Can You Bring Cigarettes On Plane

Cigarettes are allowed as carry-on and checked bags on a plane. However, the rules might differ according to the airline protocols. Although smoking is not good for health, the number of people consuming it is ever increasing and so is the question, are cigarettes allowed on a plane? 

Flying thousands of feet high in the sky, aircrafts ensure a fast transportation to our destination. However, the freedom of improved and quick timing comes with the cost of additional limitations. To overcome these ordeals that can hamper the smooth functioning of a flight, certain norms are maintained and followed by airlines worldwide. One such is the No Smoking Allowed on board. While it is not allowed to smoke, carrying a cigarette is allowed by the majority of flights. 

For the rest, there is either a direct no or permits accompanied by lots of Ifs and Buts. There are then additional conditions for electronic vapes and other smoking gadgets. It is hard to summarize it in a line or paragraph. Hence, here is complete content offering a detailed and precise answer to Can I bring cigarettes on a plane? 

Can I Carry Cigarettes On A Plane?

The International Air Transportation Association suggests cigarettes in a carry-on bag. The same rules are advised for electronic vapes and other gadgets. Simultaneously, it is clearly stated to verify with airline protocols regarding cigarettes. There are many countries where smoking is prohibited or even illegal to an extent that it could lead to strict punishments and heavy fines. That is why domestic flights to these regions do not permit carrying cigarettes. 

Yes or No- Can I Carry Cigarettes on a Plane

On the other hand, some airlines limit the number of cigarettes to be carried. As a passenger could sometimes exceed the amount which can be hazardous. All this is to restrict the use of cigarettes, but why?

Undoubtedly, cigarettes are unhealthy. Moreover, other non-smoker passengers’ convenience and in-flight materials that are good conductors of fire are the two major reasons why airlines will never allow smoking on board. If you are ever caught doing so, then immediately you will be fined and might be removed during layovers. 

Now after confirming that smoking is not allowed on any flight in the world, let’s bring back our attention back to can you take cigarettes on a plane. 

cigarettes on a plane.

TSA or Transportation Security Administration does not restrict the number of cigarette packs and allows it as carry-on and checked bags. 

So, the airlines flying in the U.S. that have adopted the guidelines of this organization will also permit cigarettes.

Evenmore, it is not the only internationally recognized organization that finds no harm in carrying cigarettes. Despite this fact, their policies are dedicated entirely towards safe air travel. 

That is why airlines in the U.S. and many other countries will easily allow you to carry cigarettes. But, due to religious and local beliefs, it might be restricted in a few other places. One very popular country that strikes my mind is Dubai. 

However, surprisingly, it even allows cigars, tobacco, and cigarettes. The quantity is defined. Beyond that, additional duty charges are applicable but no, it is not illegal. 

After receiving a green flag on your query about can you take cigarettes on a plane? Stamp it with a Big yes from the airline you wish to fly with. Also, when visiting its permits page, do look over its guidelines defining the circumstances and rules under which you can bring cigarettes. 

Here are a few generic ifs and Buts that are advised by most airlines. 

advised by most airlines for carry cigarettes 
in plane

Legal Age: Minors can not carry smoking devices like cigarettes, e-vapes, cigars, and others. The permissible age is generally 18 and above. For a few countries, it might vary as per their local regulations. 

Number of packets: At most an airline will allow up to 2-3 packets of cigarettes and one e-vape with batter removed and packed separately. Confirm the quantity with the airline rules specified on their official website. Else, call the representative to get clear and precise answers to your questions. 

Number of packets

Route Type: In terms of quantity and age might differ according to the route type (domestic or international). Refer to local authority rules and regulations in order to determine if you can carry cigarettes on a plane. Sometimes during seasons of worship, domestic flights don’t allow them to be carried. 

Route Type

E-cigarettes and Vapes: FAA clearly states the possible harmful effects of carrying e-cigarettes while also determining that it is legal to carry these. 

Since these e-vapes and cigarettes are lithium-ion battery-operated, it can be dangerous. That is why, as a precaution, the battery must be removed separately and then packed. 

While the majority suggests it be carried as a carry-on because the batteries due to pressure can explode. It is very rare which is why other international and domestic regulations allow it as a checked bag even. 


After research on various international organizations, one Big yes confirmation is given Can you bring cigarettes on a plane? On the other hand, smoking is undoubtedly prohibited. Refer to this content as a personal guide to get clear answers to your queries. The restrictions and the reasons why you could be denied entry with cigarettes are also mentioned to detail and justify our answers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I bring cigarettes on a plane?

Yes, most airlines will allow you to bring cigarettes but not to smoke.

Are passengers allowed to smoke cigarettes on a plane?

No, it is risky to smoke cigarettes on a plane and hence it is not allowed.

Is vape allowed on a flight?

Vapes can be carried on a flight only if their battery is removed and kept aside. 

Is it legal to carry cigarettes on a plane?

Yes, there are many airlines that permit cigarettes to be carried in a bag and hence it is absolutely legal. 

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