Where Does Delta Fly From SFO

Yes, Delta flies from SFO to 12 destinations in the United States. Delta Airlines offers its passengers a seamless travel experience to domestic and International destinations from SFO. Passengers have to arrive at Terminal 2 of the San Fransico airport. The airline operates its service from level 2 of the airport terminal. If you are planning to travel directly to los angeles, Seattle, Boston, and Newyork with delta airlines, it will provide you with a seamless journey with an efficient travel option to fulfill your requirement and save you time. If you want to know where Delta fly from SFO, check the list of airport and cities given below. 

Delta Air Line Non-Stop Flight Destination 

Passengers who save time can fly to Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, and more, as listed below from San Francisco International Airport. However, Delta nonstops may include – ATL, BOS, DTW, JFK, LAX, MSP, SEA, and SLC. Refer to these nonstop destinations to know where Delta fly from SFO. 

  • Atlanta, Georgia – ATL – Delta, Frontier, United
  • Boston, Massachusetts – BOS – Delta, Alaska Airlines, United, JetBlue
  • Detroit, Michigan – DTW – Delta
  • Los Angeles, California – LAX – SkyWest Airlines, United, JetBlue, Southwest, Delta, Alaska Airlines
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota – MSP – Delta, Sun Country Airlines / MN Airlines
  • New York, New York – JFK – American, United, JetBlue, Delta, Alaska Airlines
  • Salt Lake City, Utah – SLC – Delta, SkyWest Airlines, United
  • Seattle, Washington – SEA – Alaska Airlines, Delta, Horizon Air, SkyWest Airlines, United

Delta Airlines Departures from San Francisco

Delta Airlines from San Francisco  

The airline offers multiple flights on several routes from San Francisco to some of the big cities of the United States, including Atlanta, New York- JFK, Los Angeles, Chicago, and more. If you are traveling with Delta from SFO, check the list given below to know where does delta fly from SFO. 

RouteAirport Codes
San Francisco to AtlantaSFO – ATL
San Francisco to New York (JFK)SFO – JFK
San Francisco to DetroitSFO – DTW
San Francisco to MinneapolisSFO – MSP
San Francisco to Los AngelesSFO – LAX
San Francisco to Salt Lake CitySFO – SLC
San Francisco to SeattleSFO – SEA
San Francisco to BostonSFO – BOS
San Francisco to CincinnatiSFO – CVG
San Francisco to New York (LGA)SFO – LGA
San Francisco to ChicagoSFO – ORD
San Francisco to Raleigh/DurhamSFO – RDU

List of Delta Air Lines Direct flights from SFO 

List of Delta Air Lines Direct flights from SFO 

You can check the list given below to know the duration of the Delta Air Line direct flight from SFO. 

Los Angeles International (LAX Los Angeles)1h 34mS M T W T F S339 miles
John F Kennedy International (JFK New York)5h 41mS M T W T F S2594 miles
Seattle Tacoma International (SEA Seattle)2h 17mS M T W T F S683 miles
General Edward Lawrence Logan International (BOS Boston)5h 42mS M T W T F S2712 miles
Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL Atlanta)4h 43mS M T W T F S2146 miles
Salt Lake City International (SLC Salt Lake City)1h 53mS M T W T F S600 miles
Minneapolis St Paul International (MSP Minneapolis)3h 38mS M T W T F S1594 miles
Detroit Metropolitan Airport (DTW Detroit)4h 35mS M T W T F S2085 miles

Delta Airline Routes Serving San Francisco

Delta Air Lines, established in 1929, is one of the oldest carriers in the world. It is one of the most promising airlines based in the United States and offers services to more than 320 destinations on six continents. You can book Delta Airlines to SFO from airports such as Cincinnati, Chicago, Raleigh, and more, as listed in the table below.

RouteAirport Codes
Atlanta to San FranciscoATL – SFO
New York to San Francisco (JFK)JFK – SFO
Detroit to San FranciscoDTW – SFO
Minneapolis to San FranciscoMSP – SFO
Los Angeles to San FranciscoLAX – SFO
Salt Lake City to San FranciscoSLC – SFO
Seattle to San FranciscoSEA – SFO
Boston to San FranciscoBOS – SFO
Cincinnati to San FranciscoCVG – SFO
New York to San Francisco (LGA)LGA – SFO
Chicago to San FranciscoORD – SFO
Raleigh/Durham to San FranciscoRDU – SFO

International Destinations Covered by Delta Airlines

International Destinations Covered by Delta Airlines

Delta is an international carrier that offers its services to 320 destinations in 52 countries across 6 continents. These include regions such as Asia, North America, Europe, South America, Australia, and Africa. The airline operates direct flights and connecting flights to some of the locations listed below.

  • Atlanta
  • Georgia
  • Seoul
  • Hong Kong
  • Tokyo
  • Bangkok
  • Mumbai
  • Shanghai
  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Charlotte
  • Detroit
  • Columbus
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama
  • Bogota
  • Roatan
  • Melbourne
  • Tahiti
  • Accra
  • Cape Town
  • Lagos
  • Dakar
  • Johannesburg

Delta Air Line at San Francisco International Airport (SFO)

Delta Air Line Terminals at SFO

Delta Air Lines functions its services at Terminal 2. Passengers can access all the delta airlines gates through Terminal 2 Security Checkpoints. Travelers can reach Delta Airline’s sky club lounge near gate C3 of San Francisco airport. 


Delta Air Lines is one of the world’s oldest and most recognized airlines. The airline offers its services to more than 52 destinations across six continents. The airline operates direct and connected flight services also through its code-share flights. Get the complete list of destinations where does delta fly across the globe. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where does Delta depart from SFO?

Terminal 2, Delta Departures at SFO. 

Where does Delta mainly fly to?

Atlanta, New York, Georgia, U.S.A.

What gate does Delta use at SFO?

Terminal 2, Gate C near Gate C3. 
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