What Terminal is British Airways at SFO?

British Airways uses Terminal IN-International terminal at San Francisco International Airport. British Airways operates a global route network, with flights to over 200 destinations in more than 70 countries. The Airline offers both short-haul and long-haul flights, with a variety of classes including Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class. 

Overall, British Airways is a reputable and well-regarded airline with a global reach and a focus on providing a high-quality travel experience for its passengers. Let’s get started with what terminal is British Airways at SFO and introduce you to some of its basic features. 

SFO Terminal British Airways

What Terminal Is British Airways At SFO

British Airlines flies out of San Francisco International Airport’s Terminal IN (SFO). and, it occasionally operates codeshare flights with other airlines. As a result, the codeshare flights tagged as “British Airways” are operated by other airlines. The following terminals are used for codeshare flights labelled as British Airways: Terminal 1, Terminal 2. 

In some cases this terminal can change, for which the passengers can check the terminal with British Airways, itself. 

Arrivals at British Airways SFO Terminal

British Airways flights arrive at the International Terminal of San Francisco International Airport. Nevertheless, the terminal is subject to change under uncertain conditions. The passengers are recommended to check in with British Airways for getting updated information about their arriving flight. 

Departures at British Airways SFO Terminal

The departing flights of British Airways departs from the International Terminal of San Francisco International Airport. In some cases, the terminal may get changed, for which the passengers should preferably contact British Airways and get updated information about their departing flight from San Francisco Airport. 

Levels At International Terminal 

International Terminal at San Francisco International Airport consists of the following levels: 

  • Level 2: This is the baggage claim area and arrivals area. The exit for linked flights is nearby, along with the passport and customs checkpoints. Accessible solutions for ground transportation can be found outside the level.
  • International Main Hall Level (3): This is the Departures, check-in and boarding area. Boarding areas are distributed from east (boarding areas A) to west (boarding areas G). Some of the amenities included at this area are: food courts, security checks, food, drink, restrooms, shopping concessions, etc. 
  • International A boarding area: East of the main hall are the areas for boarding A. Gates A1–15 are available in this section.
  • International G Boarding area: To the west of the main hall are the boarding G sections. Find here Doors G1–G14. Services offered at this level include spa facilities, luggage wrapping, storage, showers, cell phone rentals, and business services.
  • Level 4: in this level the passengers can find Garage A and Garage G, with both having AirTrain stations. Do note that BART station is located on this level, next to the garage, on the approach to boarding area G.
  • Level 5: the passengers can find international parking Garages A and G at this level. 

Services at International Terminal SFO

Some of the services offered to the passengers of British Airways at the International Terminal of San Francisco International Airport are as follows: 

  • ATMs and Currency exchange.
  • Baggage assistance and baggage wrapping.
  • Business centre, mail boxes, and baggage carts.
  • Information booths, lost & found, and Public phones.
  • Storage, medical clinics, workstation, and cell phone rentals.
  • Animal relief areas, restrooms, free wifi, and special assistance. 

How Can I transfer between Terminals at SFO?

The passengers can transfer between terminals via 24-hour available automated AirTrain. Not only can the passengers access other terminals via the AirTrain, but can also access other locations within the airport including, parking areas, garages, etc. 

Bottom Line

Now that you know what terminal is British Airways at SFO, it’s good to check about other services available at the terminal for an easy and hassle-free experience at the airport. It’s worth noting that the terminals used by British Airways can change depending upon various factors. It’s preferable that the passengers get in contact with the customer care executive at British Airways for having updated information about their flights. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where does British Airways fly from SFO?

British Airways flies to a number of destinations from SFO, to check your preferred destination, you can search on the official website of British Airways. 

Which Terminal in SFO is for international flights?

International terminal at San Francisco International Airport is meant for international flight

How many Terminals are there at San Francisco International Airport?

There are four terminals at San Francisco International Airport including the international Terminal as well. 

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