Can You Bring A Vape On a Air Canada Plane

Vapes are allowed on Air Canada plane. But, it can not be used anytime during the journey. The permit to carry vape is subject to country and route regulations. Remove the battery and pack it separately. If the battery is not removable, then try wrapping it in a small kit when carrying on an Air Canada flight.

Even Though, Air Canada allows the vape as a carry-on inside the plane. There are countries where vape is illegal and can not be carried even. You must check once before reserving the flight about the rules and regulations for carrying vape on Air Canada flights for the desired location. 

Air Canada Restricted Items

Air Canada Restricted Items

If you are wondering if you can bring vape on Air Canada, then it is surely a yes. However, policies are different for a codeshare flight with partner airlines working under Star Alliance membership. There are more than 23 members under this alliance. They share and exchange routes to offer a wider variety of options to their respective passengers. While the partnership is limited to codeshare flights and has separate rules for carry-on items. 

Vapes are allowed in Air Canada but is recommended to pack it in your carry-on bag. Air Canada relies on CATSA regulations for framing its policies for what to bring items as carry-on. List for prohibited items on the plane is also very detailed. Cigarettes and vape quantity limit is also predefined as per the country or destination you will be booking.  You will have to go through the list and the terms related to carrying vape or cigarette as carry-on. It is important to remember that the vape or any electronic cigarette remains unused during the entire journey with Air Canada or its partner airlines. 

Are Lighters and Matchboxes Allowed on Air Canada? 

Another commonly asked question is if Air Canada allows lighters on Air Canada. Butane lighters or one book of matches is permitted to be carried by the airline. Yet, if flying to the U.S.only, Butane lighters will be allowed. Any other form of lighter or matchbox will  be removed when caught during the screening process. It is advisable to ensure all the conditions and norms described by Air Canada to carry smoking and matchbox-related items.


As promised, the content has informed you about carrying a vape on an Air Canada plane. Always be careful in reading about the rules dedicated to carry vape, particularly for the destination you have booked the flight to. Vape can only be carried but not used for smoking when flying with Air Canada. Try reaching the airport early as the screening process could take an extra few minutes for such items. 

Can you bring a vape on a Air Canada Plane (FAQs)

What is the full form of CATSA?

CATSA stands for Canadian Airport Transportation Security Authority.

Can we carry vape on International flights?

According to carry on rules you can bring a vape on an Air Canada Plane. But, certain countries restrict entry of passengers with vape. Check international flight rules for carry-on specific to one region or destination.

Can you bring a vape on an Air Canada Plane to Qatar? 

Vape is prohibited in absolute terms in Qatar. The vape will be seized if a traveler brings it in Qatar.
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