How to Check in British Airways

Check-in to British Airways via the website, mobile application, or the airport counters and the kiosks. The airline offers various mediums to finish the check-in and get the boarding pass. The closing time for each of these might vary for each of these. 

Visit the Manage Booking tab to check in online. British Airways check-in via online mode allows users to download the pass and save it on the phone or send it as mail. Else, it can also be printed from the ease of home. However, passengers can now easily scan the pass without the need for a hard copy of the same. If you are applying for check-in via any of the offline mediums, then make sure to check the different timings according to the airport and flight type.

British Airways check in Policy

Since it has already been discussed that there are four ways to check in for British Airways, let’s discuss the steps for each of those, including the offline. But firstly review the steps on how to check in online for British Airways. 

British Airways Online Check-In (Mobile Application and Website)

British Airways Online Check-In (Mobile Application and Website)

British Airways check-in through online mediums is applicable for 8 reservations in a ticket via one cell phone. Read the following steps to check-in and gain the boarding pass. 

  • Visit the British Airways official website or open the mobile application. 
  • You will find the Manage Bookings option amongst the top few. 
  • Click on it. 
  • A new page will appear asking to log in. 
  • Enter your booking confirmation number, and last and first name to log in. 
  • Click continue. 
  • Your flight details will appear on the screen. 
  • Carefully read all the information and select any additional service or choose a preferred seat, if needed. 
  • Check-in or add the bag simultaneously.
  • After confirming all the details, the boarding pass will appear on the screen. 
  • Either choose download or print as per your requirement. 

In case you lose your boarding pass, then you have the option to re-download it. However, do make sure to save the pass in an offline version so that it is easily accessible without an internet connection. Those who have luggage to deposit at the counter can directly visit the counter without any additional formalities. 

At the main airport which is Heathrow airport, the bag tags are available at the counter for those who are carrying the boarding pass. Show it and the tags and submit the luggage. Overnight bag drops are also present at Heathrow terminals 3 and 5. 

British Airways Offline Check-In Policy

British Airways check-in via the ticket counter or the kiosks requires very few and easy steps. Familiarize yourself with the following points to get the boarding pass at the airport. 

How Early Can You Check-in With British Airways?

How Early Can You Check-in with British Airways

British Airways online check-in starts 24 hours prior to the departure. For offline check-ins, the passengers can arrive a few hours prior to the departure and get the boarding pass. While it is essential to make sure that delayed passengers at the airport won’t be able to avail of the check-in service as it closes at least 45-60 minutes prior to the departure. Read further to know about the provisions on how to check in at British Airways and the rules accredited for each of the methods. 

Airport Ticket Counter 

Airport Ticket Counter 

Passengers must carry the booking confirmation number to get the boarding pass from the respective counter at the determined terminal. British Airways terminal is at terminals 3 and 5. After verifying your details, the airline representative will print the boarding pass for your flight. The passengers with any additional assistance required during the journey must inform the staff about the same. After finishing the check-in, move further to deposit the bags that are tagged as check-in luggage. 

Kiosks at British Airways

Read all the steps to complete the check-in online via the self-serve kiosk. These are present at short walking distances for passengers’ ease. Check out the steps. 

  1. Visit the Kiosk at the airport. 
  2. Choose any identity card to confirm your identity or simply log in to British Airways account. 
  3. A page with empty columns will appear. 
  4. Enter your login credentials like the booking confirmation number and the name. 
  5. Upon logging in, the flight details will appear on the screen
  6. Check all the information carefully.
  7. Add preferred seats, buy extra services like WiFi or check bags that need to be submitted. 
  8. Lastly, click on confirm
  9. The boarding pass for your flight will show on the screen. 
  10. Click the print command to get a hard copy of the boarding pass and use the tags to apply on the bags for final submission at the counter. 

The passengers who will be using the British Airways offline check-in must carefully check the last deadline to check in via the kiosk or the counter. It differs according to the airports and the type of flight. An entire table defining the timelines for British Airways check-in.  Review it carefully and make sure to complete the check-in at least before the defined hours. 

AirportCheck-in close times (minutes before departure)
London Heathrow60 minutes, 45 minutes
London Gatwick60 minutes, 60 minutes
London City20 minutes 
Other UK airports45 minutes
Short haul European airports45 minutes before all flights depart, except at: Amsterdam, Amman, Antalya, Berlin (Brandenburg), Dalaman, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Lisbon, Madrid, Milan (Malpensa) and Palma de Mallorca – 1 hour
Long haul international airportsAt least 60 minutes


The passengers based on their convenience can choose to use any one of the methods. However, under certain conditions, the passengers are not allowed to use the online check-in. Therefore, do check the rules and plan the schedule in order to visit the airport and complete all the formalities and board the plane without any delay. 

British Airways Contact Details

Airlines Headquarters London, England
AddressWaterside, Harmondsworth, West Drayton UB7 0GA, United Kingdom

British Airways check in (FAQs)

How early can you check in with British Airways?

British Airways check-in starts 24 hours prior to the departure. 

How to check in on the British Airways app?

Use the Manage Booking option on the British Airways app to finish the check-in and get the boarding pass. 

How to check in online for British Airways?

British Airways allows online check-in via its mobile application or the official website.
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