How To Add KTN To Alaska Airlines

Add the Known Traveler Number to the Alaska passenger account on the mobile application or the mobile website. This is sent to those people who applied and qualified for TSA precheck. Whether you are new or familiar with this concept, this content will give you brief information about the features, eligibility criteria, and steps on how to add KTN to Alaska Airlines.

What Is The KTN Number And How To Add It For TSA Precheck On Alaska Airlines?

What Is The KTN Number And How To Add It For TSA Precheck On Alaska Airlines

KTN or Known Traveler Number is a unique 9-digit, or alphabet and digit, both combined. It is like an identity for those passengers who can use TSA security and clear the line within minutes without being required to remove the belts, liquids, and other worn accessories that are generally asked to remove for screening purposes. Moreover, you will be able to bring your young child up to 12 years of age at the TSA security check.

Alaska Passengers can also add the KTN reservation that has already been booked. While for those, who are forward to adding the pre-check facility must refer to the following content. Later, in the next section, you will also find the answer to your question on How do I add KTN to Alaska Airlines

TSA Precheck is a security system agency that started after 2002. It is part of the United States Home Security Department and overviews the transportation within and going outside the country. For air journeys, the TSA precheck is available at various airports in the U.S. allowing easy and quick security screening without additional steps. Although, it is not applicable to everyone. 

Its work mechanism is literally defined in its name-pre-check. Individuals can apply on its website.  

The first stage involves, applying on the website and one agent will check the background details like criminal records, family, and many others formed to confirm that there is no security threat of any means. 

Secondly, you will receive an invitation via mail or call for a personal meeting and test for the last round. 

Lastly, if you qualify for both rounds, then a KTN or Known Traveler number will be sent on the registered email. 

Add this number to the next reservation and you will experience hassle-free expedited security at the airport for Alaska flights. Below is the list of people who are accepted under the TSA security pre-check. 

  • Those who have applied for the program via the application. It is known as Global Entry.  
  • The U.S. and
  • Canadian citizens who are lawful citizens of the countries and are part of Nexus. 
  • Civilian and active members of the U.S. Department of Defense. 
  • Kids aged 12 or younger can accompany their parents at the TSA check with those who have a barcode or indicator on the boarding pass. 
  • The U.S. citizens who are part of the SENTRI.  

Steps To Add KTN on Alaska Reservation 

Steps To Add KTN on Alaska Reservation 

Either use the online website or the mobile application to add KTN to your Alaska reservation. You can add it once it is in your profile and it will automatically update it on the next bookings. However, for one single ticket reserved, you can add it separately. 

Add KTN permanently to your profile 

One time addition on the passenger profile of the website or mobile application will update all your upcoming reservations with Alaska Airlines. 

  1. Go to your own devices and open the app or website. 
  2. The section for My Profile is at the very top. 
  3. Select the link in this area that says “Traveler profiles.” 
  4. ‘Edit my profile’ is an option that you can select from this menu.
  5. Continue scrolling until you reach the part for known travelers, then add the number there. 
  6. In this tab, enter your phone number. 
  7. Finally, select Save. 

Your KTN number has been saved to the profile permanently. Your flight reservation with Alaska will always be immediately updated. 

Add KTN on Alaska for Temporary or Existing Reservation

Add KTN on Alaska for Temporary or Existing Reservation

When booking for the first time or from a third-party account, the KTN number is not automatically updated. In such a scenario, follow these steps. 

Mobile Application 

  1. Install the Alaska Airlines app on your device and open it. 
  2. Click on the Trips section when you locate it. 
  3. Select the booking that you want to include in the precheck. 
  4. Select on the preferred reservation to view the TSA number and links. 
  5. Click on save after entering your KTN number beneath your name. 

If you provide the right information during check-in, the TSA precheck number and details are encrypted as a code on the boarding pass.  Visit the TSA security queue at the airport, where the officer will scan the barcode on your pass and release you through the queue after the rapid TSA process is complete. 


  1. Search and open the webpage for Alaska Airlines
  2. At the very top of the page, click the My Profile link. 
  3. Select the link in this area that says “Purchased Reservations.” 
  4. Click the “Enter Additional Travel info” link on this page now. 
  5. For the forthcoming trip, enter the Known Traveler number and save it. 
  6. If you have TSA precheck after check-in, it is indicated on your boarding pass.


The steps and ways on how to add KTN to Alaska Airlines is given in the above-detailed content. Also, get the information about the TSA precheck security and the KTN. The passengers who qualify for the criteria will be able to clear the security within or less than 5 minutes. Refer to the features and other relevant details. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I add KTN to Alaska Airlines?

Use the Manage Reservation section on the website or the mobile application of Alaska Airlines to add the KTN number for the next reservation. 

Who can add and use the TSA precheck of Alaska Airlines?

TSA precheck allows selective people who clear the security guidelines for TSA precheck. 

Which Alaska destinations have TSA precheck features?

TSA precheck availability varies at different airports and for flights departing from the U.S.A. to other foreign nations. 
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