Is Condor Airlines Safe

Condor Airlines is good in terms of safety but has poor ratings for service quality. The airline promises to dedicatedly work on the best practices that can ensure a safe landing. It even says to stay committed to the hygiene and health safety of the passengers. However, its accident record raises concerns. 

The most recent incident of Condor Airlines that occurred on 2, March 2023 was a turbulence that caused more than 20 injuries. Two of them were even serious. Even earlier, there have been records of major and minor accidents with the airline. So, the overall safety standards of Condor Airlines are quite questionable. To bring more clarity to your query about is Condor Airlines safe, here is an analysis based on the current data and reviews of the passengers. 

Does The Airline Comply With All Major Safety Audits?

When looking at IOSA audit, FAA ban and ICAO audit, Condor Airlines passes all such tests and claims a 7 star overall safety rating. Condor Airlines adheres to rigorous safety standards and regulations set by national and international aviation authorities. The airline operates in compliance with guidelines established by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). By adhering to these stringent regulations, Condor maintains a robust safety management system, emphasizing safety at every stage of operation. Complying with all these audits makes it clear is Condor Airlines safe or not?

Condor Airlines is based out of Germany and has been present in the industry for approximately 65 years. The airline was earlier a subsidiary of another carrier but later created its individual ownership. 

Why are there so many concerns about is Condor Airlines safe? A simple answer is due to the repeated news of its minor accidents. There is no doubt that it has met with accidents that have caused hundreds of fatalities, but the number is very few such incidents. Moreover, such records are for every airline. The true judgment is whether the airline has improved or not.  

Condor Airlines has surely improved its practices to offer a safe journey. Its safety record has a minimum number of accidents when compared with the number of years it has been flying. Many external factors also led to the issues and fatalities. So blaming it completely on the airline won’t be good. 

Undoubtedly, Condor is not the best airline to fly but it is safe. It is up to an Individual, if she/he finds the price of the airline low enough to adjust to the poor quality services, then they can decide to fly with the airline knowing it is safe to fly. More points that will increase your trust in Condor Airlines’ safety are discussed below. 

Condor Airlines Crew and Safety Record 

Condor Airlines Crew and Safety Record 

Condor Airlines has an interesting safety record where it has met various accidents but has only led to injuries. Only a few accidents have occurred that recorded fatalities. 

These above few lines might conclude that although due to many factors, Condor Airlines has been part of risky situations, its pilots have been able to reverse the situation by minimizing the damage to injuries only. Also, this is not an everyday story but the ending of most of Condor Airlines’ accidents and incidents. 

All in all, it can be truly said that Condor Airlines is safe to fly. Again it is repeated that the airline services are not up to the mark. So consider both factors before booking the flight.  

IATA Certification for Condor Airlines
IATA code DE
Head office AddressAm Grunen Weg 3, Kelsterbach, 65451 Frankfurt, Germany

Condor Airlines is certified as safe by IATA. This report is valid for two years. International Air Transport Association is an internationally recognized organization that audits an airline’s overall performance and functions to certify it as safe or not according to international standards.

It uses ICAO-suggested guidelines to judge an airline’s safety performance.  The criteria include the pilot’s ability to land safely during risky situations without the help of advanced aircrafts to manufacture and assemble the aircraft. It checks and measures minute to major factors that are responsible for a safe journey. 

Condor Airlines gaining the certification also solidifies the trust that it is a safe airline. Also, the fact that it is involuntary to participate in this audit also proves the sincerity of airlines towards its passengers and staff safety. 

Modern Fleet and Timely Maintenance of Condor Airlines

Modern Fleet and Timely Maintenance of Condor Airlines

Condor Airlines owns mostly Airbus and Boeing aircrafts. A few are from other companies. But as said the majority of the fleet consists of those only. It has the latest and modern aircrafts to make the journey more convenient and safe. The newer series of planes are equipped to reduce jet lag and offer extra space and noise cancellation-like features. 

Condor Airlines aircraft maintenance is handled by Condor Technik GmbH (CTG). Timely repairs and maintenance of the planes occur at places including Frankfurt, Munic, Düsseldorf, and Hamburg. The airline offers a dedicated page explaining its fleet, features, and how it is maintained in the best and the newest possible state. 

Condor Airlines Past Accidents and Safety Record

Condor Airlines Past Accidents and Safety Record

Condor Airlines is judged a lot due to its low quality of services. But, it is an airline with a good safety record. If its past accidents are analyzed, the reasons were not due to the ignorance of the airline. Instead, it was because of some other external factors. 

The infamous 1988 Condor flight crash which witnessed 16 fatalities on board was due to the ILS being switched which again caused confusion to the pilot. Consequently, the Boeing aircraft missed a turn which led to the wrong path and then resulted in a crash. 


Is Condor Airlines safe? Yes, it is a very safe airline. Its safety record is also very promising with a few major accidents that create a bad image of the airline. But, overall if analyzed carefully, the efforts by Condor towards a safe journey for its passengers are clearly visible. Rest, you must review the prices, and services alongside to decide whether or not to fly with the airline. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Condor Airlines safe to fly?

 Yes, Condor Airlines is safe to fly and is IATA certified. 

How are Condor Airlines’ ratings?

Condor Airlines receives 4-star ratings for safety but gets bad feedback for services. 

 What was the 1988 accident of Condor Airlines? 

Condor Airlines Boeing Aircraft met a deadly crash, killing 16 people.  It was due to a technical error or misunderstanding that led to the wrong path before departure amidst the confusion among the pilots. 

What is Condor Airlines IATA code? 

Condor Airlines IATA code is CM. 
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9 months ago

This is the worst company in the world. Please run away from them, whatever the prices and advertisements were, this will not compensate for your health and nerves in any way. I have flown with more than 20 airlines, in different classes and price categories, and this company is something of the most negative.
For example:
1. We were dragged through, I don’t know, some narrow and steep stairs to the airplane, through the bus.
2. Having boarded the plane, they took the child’s stroller and no one knew where it was at Frankfurt Airport. I found a stroller after 4 hours.. checked on the phone, and walked 7 kilometres at the airport. No one from the Condor airline helped us, they didn’t even try to clarify where the stroller could be located.
3. Well, as I already noted, there was a child with us, my two-year-old son. During the flight, when he wanted water, I pressed the button for the stewardess to come over. The stewardess came in 5-7 minutes, well … I think she was probably busy, well, sometimes there are a lot of orders. I asked for water, for my son, and she brought water in 10 minutes, it seems that they take water from space. Well, again… I thought, but probably they have a lot of work and do not have time. Then, during the flight, the child began to cry, well, there must have been pain in the ears. To calm him down, I offered to buy cookies, he loves cookies very much. My wife had difficulty reassuring the child and I immediately pressed the button for someone to come over. Again … after 5-10 minutes, another flight attendant came up, I very politely asked for cookies and showed exactly which one was in the catalogue. She left and we waited for more than 10-15 minutes, she was gone, and the child began to cry again. At this time, I pressed the button, but this time no one approached us. The child was already so tired that he fell asleep in my wife’s arms. I went up to the flight attendants and asked where my order was, and they answered, that whoever took the order, probably was busy now and she probably forgot. One of them said that if you still want to buy these cookies, you should go to the other end of the plane since these cookies are in their cabinets there. I went to the other end and from there they tell me that no, she probably didn’t know that we rearranged everything there at their other end. It was some kind of madhouse, supposedly we were filmed by a hidden camera and it was a prank. But unfortunately, it is not so, it was a reality.
I really hope that this review will reach the authorities of the Condor Airline and they will take measures to review the personnel and the method of work by which they create such problems for people. Otherwise, this company should go bankrupt due to a lack of passengers. I am sure that there will be a lot of passengers who have had problems with the Condor company and have not yet left a review. Please share your experience and help others not to repeat your mistakes.