What Terminal British Airways Gatwick

British Airways is one of the renowned airlines which helps the passengers to travel to numerous destinations, including Europe, American, and the Caribbean, offering them nonstop or connecting flights. The passengers can book cheap airfares from or to Gatwick to make every step of their journey enjoyable and memorable. 

The South Terminal exclusively hosts British Airways, and helps the airline handle its arrivals and departures at the location, which means that all the operations the airlines take place from the South Terminal at London Gatwick Airport (LGW). So, no matter what destination you are willing to visit, Bordeaux or Barbados, you can get off with British Airways at Gatwick. 

Terminal South at London Gatwick Airport is well-furnished and well-equipped with modern facilities. Further, helping the passengers with their at-airport and in-flight requirements. So, let’s dig deeper into which Gatwick terminal for British Airways and know more about its levels, facilities, and other essentials. 

Airport Gatwick Airport (LGW)
Official Websitewww.gatwickairport.com
AirlinesBritish Airways
Airport AddressHorley, Gatwick RH6 0NP, United Kingdom
Departures/Arrivals TerminalSouth Terminal

British Airways Terminal Gatwick

British Airways operates out of Terminal South at London Gatwick Airport (LGW). The South Terminal is home to many of the major airlines including British Airways, Jet Airways, and Norwegian Airlines. South terminal is one of the two terminals at Gatwick airport, the other being the North Terminal. 

British Airways uses Gatwick British Airways terminal South for its arrivals and departures. In some cases, the terminals might get changed about which the airline ensures to inform its passengers prior to their arriving or departing flights. 

Levels at Terminal South LGW

The Gatwick Terminal British Airways uses is South Terminal, which comprises a total of four levels. All levels cater to the different needs of the passengers, helping their at-airport procedures easy and accessible. The four levels are as follows: 

  • Level 00: Level 00 at Gatwick’s South Terminal is the ground level which is home to immigration and Passport control, allowing the immigrants to proceed hassle-free. 
  • Level 10: Level 10 is the arrivals area for the passengers and it houses baggage claim facilities and some transportation facilities as well. The passengers can also find flight connections in this airside area as well. 
  • Level 20: Level 20 is also the arrivals area, but for international passengers. This level houses international baggage claim facilities and also allows the passengers access to boarding gates and lounges. 
  • Level 30: Last but not least, is Level 30, which is the departure area and houses several security check-points. It also comprises other services such as lounges, currency exchange, security, hotel, chapels, special assistance, and so much more.

Available Facilities at Terminal South Gatwick Airport 

As said earlier, South Terminal at London Gatwick Airport is a well-equipped terminal, which means that it consists of all the facilities one wishes to have at any major airport. So, here are some of the facilities from which the passengers can benefit at the terminal. 

  1. Restaurants and cafes to grab a quick bite, when you are hungry. 
  2. ATMs, currency exchange, and cash machines to access cash in hand.
  3. Baby changing and kid zones for helping families travelling with kids.
  4. Information desks to gather important information about reservations.
  5. Luggage storage and bag wrap to help passengers with their luggage.
  6. Lost and found counter to reunite passengers with their lost property.
  7. Meeting rooms or business rooms specifically for business travellers. 
  8. Free charging zones to keep your devices charged for any emergencies.
  9. Duty free and shops for shopping in the airport before your departures.

How Can You Move Between Terminals at Gatwick?

If you are arriving at or departing from London Gatwick Airport, you must know that you can transfer between the South Terminal and the North Terminal via an elevated people mover. It helps the passengers to move between the terminals at the airport within a few minutes. So, even if you have a connecting flight, you can use it to move frequently to the other terminal. 

The people mover is under the service of passengers 24 hours a day and seven days a week, allowing them easy and timely transportation access. It moves every few minutes to pick you up and drop you off to your desired location. 

Is There any British Airways Lounge at Gatwick Airport?

The passengers are often perplexed about which terminal in Gatwick is home to the British Airways Lounge, which is why this information will be of help to you. So, the South terminal houses two British Airways lounges, one is the British Airways Club Lounge and the second is the British Airways First Lounge. 

Both the lounges offer passengers with food, drinks, snacks, TV, Wifi, and other related services which are mandatory to the passengers. The lounges also consist of showers which help you quickly freshen up before your flights at Gatwick Airport. 


Our guide to what terminal is British Airways Gatwick will help you get a better understanding of the terminal, its services or facilities, its levels and other such things. Nevertheless, the passengers should note that British Airways doesn’t operate its codeshare flights at Gatwick and sometimes the assigned terminals also get changed due to severe circumstances. It’s always best for the passengers to check-in with the airlines and get updated information about their arriving or departing flights from Gatwick Airport.  

British Airways Gatwick Terminal (FAQs)

Which terminal at Gatwick for British airways arrivals?

British Airways uses the South Terminal at Gatwick airport for its arrivals. 

Which terminal at Gatwick is for British airways departures?

All the British Airways departures take place from South Terminal at Gatwick Airport. 

How long to get from North to South Terminal Gatwick?

It only takes 2 minutes to get from the North terminal to the South terminal at Gatwick. 

Which airlines use Gatwick South Terminal?

South Terminal helps operate many of the major airlines including Jet2, Norwegian, TAP Air Portugal, Vueling Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Wizz Air, British Airways, Aer Lingus, and AirBaltic.

Can you walk between the North to South terminal at Gatwick?

No, the passenger terminals are located poles apart, the passengers can access the terminals only by automated people mover which is in service 24 hours a day. 
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