Is Azores Airlines Safe

Despite low fares, Azores Airlines does not compromise on its safety. It has a low accident record with less number of fatalities, given it has been flying 33 years, since 1990. It even has a dedicated page that defines the ways it ensures the safety and security of the passengers and crew.  

Is Azores Airlines safe is a big concern for first-time flyers as its tickets are cheap and budget-friendly. If you are among such passengers, then read the detailed analysis of the airline’s safety performance.  Its overall safety record receives good ratings and customer feedback. Its overall safety record receives good ratings and customer feedback. Let’s analyze the airline’s performance from the beginning till now and understand the overall safety record to ensure a safe journey. 

Azores Airlines Safety Record And Performance Analysis

Azores Airlines Safety Record And Performance Analysis

Azores Airlines is IATA certified which is an international trademark of safety. It uses ICAO guidelines and standards to judge and offers a 2-year valid certification to the airlines. 

Furthermore, it has also received certification for Environmental Sustainability by the International Air Transportation Association. The airline’s dedication is clearly visible in its actions and validation by internationally recognized airlines. As we move further, let us start with the airline introduction and further read the points that define why is it safe to fly with Azores Airlines. 

SATA is the former name and is now the present parent company of Azores Airlines. Initially, when it was founded in 1990, it was known as Ocean Air. Later, in 1998, SATA Air became the owner and took over the operations. Finally, in 2015, the airline was renamed as Azores Airlines. Within 33 years, the airline has gone through various changes but the safety standards have been carefully followed since the beginning. Let’s look at the following points to analyze the overall safety performance of Azores Airlines. 

Fleet and Destinations of Azores Airlines

Fleet and Destinations of Azores Airlines

Azores Airlines consists of Airbus and Bombardier airplanes. These are modern, convenient, and safe fleets. The airline recently renewed some of its aircraft to avoid technical or accidental issues during the journey. In total, it owns 8 aircraft that are regularly monitored and maintained. 

Azores Airlines Crew Training and Management

Azores Airlines have a well-trained team of crew members. Customer reviews term them as friendly and helpful during the journey. Focusing on the safety part, the airline experienced pilots and crew handle and manage the unprecedented risks. Even the International certification of IATA uses this as a parameter to judge an airline’s safety. Fortunately, Azores Airlines cleared the test with high scores. Evermore, SATA invests in timely updated training of the crew to teach about the new and upcoming dangers and how to handle them efficiently. 

International Awards and Certification for Safety 

Azores Airlines is an IATA  (International Air Transportation Association) qualified and certified carrier. It is a voluntary test that uses one of the most authentic and trustworthy ways to judge the safety of an airline. International standards beginning from manufacturing and assembling to flight landing are analyzed before certifying it as safe. 

Azores Airlines also participated in the International Environmental Assessment. With its righteous implementation of the sustainability plan, the airline qualified for this test and is awarded for the same. Now, SATA Azores continues its efforts towards a sustainable aviation industry by working together on this program with IATA. 

Azores Airlines Safety and Security Policy

Azores Airlines Safety and Security Policy

Azores Airlines follows a 5-step process to maintain and improve its safety standards. It involves regulating and monitoring the current protocols and further finding the errors and scope of improvement in guidelines for safer operations. SATA Azores has a full-fledged Quality and Policy program that it uses as a step-by-step approach to reach a better level of safety for its passengers and crew. 

Recognition of Safety, Innovation, and Improvement of Processes, Improvement of Operational Results, Customer Satisfaction, Well-being of the organization are the 5-pointers or criteria used to analyze, maintain and improve the quality and safety standards of the Airlines. Crew’s training is also based on the following points which are strictly considered for any operation-related matters. 

Azores Airlines Accidents and Safety Record 

Azores Airlines has a good safety record which is also appreciated by its passengers. As discussed earlier, it is also certified by IATA which is a trustworthy international organization. Although, it is also true that it has met accidents that led to fatalities and damage. But, that is the risk involved in any transportation. The reasons behind it were generally weather issues or sudden technical issues and rarely any included major ignorance on the airline and crew’s part. 

One of the infamous accidents that led to 144 fatalities with zero survivors is a major sad event in the history of Azores Airlines. It occurred in 1989 due to failure in communication and misuse of the technical jargon with the Air Traffic control officers. In the investigation, it was found that the air control officer was a rookie and used the term ‘point’, instead of ‘decimal’ leading to confusion and a crash. This is amongst the major accidents of Azores Airlines which killed all the people in the aircraft.

However, the airline strictly understood the reasons behind it and reworked its policies to ensure such mistakes are not repeated. Although there was no direct error on behalf of Azores Airlines staff but surely there were ends missing that could be improved. Resultantly, the safety performance and standards of the airline have been improved and updated for a much trustworthy experience. 

Overview of Azores Airlines

Azores Airlines Contact Information

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Is Azores Airlines Safe? Its overall safety record receives good ratings and customer feedback. If you are considering this airline because it offers budget-friendly flights to your desired destinations, then it can be a good idea. The airline has received International recognition and awards for the safety it offers. While if you are looking for some high-quality services, then it might not be the right option. Due to the low prices, the airline reduces the quantity and quality of its services but surely not on the safety standards.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the safety ratings for Azores Airlines?

Azores Airlines is a 3-star safety airline. 

Is Azores Airlines safe?

Azores Airlines’ safety is rated as good with less number of accidents and fatalities. 

What country is Azores Airlines from?

Azores Airlines is a carrier from Portugal. 

Is SATA International Azores safe?

SATA or Azores Airlines is safe to fly with a good safety track and low fatalities. 
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