Does Alaska Airlines have WiFi

Alaska Airlines offers satellite and basic WiFi for smooth connectivity with the digital world. Stream and binge-watch shows with the satellite-enabled and 20 times faster internet speed. It is available on the majority of its flights except for 737-9 MAX. Similarly, there are a few destinations where the internet service is not available. 

The WiFi service price starts at a minimum price of 8 Dollars. It is an additional paid service but the cost is very affordable.  Alaska Airlines wants to assure that its passengers are always connected and updated during their air journey and that is why it offers high-speed internet connectivity. 

Even more, various internet data packs are offered according to a passenger’s requirement. The prices also differ according to the same. Let’s continue reading to know more about the Alaska Airlines WiFi types, prices, and benefits. 

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Types and Benefits of Alaska Airlines WiFi 

Types and Benefits of Alaska Airlines WiFi 

Alaska Airlines offers a high-quality internet service which is based on the Satellite system. The price is not included in the ticket fee and it is an additional expense. However, the prices are affordable given the quality and connection strength of the internet service. There are three types of internet packs available as per the purposes and speed requirements. 

Passengers can chat, browse and stream over the browser. Whether you are a working professional or a tourist who is looking forward to an entertaining journey, Does Alaska Airlines have free WiFi is a big question amongst all? So, let’s explore more facts about Alaska Airlines WiFi.

Furthermore, Alaska Airlines TV offers a complimentary entertainment library as part of the in-flight entertainment service for all travel classes on Alaska Airlines. The passengers need to purchase the WiFi service to watch and stream the free shows and programs throughout the flight.

Types and Prices of Alaska Airlines 

Types and Prices of Alaska Airlines 

Alaska Airlines has majorly two forms of internet providers or channels, Basic and Satellite WiFi.  For chatting and browsing, the former works really well. Whereas, the Satellite WiFi allows connectivity for streaming. The availability of the internet service is on the majority of the flights. But, a few flights might not be equipped with the same. Read details about both the WiFi services. 

Basic WiFi: The Basic WiFi service is ideal for email, browsing, chatting on social media platforms and other low-speed internet requirement services. Streaming or downloading heavy files and shows is not possible on this WiFi service. 

Unfortunately, Alaska Basic WiFi is not available on flights to Hawaii, Mexico, Costa Rica, and a few other parts of Alaska. Review the aircraft where Basic WiFi is available.

  • All Embraer E175s
  • All Boeing 737-700s
  • Select Boeing 737-800s and one 737-90

The prices of the WiFi service varies according to the flight type and destination. For the E175 aircraft series, the cost of internet service is 8 Dollars. While the price is 24.99 Dollars on 737s operated flights.

Satellite WiFi: Satellite WiFi is a high-speed internet service that allows smooth streaming and downloading of data. You can also enjoy your favorite shows on Alaska Airlines TV via its in-flight entertainment library. The price starts from 8 Dollars and differs on a bunch of factors like flight, destination, and total hours. This internet service is available on almost all flights except the 737-9MAX aircraft. Check the following list of flights where Satellite WiFi is available.

  • All Boeing 737 MAX*
  • All Boeing 737-900ERs
  • Nearly all Boeing 737-900s
  • Most Boeing 737-800s
  • All Airbus aircraft

 How to Connect to Alaska Airlines WiFi? 

 How to Connect to Alaska Airlines WiFi

Alaska Airlines  WiFi is available soon after boarding the flight till the very end of the journey. It is also known as gate-to-gate connectivity, referring to internet access till the very end.  Passengers can purchase the service after boarding the flight and connect to it simultaneously. Follow these steps to connect with Alaska Airlines WiFi. 

  • Switch on the Airplane mode. 
  • Visit the WiFi section and automatically scan the available internet networks.
  • Connect to or search for the same. 
  • It will redirect to a new page with details of the internet packs available along with its prices.
  • Select the preferred WiFi service and continue to buy it. 

To enjoy 20% cashback, use the Alaska Airlines Visa Signature card. This also offers additional free services like baggage, priority boarding, etc. Additionally, the airline suggests to always use headphones to avoid disturbing others and to keep the updates off. This saves the internet pack and you can consume it for the actual purpose. 


Does Alaska Airlines have WiFi? Yes, Alaska Airlines offer paid internet service at a very affordable rate. The speed is also good. There are types of data services to ensure a valuable pack for different needs like chatting, browsing, or streaming. Check out all the benefits to make your journey more convenient with Alaska Airlines WiFi. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Alaska Airlines have WiFi?

Alaska Airlines does have WiFi which is available for purchase at a cost starting from 8 Dollars. 

Does Alaska Airlines have WiFi on flights?

Yes, Alaska Airlines has internet service on the majority of its aircraft except 737-9 MAX. 

Does Alaska Airlines have free WiFi?

No, Alaska Airlines does not offer free wifi, it is exclusive of the ticket fee. 
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