What Terminal is Delta at JFK

John F. Kennedy is the major airport of New York city. It is the seventh busiest in the United States. The rank keeps varying with the amount of people visiting the airport.  There are eight terminals at JFK. Various airlines use the airport to fly to national and international destinations around the world. Delta Airlines is one of the several airlines. The official website has a list defining all the airlines names using this airport. This page on the other hand offers a detailed description about what terminal does Delta use at JFK and the location of related services.

Delta Airlines uses terminal 4 at JFK (John F. Kennedy) Airport.  The airline has scheduled arrivals and departures and the details are pre listed on the airport site. The flight tracker reflects the status of the upcoming schedules of the day. In this section, search the airline name to know the current details of the day. Sometimes, the Delta Airlines terminal of JFK Airport could change due to various operational concerns.  The massive crowd at the airport also leads to sudden changes. However, these are rare and terminal 4 is a constant answer to the question, “what terminal is Delta at JFK”. All the services of Delta are also present at the Terminal.  Details including gates and level where the services are located at the terminal of JFK airport are covered in the following section. 

Delta JFK Terminal for Departures and Arrivals

JFK Airport Terminal is used by many airlines. So, at times as per the availability, airlines operations are scheduled at different terminals. Indeed it is very essential to know what terminal is Delta at JFK for arrivals and departures. 

Fortunately, all operations of Delta Airlines are reserved at Terminal 4. Even if you were wondering  what terminal is Delta at JFK for international arrivals and departures, then the answer will be the same, Terminal 4. The 

Also there are tons of other services that the airline offers at the same terminal. Ranging from the basic baggage, check-in to the Credit Union, ATM, all facilities can be found in Terminal 4. After reaching the airport, use the Airport map to locate Terminal 4 and follow the arrows signaling the location of specific service. There are different levels and all the related facilities are stationed at one of them. A detailed description of the gates  where services are at Delta Airlines JFK Terminal is in the following section.

 A list of Services Delta Airlines  offers at JFK Terminal

 Delta Airlines passengers will find all the relevant information related to the services offered in this section. You can find the majority of them at Level 3 and 4. 

Delta Help Center 

There are more than two Delta Help Center offices. One is close to Gate B43 at Level 2 of terminal 4. The Other two offices are located at Level 3, near the gate B31 and B22 respectively. The last office is at B54 gate of Level 1 JFK terminal.

Delta Sky Club 

Sky Club is the lounge offered by Delta Airlines. The Passengers who are eligible to use,relax and enjoy the additional benefits served in this lounge. To visit  the Delta Sky Club, walk to Gate B32 at Level 4. 

Wheelchair Assistance by Delta Airlines

Wheelchair Assistance by Delta Airlines

Those who have already booked or require wheelchair assistance must visit level 4. It is close to the check-in department and will easily accessible after the entire check-in process is completed. 

Delta Baggage Re-Check

The JFK Terminal Delta Airlines baggage service is near the Arrival lounge at Level 1 of Terminal 4. Baggage claim and all other  relevant services can be found here. 

Delta Airlines Check-In Office and Kiosks

The Self check-in kiosk and office for the offline procedure are located at Level 4. All necessary facilities and queries regarding the check-in will be solved here. The Curbside Check-In is also situated at level 4 of the JFK Terminal 4. Passengers who have opted for the Priority check-in will also have to visit level 4. 

ATM Delta Community Credit Union 

Travelers willing to use the Community Credit Union option offered by Delta Airlines can visit Level 3, close to gate B33. 

These are all the necessary and luxurious services that are available at Delta Airlines JFK. Reading all this will solve queries related to what terminal does Delta use at JFK. When visiting the airport, there are some other vehicle and shopping facilities that the passengers will be able to enjoy for free or some charges.  

JFK Terminal Transportation Service 

There is an Airport bus and Air Train connecting to various routes. Depending on your prefered route, book the service accordingly. Air Train offers connections to other airports like Newark or Laguardia.   

A bunch of other accessible services that are offered by the JFK Airport. Refer to the list to know about the services you would want to avail.

  • WiFi
  • Airport Hotels
  • Tim Hortons 
  • Metro News and Gifts 
  • Restrooms 
  • Arrivals Eatery 

Key Takeaways

All the services available at the airport are mentioned in the above passages. Passengers must reach the airport early to avoid any chaos and the rush. With excess time, based on your flight type, you can check if there are changes for what terminal is Delta at JFK International arrivals or domestic departures. Due to heavy traffic, there are changes in the terminal. So, confirm one last on the boarding pass. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What terminal is Delta at JFK  for International Departures?

Delta Airlines use terminal 4 for all International departures and arrivals. 

How many airlines use  JFK Terminal 4?

Aeromexico, Air Europa, Air India, Avianca Brasil, Caribbean, China, Copa,Delta, EI AI, Emirates, Etihad,  Hawaiian, Kenya Airways, KLM Royal Dutch, LATAM, Singapore, South African, Uzbekistan, Virgin Atlantic, West Jet, Xiamen Air are the 21 airlines that use the JFK Terminal 4. 

What terminal is Delta at JFK for domestic departures?

Delta Airlines domestic departures are scheduled at the Terminal 4 of the JFK Airport. 

What terminal is Delta at JFK arrivals? 

JFK Airport Terminal 4 is used by Delta Airlines.
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