What Terminal is British Airways at JFK

British Airways is the national carrier of the United Kingdom. It is the second largest in terms of fleet size in the country. The Airline flies to several domestic and International locations. 

Flying to New York, it operates from terminal 8 John F. Kennedy Airport.  Earlier it used to operate from terminal 7. New updates from the airline state that in  2019 British Airways  finally moved all its services from Terminal 7 to 8.  It is the largest international airport in New York.  The daily audience it witnesses is huge as it is a platform to 90 plus airlines. Here, the focus is on details of one airline only. If you are searching for what terminal is British Airways at JFK, then you have landed at the right page. The blog will inform you about the terminal and gates the British Airways uses to serve its passengers. 

John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK) Contact Information

Airport NameJohn F. Kennedy Airport
JFK Airport Official Websitewww.jfkairport.com
Operating TerminalTerminal 8
Airport CodeJFK
Facebook PageURL
Twitter PageURL

British Airways JFK Terminal Details 

British Airways after moving to terminal 8 of the newly launched Soho, Chelsea and Greenwich lounge.  The passengers who have flown before with the airline must follow these new updates and must wheel their bags to the terminal 8 of the JFK Airport. While there has been no new addition in space but the quality of services have been improved to a larger extent.  Such changes  occur occasionally with the aim of providing much more convenient journey facilities to the passengers. That is why always refer to the boarding pass details to know what terminal the airline is using currently.

All the points imply one thing that is British Airways use Terminal 8 at JFK Airport. The airline ensures its passengers comfort and convenience by installing several services at this terminal 8.  Sadly the JFK Airport  map has not  been updated  completely with the new changes and still shows a few services and lounges of British Airways at Terminal 7 instead of 8. While the truth is from check-in, baggage to the lounge, you will be able to find the basic to luxurious facilities here offered by the British Airways at JFK terminal 8. Indeed, use the current sign boards at the airport instead of the map to reach the desired service station of British Airways.  Also, you use the below listed points to check the new locations which British Airways use along with the old places shown by the map at terminal 7. It will help you to learn what directions to avoid and which to follow.

British Airways Departure 

The British Airways departs from JFK Terminal 8. The domestic and International fly from the runway at the same terminal. Earlier, it used to depart from the level 3 of terminal 7. 

JFK Terminal for British Airways Arrivals 

The International and national route British Airways flights land at terminal 8.  Walk straight and follow the signs to reach the baggage service and collect bags from the conveyor belt.  The old location for arrivals was at  terminal 7, level 1. 

British Airways Check-In 

The JFK Terminal British Airways has two stops for the check-in.  Both of them are at terminal 8 of JFK Airport. One is dedicated for the premium lounge passengers check-in which is situated at the level 3 

Previously, the Executive Check-in was near the arrivals gate at the level 1 of the terminal 7. Whereas, the other two check-ins were at level 2. One of them was dedicated for the first and business class passengers.British Airlines Baggage Service Arriving passengers could  pick their luggage while the departing ones could  drop their bags at the level 1. British Airways baggage service was also  located at level 1 of the JFK Airport.

British Airways Customer Service 

The JFK  British Airways terminal 8 has the customer care office. For all queries and assistance requests, the passengers can either visit the office or call the customer care.  Before 2019, the office is close to gate 6 at the 3rd level British Airways terminal. Now the British Airways customer is located at terminal 8. 

British Airways Concorde Room 

The dedicated lounge or area for the first class passengers of British Airways is known as Concorde Room. This has been to a few new lounges mentioned above.  The map is yet to update the directions to the new lounges yet. 

British Airways Galleries  Lounge 

Galleries Lounge is the area offered by British Airways for passengers to relax and use the time as per their schedule before boarding the plane. The Galleries lounge  was earlier  near the departures at Level 3 and makes it convenient to quickly rush to board the plane. Whereas with the airline shifting to terminal 8, the lounge is also moved to the new terminal. Also, British Airways has introduced  Greenwich,Sohu,and Chelsea lounges offering an improved range of services. 

All the services listed above are offered by British Airways at JFK Airport. After completing the check-in process, passengers can relax at the lounge. The Concorde lounges are specially dedicated for the First class passengers of the airways. The Travelers must reach the airport early to avoid last minute delays.

John F. Kennedy Airport Services 

The Airport offers various transportation facilities like Airport Bus and Air Train which offers pick and drop facility within and outside the airport premises respectively. Other than this, the airport is equipped with a range of areas and shops considering the standard to additional requirements of travelers. Check the amenities that will be useful to you when visiting the JFK Airport. 

Amenities at JFK Airport 

  • Currency Exchange 
  • Baggage Storage 
  • ATM 
  • Ground Transportation
  • Medical Office 
  • Nursing Suites 
  • Restrooms 
  • Water Coolers 
  • Charging Station 
  • Service Animal and Pet Relief 
  • Worship Services 
  • Airport Information 

While these are the basic standard services at the airport. Keeping the entertainment going, there are globally recognised shops, restaurants present at the airport serving the millions of travelers that visit the JFK Airport. There are magazines and news reading sections where the people who want to stay updated can spend their rest of time.


The intent of this content is to offer a detailed description of what terminal is British Airways at JFK. First time soon to be flying passengers can get confused as the British Airways switched from terminal 7 to 8  at John F. Kennedy Airport. It is advised to pre-check where the services are located. Upon reading you will realize that all the services and specially the departures are reserved from terminal 8. The directions installed at the airport  are always helpful to find the way to the exact location. 

British Airways Terminal JFK (FAQs)

What Terminal does British Airways use at JFK?

British Airways use terminal 8 at JFK Airport. The airline switched its services from terminal 7 to 8 to cut short the distance between the partner airlines services that its passengers use often.  

Why is BA moving to Terminal 8?

The British AIrways has moved its services from terminal 7 to 8 in attempts to bridge the gap and stay close to the other leading airlines with which the airline offers code- share flights. 

Which other Airlines operate from Terminal 8 of the JFK Airport?

Royal Jordanian, British Airways, Level, China Southern,Qatar Airways, Aeromexico, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Ethiopian, Finnair, Iberia, are the airlines that currently operate from the Terminal 8 of JFK Airport. 

Does British Airways offer lounge service at John F. Kennedy Airport?

The Galleries, Soho, Chelsea, Greenwich lounge  of British Airways is available at the JFK airport, terminal 8. 

Where is the British Airways ticketing office at JFK Airport?

The British Airways ticketing and sales office is present at terminal 7 of JFK Airport. The airline uses two terminals at this airport.
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