How to Get on Delta Upgrade List

Delta Airlines passengers can get upgrades by using the Skymiles. The Medallion members of the airline can apply for complimentary upgrades. If neither of the ways works, apply for a Delta upgrade via the website or the DeltaFly app. Log in to the airline account and select the preferred seat for much more convenient flights. Medallion members can opt for automatic updates to the next higher cabin and select the preferred seat later. In addition, the Platinum and Diamond status members enjoy priority upgrades. Get an upgrade on Delta Airlines and treat yourself to a much relaxed and luxury travel. The chances of getting an upgrade are more by paying more for the ticket or having a Delta Medallion status.The unlimited and free upgrades for Medallion are the most preferred among passengers. Get some insights on how to get upgraded on Delta.

Delta Airlines Seat Upgrade Policy

There are several options for seat upgrades according to the Delta Airlines Seat Upgrade Policy. Passengers have the paid option using the My Trip section on the website and pay for an upgrade. After making a reservation, passengers can upgrade their seats up to 3 hours before the departure or until the check-in window closes. Under this, you can upgrade your seat from Main Cabin to Delta One, Delta Premium Select, First Class or Delta Comfort Plus. Secondly, from Delta Comfort+ to Delta One, Delta Premium Select or First Class. Passengers can also make the necessary changes 24 hours before the flight departure and make a seat upgrade. Just make sure the flight is completely operated by Delta Airlines.

Delta upgrade via the SkyMiles program is eligible for elite members. In case you are not then add your credit card information. Eventually, earn Delta miles by purchasing. One can also request for an upgrade in advance of the journey without paying extra money through Delta Medallion. 

How to Request Upgrade on Delta App?

The easiest way is upgrading seat using the Fly Delta App. Simply select the “Upgrade My Seat” option then tap on the preferred seat. For say, Comfort+, Main Cabin Extra, or Main Cabin Select. Once finalized, click on the “Confirm” option. The steps to apply or request for upgrades slightly differ according to the method used (Skymiles or Medallion membership). The request can be made anytime during or after booking the tickets. Eligibility confirmation is really necessary as the Basic Economy and a few other tickets might not be permitted for upgrades as per Delta Airlines policy.  

How to Request Upgrade on Delta App

Delta Seat Upgrade via Frequent Flyer Program 

Delta Medallion membership and Skymiles, both offer easy and quick upgrades to first class or Comfort+, Delta one, and  Premium Select. While availability might vary according to destination, these are allotted on the basis of priority and a few other factors. The Delta Airlines Free Upgrades, there is a sequence or hierarchy list used to decide who shall be allotted the preferred seat if there are more than one application for the same. The steps or process for the Miles and Medallion members are explained in two different sections for better clarity. 

Steps to Upgrade with Delta SkyMiles

Steps to Upgrade with Miles 

Delta SkyMiles members can utilize their earned miles to upgrade their seats. Passengers can upgrade during or after making a reservation. The option lets you upgrade seats to Delta One, Delta Premium Select, first class, or Delta Comfort+. The required miles for U.S., Alaska, or Canada is 5,000. It can be up to 20,000 miles for flying internationally. Passengers can use miles at a value of 1 cent for every mile. For instance, if the flight is valued $500 then one can use 50,000 miles. Passengers can earn Delta SkyMiles via Delta and American Express credit cards. Check out the steps for different timings to raise a request and get on Delta upgrade list.  

During Booking  

  • Visit the Delta Airlines website.
  • Log in if you already have an account or create one.
  • Select and proceed to purchase the ticket
  • The option for Upgrade will be visible if your reservation is applicable for the same.
  • Choose the option Upgrade with Miles and click continue
  • Check the required Miles and pay accordingly.

After Booking

If you have already booked the ticket, then follow these steps to apply for an upgrade for flights within the U.S. 50 states.

  • Search for the Delta Airlines website or simply open the app.
  • Visit My Trips
  • Log in with the credentials
  • The flight summary will be reflected on the screen along with an Option to Upgrade
  • Select the option and choose the preferred seat to apply for an upgrade
  • You can pay the charges in SkyMiles. 

Important Points to Remember 

The Miles option for upgrades is not available for certain destinations via the website or Delta App. In such a case scenario, the passengers can call and request for upgrades by sharing their flight details with the staff. Some additional terms and conditions are applicable on the Miles upgrade method. Read them below.

  • Destinations like the United Kingdom, India, France, Ghana, and a few others are not eligible for upgrade. Similarly, codeshare flights are not valid for online upgrades. Kindly contact Delta for assistance. 
  • It is mandatory to apply for seat upgrades on Delta before check-in. 
  • Passengers can use miles for their friends or family member seats even if they are not traveling.
  • The airline take legal action for fraudulent activities using SkyMiles account.

Delta Medallion Member Upgrade Process

Delta Medallion members are eligible for complimentary upgrades to premium class. It is mosty based on the elite status and purchased ticket of passengers. There are four Medallion statues, the higher the status, the higher the possibility of getting upgraded. 

  • Login to the member account, and 
  • Choose the preferred seat. 
  • Afterwards, select automatic update to higher class. Companions are also benefited from upgrades.

The members are set according to the hierarchy of highest to lowest status for preferred seat allocation. You can also turn on automatic seat upgrades or switch it off to select specific seats. Automatically, passengers are allowed to select seats after confirmation. Whereas, turning it off let passengers select their preferred seat from the beginning.

Important Points to Remember

Medallion’s Diamond and Platinum members request for upgrade can expect a free upgrade five days before the travel date. Whereas, Gold and Silver classes are cleared 24 and 72 hours respectively before the departure date. Upgrade clearance is available for instantly confirmed tickets in the Delta Comfort section. Although the seats are not immediately assigned, you have the advantage of selecting one before any other passengers. These members, Platinum and Diamond, are subject to this rule.The requirements or deadlines for 24 and 72 hours, however, must remain the same. Here is the list of members from highest to lowest defining priority for free complimentary upgrades for Medallion members. 

RankingComplimentary Upgrade Hierarchy for Medallion Members
Medallion Status 
2Fare Class Groupings: higher-priced fares are ranked above lower-priced fares
3Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express Card
4Delta Corporate Travelers
5Card Members who earned the Medallion Qualification Dollars (MQD) Waiver in the current calendar year
6Million Miler Status**
7Date and time of upgrade request

How to Get on Delta Upgrade List? (FAQs)

How to get on upgrade list Delta?

Apply for the Upgrade option for the specific reservation on Delta Airways to enjoy a better and higher cabin seat. 

How to upgrade on Delta International Flights?

Delta Airline passengers can be upgraded if they are Medallion members or by using the Skymiles or cash payments. 

How to request upgrade on Delta App?

Log in to My bookings and select a preferred seat to request upgrade on the Delta App. 

Is there a price to upgrade Delta seat?

Passengers can upgrade the seat via miles or the cash payments. The Medallion members are offered unlimited, complimentary upgrades. 
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