What Terminal is Delta at IAH

Delta Airlines uses Terminal A at Houston George-Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH). Where it serves flight to domestic and international flights, this includes operating nonstop flights to around 20 destinations. The terminal has various levels, lounges, and services for travelers. Information pertaining to the Delta IAH Terminal is shared throughout this page. Hence, if you are booking a flight then you must check out this page to learn about Delta Airlines IAH Terminal. 

Delta Terminal IAH General Information

Delta IAH TerminalTerminal A
Airport NameGeorge Bush Intercontinental Airport
Airport Websitewww.fly2houston.com
Airport Address2800 N Terminal Rd, Houston, TX 77032, United States
Elevation 97 ft / 30 m
Type Of AirportPublic
Runway 5
Airport StatusActive
George Bush Intercontinental Airport Contact Number+1 281-230-3100
Established DateJune 1969.
Coordinates (GCS)29°59′04″N 095°20′29″W

IAH Terminal for Domestic & International Flights

As previously mentioned, travelers have to go through IAH Terminal A to get their Delta flights. Houston Intercontinental Airport is considered America’s rapidly growing airport. The airport has elevated trains that make movement around the airport a lot easier. On the other hand, Delta Airlines is famous among travelers who are looking forward to visiting the US and other international destinations.

Under the premises of the terminal, travelers are required to perform various activities that allow them to embark or get off-board from the aircraft. Such activities include – purchasing tickets, security checks, luggage transfers, etc. Readers can locate terminal A in the image below:   

Level of Delta Terminal at Houston Airport (IAH)

By now readers must be aware of the fact that they will have to go through various formalities under the terminal building. Furthermore, these formalities are divided into four levels. We have listed the Level of Delta Terminal at IAH below along with the description of the performed formalities:

  1. Level LL – This level is Terminal A Subways that goes to other terminals (B/C/D/E). This subway can be used to run to Hotel Marriot. 
  2. Level 1 – It can also be called IAH – Delta Terminal Arrivals. This is the foremost level of the terminal where travelers have access to ground transportation and parking. Furthermore, can find baggage claim.
  3. Level 2 – Here comes the level that initiates the customer check-ins and IAH – Delta Terminal Departures. After crossing the security checkpoint, travelers can have access to a group of gates (A1 to A30). Subway can be located from the check-in area which will lead travelers to Terminal B/C/D/E.
  4. Level 3 – Again, travelers can take the subway from level three to other available terminals.

How to Transfer Between Terminals at IAH Airport?

All five terminals are connected with subways and elevated trains (Skyway) for easy transportation of travelers. The skyway can be used to transfer between terminals A, B, C, D, & E for connecting flights. This ease out the process of moving from one terminal to another within the airport without having to go through security check-ins multiple times. Passengers can locate Skyway at level three of every terminal. 

Similarly, passengers can also take Subways that depart from all five terminals & Hotel Marriott. The daily opening hours are from 03:30 A.M. to 12:30 A.M otherwise it’s closed. 

Delta Airlines IAH Lounges

While fulfilling the required formalities, travelers can also utilize the available services. One of them is Delta IAH Lounge. If your plane is taking off from Terminal A then you can have access to two lounges. Firstly, American Airlines Admirals Club, where you are provided access to various services i.e. Wi-Fi, Snacks, Drinks, Entertainment, etc. Similarly, United Airlines United Club is the other lounge with the same services.

Delta Airlines also have partnered lounges at IAH, this includes – KLM Lounge, Air France Lounge, & Centurion Lounge.

Delta Terminal IAH Services

The terminal also has different services that keep the customers engaged while waiting for their flights. Such services are available at different levels of Delta Terminal IAH. This includes restaurants, stores, Duty-Free stores lounges, and other services. 

Houston Airport (IAH) Restaurants & Food Store at Terminal A

The travelers entering Delta IAH Terminal A can locate famous restaurants at its level. There are some famous fast-food chains and cafes. Travelers can easily chill at these places and spend their time. Check out the list of Delta IAH Terminal A Restaurants & Food:

Hubcap GrillPappadeaux Seafood Kitchen
Cadillac Mexican Kitchen & BarChick-fil-A
The Breakfast KlubLiquid Provisions
QBlaze Pizza
StarbucksMockingbird Distillery & Smokehouse
Which WichPanda Express
The Breakfast Club ExpressSubway
Yogen FrüzTexas Monthly News
Sugar Land Beer GardenJack in the Box

Besides this, you can have access to the following shops and stores located at IAH Terminal A:

  1. Dylan’s Candy Bar
  2. Houston!
  3. City Point
  4. KPRC 2 Travel Store
  5. iShoppers Duty Free
  7. Benefit
  8. Sprinkle Cupcakes

Other Stores and Services

You will also get services like ATMs, Power Charger Stations & Machines, Telephones, and Pet Relief Areas. The list also includes services such as:

  • Baggage Carts & Wrap
  • Defibrillators
  • Department for Foreign Currency Exchange
  • Nursery 
  • Lactation Rooms
  • Luggage Storage

Houston George Bush Airport Terminal A Parking

Parking is available at all the terminals of Houston George-Bush Intercontinental Airports. IAH Terminal A shares a parking area with Terminal B. The parking lot is located between both terminals. In addition, there is also an Electric Vehicle Charging Station for the traveler’s convenience. You can book the parking service by visiting the airport website. There you will be asked to give basic inputs such as check-in and check-out date. 

Houston (IAH) Airport Contact Number

If you are facing any issues and need assistance then feel free to contact Delta Airlines IAH Phone Number. All your queries will be solved here.

Contact Number+1 281-230-3100

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What terminal does Delta use at IAH?

Delta Airlines is at the Terminal A of the George Bush Airport also known as IAH.

Can you walk between terminals at Houston Airport?

There are subways and skyways for travelers to commute from one terminal to the other. At terminal A, some walkways connect different terminals. 

What time does Delta open at IAH?

The usual opening time of ticket counters for most of the airlines at IAH is 03:00 A.M. Hence, there is a possibility that Delta opens at IAH at the same time. 

Is Terminal A or B International at IAH?

IAH Terminal A operates international flights whereas Terminal B operates domestic flights. 
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