Does Alaska Airlines have TV

Alaska Airlines offers a large TV screen to keep the passengers entertained during the journey. It is installed with more than 800 free movies and shows. This feature is available on almost all the flights operated by the airline. Find out more about this exciting feature. 

Although, the TV screen availability is almost on the majority of the flights. It is essential to confirm does Alaska Airlines have a TV and later book the flight. There are various partners that enable the functioning and updates of this entertainment library of Alaska Airlines. 

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Does Alaska Airlines Have Live TV?

Alaska Airlines does not have a live tv screen. There are pre-installed programs, movies, and an array of shows. It is free but not completely as it requires WiFi for which the airline charges separately. To enjoy a boredom-free journey and binge-watch the shows, you will have to buy Alaska WiFi. 

HGTV, food network, SUB POP, American Indian Film Institute, Vooks, and Rebel Girls are the providers of cool shows and movies. The airline partners with them to offer supreme quality to the passengers. Popular American dramas, other regional spread series, and shows are part of the total list. Here are a few names from Alaska Entertainment that the passengers will be able to view. 

  • A man called Otto 
  • Angels Landing 
  • All the Beauty and the Bloodshed 
  • Babylon 
  • BJ’s Mobile Gift Shop 
  • Empire of Light 
  • Jane 
  • Jaws 
  • Kapaemahu 
  • McEncore 
  • Moneyball 
  • She said 
  • Strange World 
  • The Banshees of Inisherin  
  • The Fabelmans 
  • The Secret Life of Pets 
  • Till 
  • Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance with Somebody
  • Yellow Rose 

Several other shows and movies are also installed to keep the entertainment going. Alaska Airlines is a popular airline in the United States that flies to various international and domestic borders. It is known for its quality service at moderate to high prices. 

Alaska Airlines WiFi

Alaska Airlines WiFi starts at a minimal cost of 8 Dollars. Buy it after boarding the flight as per your usage and enjoy the content on the Tv screen. It is to firmly advise the passengers to wear their headphones at all times while watching. It will ensure that the sound does not disturb the co-passengers. 

Overview of Alaska Airlines wifi


All those who are curious about Alaska Airlines TV must sit back and get ready to enjoy more than 800 shows and movies. Your entertainment is assured during the journey. That too, it is free of cost. The only expense is to purchase the WiFi service to access connectivity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Alaska Airlines have free tv?

Alaska Airlines have a free tv screen but wifi connectivity to use is payable. 

Does Alaska Airlines have tv screens?

Yes, Alaska Airlines have tv screens attached to each seat ensuring passengers’ entertainment. 

What are the entertainment programs from Alaska Airlines?

After images, Angels Landing, A man called Otto like popular series are available to stream on the Alaska Airlines tv screen. 
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