What Terminal is Alaska Airlines at DFW

Alaska Airlines is at Terminal E of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. Its other counters like check-in, Baggage are also located at this terminal. The airline flies to many national and international destinations from this port. 

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport or DFW is one of the busiest airports in the world. It has five main terminals, serving various international airlines. It is a very large airport and hence it is very essential to know beforehand what terminal is Alaska Airlines at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport. 

DFW Alaska Airlines Terminal Contact Information

Airport NameDallas Fort Worth International Airport (DFW)
Airport Address2400 Aviation Drive, TX 75261, Dallas, Texas, UNITED STATES
Facebook PageURL
Instagram Account URL
Youtube AccountURL
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Where Are Alaska Airlines Services At Dallas Fort Worth International Airport? 

On different floors of the Alaska  DFW terminal, the services for the airline are located. Passengers can find the location detailed in the next points to complete the formalities before boarding the plane. 

As we already know, Alaska Airlines is at terminal E of DFW Airport. Let’s dig deep further into it. 

There are three levels at Terminal E or DFW Alaska terminal. Each has a set of dedicated services which keeps the rush divided at different sections and allows easy access to various airlines’ services. In the following points discussed below, Alaska Airlines boarding, baggage counter, and other airport service details are covered. The departures for Alaska Airlines are scheduled from Level 2 of Terminal E.

Alaska Airlines Departures and Arrivals

Alaska Airlines departures and arrivals are reserved from terminal E of DFW Airport. In case of a change in the terminal, the airline informs via an email or message. However, passengers can also confirm from what terminal is Alaska at DFW. The gates for boarding are also present in the 

Check-in Zones for Alaska Airlines Passengers

Alaska Airlines check-in is located close to the E-11 gates. It is at level 1 of DFW terminal E. The passengers must carry the booking confirmation number to log in via the kiosk or to share it with the airline staff at the ticket counter. Both ways are available at the airport to allow easy and quick check-in and boarding pass. It is advised to make sure that the flight details along with the passenger name and other ID information are correct. 

Alaska Baggage Counters at DFW Airport 

Alaska Baggage Counters at DFW Airport 

At level 1 of the Alaska DFW terminal, the departing passengers can submit their checked bags after tagging them from the kiosk. The bags or luggage should be packed as per the Alaska Baggage allowance. Otherwise, the items that are prohibited will be asked to remove. Hence, it is essential to read all the acceptable and unacceptable items list and carry things in the bag accordingly. 

Parking at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport 

At DFW Airport, there are parking lots close to each terminal. Valet service is also available at the terminal parking areas. It is a paid service and passengers can book it beforehand to ensure confirmed space for their vehicle. The total amount is based on the number of hours used and any additional service purchased alongside. 

Daily rates for DFW parking begin at 6 Dollars for 8 minutes. A range of time limits are set to charge the prices. See the complete list below. 

TimeDaily Rate
0 – 8 mins$6.00
8 – 30 mins$2.00
30 mins – 2 hrs$3.00
2 – 4 hrs$9.00
4 – 6 hrs$10.00
6 – 24 hrs$27.00

Level 3 of Alaska DFW Terminal 

At level 3 of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, the Skylink for the airline is situated. It is a train system that offers connectivity to the five Terminals of DFW airport. Available 24 hours a day, it picks and drops from Level 3 of Terminal E. Alaska Passengers will be able to make easy movements from the terminal to leave or arrive at the same. It reaches each station after every 5 minutes. Use it to travel between terminals and enjoy the amenities of the airport. 

Other Transportation Services

There are other Transportation services to reach or Depart from the DFW Airport. Rental cars, public transports, and other private facilities are available as transit systems for arriving and departing passengers of various airlines. More specific details are provided on the official website. 

Amenities and Facilities at DFW Terminal 

Amenities and Facilities at DFW Terminal 

The airport offers a variety of facilities for travelers, from parking to basic sanitation. While the necessary services are provided without charge to ensure the passengers’ convenience. With the rising demands of airport passengers, some more services and shops are now offered. The Dallas Fort Worth Airport offers the following amenities, in the order they are listed.

  • Kids Play Areas 
  • Prayer Rooms 
  • Lounges 
  • Pet Relief Areas 
  • Fitness Zone 
  • Airport Shuttle Bus 
  • Parking 
  • DFW Art 
  • Shop/ Dine / Services 
  • Contactless Delivery and Pay 

Overview of Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Terminal E


What terminal is Alaska Airlines at DFW Airport? The airline uses terminal E of the airport. It is officially known as Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and is known for the services it offers to its guests. Along with what the airline offers, there are other amenities and features of the airport that ensure a convenient experience for travelers. When visiting the airport, it is important to reach within the defined time limit to avoid denied entry. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What Terminal is Alaska Airlines at DFW Airport?

Alaska Airlines flight operations are reserved from terminal E of DFW Airport.

How many airlines are at DFW Alaska Terminal? 

Approximately, 8 International airlines operate from Alaska DFW terminal E.

What is the Alaska Airlines helpline number? 

Call the Alaska Airlines helpline at 000 800 100 1051.

What is DFW Airport?

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport is the official name and full form for DFW Airport. 
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