Airlines is also part of one of the major airline groups- the Oneworld alliance.  There are 13 internationally renowned airlines in this group that shares and exchange their services to ensure a more convenient air journey for their passengers. It even makes sure that all the member airlines maintain a standard in their services as it will be used by other airlines’  passengers. Hence, Alaska Airlines’ partnership in this alliance also verifies its commitment to its customers. 

Overview of Alaska Airlines


Often individuals who are flying for the first time are concerned about Is Alaska a good airline. The answer to all your queries is mentioned in the above well-researched content. The airline is a good airline with impressive customer feedback and ratings. Moreover, it has been recognized and awarded for the same as the best airline for customer satisfaction. Refer to the points mentioned above for a more detailed analysis. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Is Alaska Airlines a good airline?

Alaska Airlines is amongst the top-rated airlines in the world. 

How is Alaska Airlines rated? 

Alaska Airlines is rated amongst the top airlines for safety and service quality.

What are the seating options on Alaska Airlines? 

Basic Economy, main, and first-class are the three primary seating options on Alaska Airlines.
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