Can I Change My Delta Flight

Yes, you can change Delta Flights only if you meet all the terms and conditions. Delta understands that travelers can have a change of mind before departure. Thus, it provides provisions to Cancel Change Delta Flights. As per the cancellation fee, Delta Airlines provides a waiver on tickets bought in Main Cabin or above classes. 

Change in date, location, or time is allowed before the date of travel. For any price difference, the amount will either be added to eCredit which can be used for the ticket expires or the customer will pay the increased amount. Both of these situations depend on the change in the price ticket. 

Hence, if you are searching for the right answer to – Can I Change My Delta Flight? You have landed on the right page!

Can You Change Delta Flights For Free?

Can You Change Delta Flights For Free

Absolutely yes! You can Change Delta Flights for Free but on selected tickets bought from selected origins. Delta Airlines has stopped charging cancellation fees on tickets bought on Main Cabin or above seat classes. However, origin ticket booking should be in either the US, Canada, Europe, Africa, India, and the Caribbean. Tickets booked outside of these locations will face some sort of penalty during cancellation. 

Sometimes changing a ticket may cause an increased ticket amount. In such a situation, you will have to pay the difference. Tickets will have no remaining value if not changed or canceled before the departure. 

So, you booked a flight and now have changed plans then worry no more! We have got your back. You can find information on How to Change Delta Flight? & Delta Cancellation Fee further in this article. These details are as per the updated information shared on Delta’s official website.

Delta Basic Economy Ticket Change Policy

Delta Basic Economy Ticket Change Policy

Mind you, Delta does not provide any option to change or cancel Basic Economy Ticket. Only rockets booked in Main Cabin or above can be changed without any fee. Hence, you cannot make changes to the Basic Economy Ticket time, location, or date. 

How to Avoid Delta Flight Change Fee on Basic Economy Ticket?

There is still a way to avoid Delta Flight Ticket Change Fee on Basic Economy Ticket. Delta Airlines provide 24 Hours Risk-Free Cancellation Policy. Under this, you will have a day period to cancel your booked ticket free of cost. Hence, you can directly cancel your ticket and get a full refund without paying any cancellation or change fee.  

However, such tickets booked from Mexico cannot be changed or canceled. Moreover, Delta may provide free changes on tickets originating from Africa, Europe, and other foreign destinations. Do check the terms and conditions before booking a flight ticket.

Steps to Cancel Flight Ticket

  • You can easily cancel your ticket by visiting the My Trip on the official website. 
  • There you can find an option named ‘Need to Cancel?’ 
  • Afterward, click on ‘Start Flight Cancellation?’
  • Follow instructions carefully and confirm all the entered details before final cancellation.
  • Now, once you finally cancel your flight, you can purchase a new ticket as per the changed plans. 

Ticket Cancellation Fee 

Ticket Cancellation Fee 

We have tabulated the cancellation fee as per the origin of the ticket booking. The cancellation will be done by deducting the amount from the ticket price. After that, the remaining amount will be refunded on the original form of payment. 

Origin of TicketCancellation Fee (After 23.02.23)Cancellation Fee
(Before 23.02.23)
Europe€200  €150
United Kingdom€200€150
Middle East€200€180

Free Change on Delta Flight from United States, Canada & the Caribbeanca

As we already know, there is no provision for paying fees for changing tickets that originate from the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. The procedure for canceling the ticket is the same as described above. The below-mentioned steps will be followed once you visit the My Trips on

  • Choose the flight you want to cancel or make changes. 
  • After that, you will have to click on ‘Change or Add Flights’.
  • Now, you can view options and select a new flight.

Delta Flight Change for Trips Outside US, Canada & The Caribbean

Again, cancellation or change in flight will depend on the ticket you purchased, trip origin, and destination. The change and cancellation fee waiver persist for the tickets booked from Asia, Oceania, India, and Israel. Passengers residing in these regions can cancel flights without any fee. Similarly, you have to visit My Trip and provide a confirmation number, and full name, then select the flight you are willing to change. Once that’s done, you can now make changes to the booked ticket. 

Can I Change My Delta Flight Same Day?

Can I Change My Delta Flight Same Day?

Apparently yes, passengers can Change Delta Flight on the Same Day of travel. This policy implies that you can make changes to the flight within 24hrs before the scheduled departure. Only those passengers who are traveling within the US, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands are eligible. Under this, Basic economy tickets and tickets booked for foreign countries are not changeable on the same day.  

Delta Flight Same-Day Changes can be made online while checking in or using Fly Delta App. You will have these two options:

  • Same-Day Confirmed – You can confirm a seat on a new flight if there is an availability of a seat as same as your original purchased fare. 
  • Same-Day Standby – If the earlier option is not present then you will have to wait for a seat on an earlier flight. 

Fee for Changing Delta Flight on Same Day

Same-Day Confirmed$75
Applicable FeeFee depends on the ticket type
Same-Day StandbyComplimentary Service (no fee)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I change my Delta Flight within 24 hours?

Yes, you can change Delta flights within 24hrs as per the policy. However, tickets originating from Mexico cannot be changed or canceled

Can I change my Delta Basic Economy Flight?

Although Delta Basic Economy Flights are non-changeable with 24hrs cancellation policy you can make changes free of cost. 

Can I change my Delta flight without penalty?

Apparently, you can make changes to flights booked from North America and the Caribbean. This excludes basic economy fares.

Can I change my Delta flight time?

Passengers can make changes to the date, time, or location on the Delta flight.

Can I change my Delta flight online?

Yes, you can make online changes by visiting the My Trip option on 

Can I change my Delta flight to a different day?

Yes, you can change Delta flight to a different day, location, or time.  

Does Delta allow rescheduling?

Currently, passengers can rebook tickets purchased in 2022 through December 31, 2023.
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