Does British Airways have WiFi

British Airways has WiFi on most of its aircrafts. It enables you to connect to the outside world via access to messaging apps. Also, higher internet speed packages are offered for streaming and browsing uses. The prices of this service are based on the internet speed and the total flight hours. 

The Internet is a basic necessity of today’s world. British Airways understands the need for connectivity and has installed the majority of the aircrafts with a good quality Internet service. Now that we have confirmation on your query,  Does British Airways have WiFi, let us understand how to buy and connect the internet service.

Complete Guide On British Airways WiFi 

Complete Guide on British Airways WiFi 

British Airways has a good quality internet connection that keeps you connected and entertained. You can get the business or. office updates. Else, simply text your family and friends. To add more is the high-speed data packs that enable you to browse social media sites or watch shows, and movies on various apps. 

The British Airways WiFi is mainly divided into two parts depending on the flight hours. The price for the internet also varies on the same including the purpose, like streaming, browsing or simple texting. First-class customers can access it for free on long-haul flights. While the rest need to buy as per their usage. Check out the price segments and the internet packs that you can avail of while flying with British Airways.  

Messaging Packs on British Airways 

Messaging Packs on British Airways 

The British Airways messaging packs allow you to connect via the instant messaging apps with your family, friends, or office colleagues.

Short Hours Flight: The British Airways cost for short-haul flights ranges between £1.99 to £2.99. It depends on the total flight hours and the purpose. 

Long Haul Flights: The price for using the messaging pack on British Airways for long haul flights varies between 2.99 to 4.99 pounds, depending on the total hours flown.

Browsing and Streaming Services on British Airways 

The Browsing and Streaming WiFi plans enable the passengers to connect to a much higher data pack with quality performance to send emails (without attachments), stream audio or video content and browse the social networking sites. 

Short Haul Flights: Keep the entertainment going with a browsing-enabled internet connection on British Airways for a fee of 4.99 to 11.99 pounds. Passengers can easily stream video content or browse websites or social media apps.

Long Haul Flights: The Long haul flights WiFi pack for streaming and browsing costs anywhere between 4.99 to 21.99 Pounds.  

Now, passengers can buy British Airways WiFi on board and stay connected throughout the flight. You can check the WiFi available on the flight before booking. Amongst the various flight options, choose the internet-enabled aircraft for your next trip. Review the steps required to connect to the British WiFi.

How to Connect to British Airways WiFi? 

How to Connect to British Airways WiFi

The British Airways WiFi is functional once the flight reaches above 10,000 feet height. The steps listed below allow you to buy the WiFi service after boarding the plane and then connect for further use while flying. 

  • Switch on the Airplane mode after the plane reaches 10,000 feet high. 
  • Visit the WiFi settings and let the router find the available network on board. 
  • Select and connect to BAWi-Fi.
  • After connecting, open your browser and it will immediately redirect to the .ai website.
  • Else, you can type
  • The list of WiFi available for purchase will appear on the screen. 
  • Choose the most suitable and pay accordingly.

Finally, you are connected to British WiFi. It is essential to remember that only one device can be possibly connected on the flight. It can not be switched to other devices. Yet, decide wisely on which device you want internet access. 


British Airways is free for all first-class customers flying on long-haul flights. The other travel class passengers need to pay to access the internet service. Almost all flights are equipped with internet facilities. Yet, it is important to ensure, Does British Airways have WiFi for your flight. Along with the flight information, whether internet access is available or not is also mentioned. Book after connecting and after boarding the plane, and buy and connect to British WiFi.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does British Airways have free WiFi?

British Airways WiFi is free for all its first-class customers on long-hour flights.

Does British Airways Business Class have WiFi?

British Airways WiFi is available on Business class flights.

How much does British Airways WiFi cost?

The British Airways costs range between 1.99 pounds to 11.99 based on the total hours of the flight and the usage. There are different packs catering to different purposes like browsing, streaming, or messaging. 

Does British Airways have WiFi on international flights?

Yes, British Airways WiFi is available on international and domestic flights. 
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