Is Indianapolis Safe?

Indianapolis is one of the safest places in the United States. It is a major hub for numerous businesses, transportation, and culture in the Midwest region, with a diverse economy that includes industries such as healthcare, finance, education, and manufacturing. 

So, the people assuming how safe is Indianapolis should know that Indianapolis is generally considered to be a safe place. Nevertheless, the visitors should be aware of the potential hazards such as severe weather, especially during the spring and summer months, when tornadoes and thunderstorms are common in the region. 

Additionally, Indianapolis has a number of beautiful parks and outdoor spaces, being said that the city is home to several family-friendly attractions, including the children’s museum of Indianapolis, which is one of the largest children’s museums in the world. The city is also home to a growing craft beer and cocktail scene, making it a must-visit city for adults.

With proper precautions and awareness, visitors to Indianapolis should feel safe and secure during their stay in the city. Whilst, Indianapolis makes sure to offer you a unique blend of midwestern charm, culture, and history, making it a great destination for tourists of all ages and interest.

Is Indianapolis Safe to Travel?

Is Indianapolis Safe to Travel

The city may not be vulnerable to dangerous crimes, but petty crimes often occur. Ensure that you are aware of your surroundings, especially at the isolated or densely populated areas. And as far as it is concerned with the thought, Is Indianapolis Safe To Visit? It is a safe city to visit. However, it is necessary to practice caution in Indianapolis.

As it is the city of sports, culture, food and art, parks and outdoor activities, and numerous family-friendly attractions, it receives millions of visitors annually, the attractions and activities it offers is the backbone of the thriving metropolis. So, if you are visiting Indianapolis for the first time ever, you will be amazed with its beauty.

On the contrary, there are some areas where you have to be more cautious. After doing a bit of research, we have found out a few places where you should be extra cautious. So, here we go!

Locations to Avoid

It won’t be fair to say that you should avoid these places altogether, but it is important to be aware and take necessary precautions. Is Indianapolis a safe city? No doubt, Indianapolis is a safe place, with an astonishing neighborhood, but some places in the city are unsafe for the tourists, who are unaware of the very core.

1. Martindale-Brightwood


The area has a higher crime rate than the national average, with a large percentage of violent crimes such as assaults and robberies. Nevertheless, the Martindale community has been working to improve safety and address crime through various initiatives. It is crucial to note that the neighborhood has been undergoing revitalization efforts in recent years, and there are many positive developments taking place. 

2. Near Northside

This area has a higher crime rate than the national average, with property crimes such as theft and burglary being the most common. The Northside is home to numerous attractions and landmarks, which is why it has gone through significant revitalization efforts, with many new businesses, restaurants, and housing developments opening in the area. These efforts have helped to improve safety and reduce crime in the neighborhood. 

3. Near Eastside

This area has a higher crime rate than the national average, with both violent and property crimes being common. In recent years, the neighborhood has focused on improving the quality of life for residents, promoting economic development, and reducing crime rates. As a result, the Near East Side has become an increasingly popular destination for visitors, with many restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions opening up.

4. Near Westside 

This area has a higher crime rate than the national average, with both violent and property crimes being common. While the area has made significant progress in improving safety and reducing crime, visitors should still take appropriate safety precautions and be aware of their surroundings, particularly at night. Nevertheless, the area is home to a diverse mix of residents, including families, young professionals, and college students. 

5. Haughville 


This area has a higher crime rate, with a large percentage of property crimes. Despite its challenges, Haughville has a number of community organizations and residents working to improve the area and make it a safer and more vibrant neighborhood. Overall, the visitors should be cautious when traveling through the area and take appropriate safety precautions such as avoiding walking alone after dark and staying in frequented areas. 

Is Downtown Indianapolis Safe?

Most of you must be wondering whether or not downtown Indianapolis is safe to travel or live? Given the number of crimes and dangers one can encounter as a visitor in Indianapolis, it is crucial to be aware of what cities are safe and what not. 

As downtown Indianapolis is the central business and entertainment district of the city, it is home to many of the city’s most popular attractions, including the Indianapolis zoo, the Indiana State museum, the art center, and so much more. 

Downtown Indianapolis is generally considered to be a safe city for the visitors afraid of Indianapolis safety. It has a low crime rate compared to other areas of the city. The area is well-lit and has a strong police presence, particularly in popular tourist areas. 

However, as with any urban area, visitors should take appropriate safety precautions, such as staying in well-lit and frequented areas, avoiding walking alone at night, especially in isolated areas, and keeping your essentials out of sight. 

Downtown Indianapolis offers a variety of entertainment options for visitors, including a thriving food and drink scene, live music, theater performances, endless attractions to visit and numerous festivals and events throughout the year. 

The area is also accessible by public transportation and offers a variety of lodging options, from budget-friendly hotels to luxury accommodations. Overall, downtown Indianapolis is a vibrant and exciting destination for visitors, with plenty to see, do, and remember.

Top 8 Safe and Popular Attractions to visit in Indianapolis

Indianapolis is a safe city to visit and to live as well. The people can enjoy and explore numerous areas without concern as long as they take appropriate safety precautions. Some of the safe and popular attractions in Indianapolis includes: 

1. Indianapolis Museum of Art

Indianapolis Museum of Art

Indianapolis Museum of Art, popular as the Newfields, is one of the largest and the oldest art museums in the United States, which includes several gardens and outdoor art installations. It is one of the best historic mansions which offers a diverse and impressive collection of art and offers visitors a variety of specific exhibitions. 

2. Indianapolis Art Center

Indianapolis Art Center

Next, we have the Indianapolis Art Center, a vibrant and dynamic community resource that offers travelers the opportunity to engage with the visual arts in a welcoming and supportive environment. The center hosts a number of special events throughout the year. So, whether you are an experienced artist or a beginner, the center has something for everyone. 

3. Lockerbie Square Historic District

Lockerbie Square Historic District is home to numerous restaurants, shops, and galleries that offer the visitors a taste of local culture. The visitors can also look for homes and buildings which are beautifully lined up in the city, some of them even date back to the 19th Century, offering you a glimpse of Indianapolis’s architecture and history.

4. Indianapolis Hall of Fame Museum 

 Indianapolis Hall of Fame Museum

Indianapolis Hall of Fame Museum is dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history of automobile racing and it features a vast collection of race cars, ranging from vintage and classic vehicles to modern and modern contemporary models. The museum offers a unique and impressive experience that celebrates the rich history of iconic sport. 

5. The Canal and White River State Park 

The Canal and White River State Park is a beautiful, three-mile loop that runs along the canal and provides scenic views of the city skyline. It is a popular spot for walking, running, biking, pedaling boats, and to take a romantic gondola ride along the canal. With its scenic views and variety of activities, it’s a perfect place to enjoy, explore, and relax. 

6. Children’s Museum of Indianapolis 

Children’s Museum of Indianapolis 

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is one of the largest children’s museums in the world, which offers a variety of interactive exhibits and hands-on activities designed to engage children of all ages. It features a variety of sensory and imaginative play areas, no wonder that the museum has become a favorite destination for families visiting Indianapolis.

7. Indiana Repertory Theater

 Indiana Repertory Theater

The Indiana Repertory Theater is a professional theater company which produces a wide range of plays and performances throughout the year, including classics, contemporary works, and new plays by emerging playwrights. With its ability to provide an engaging show to the audience, it has become a beloved destination for many of the tourists. 

8. The Indianapolis Cultural Trail 

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail 

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail is a unique and innovative project that has helped to transform the city’s downtown area into a more vibrant, connected, and sustainable community. So, if you are wondering, is Indianapolis safe to live? Must know that whether you are a local resident or a visitor to the city, the trail is a safe and must-see destination that offers a fun, engaging, and accessible way to explore Indianapolis. 

How Safe is Indianapolis for Women?

Indianapolis is generally a safe city for women travelers, as the authorities have made efforts to improve the safety of all residents, including women. Considering the basic needs and amenities of women travelers, Indianapolis has come a far way in providing women a safe, sound, and serene environment for traveling and exploring Indianapolis. 

The city has also implemented several safety measures to promote women safety and to reduce the instances of violent crimes, sexual assaults, and domestic violence. However, as there is no guarantee of complete safety in any city, it’s important for women to practice cautions to stay safe and report any suspicious activities to the authorities. 

Women travelers can follow some of the below mentioned tips to stay safe during their trip to the welcoming city of Indianapolis, in order to ensure a safe, cheerful, and memorable trip. Here are some of the precautions one can follow: 

  • Get yourself a map of the places you are going to visit, in order to have a safe drive.
  • Research your accommodation thoroughly and don’t choose isolated locations to stay.
  • Walk or travel in groups as much as you can, avoid visiting less-frequented areas. 
  • If you are not driving by yourself, make sure to take only registered public vehicles. 
  • Don’t let your phone or any other thing distract you, in order to notice irregularities.
  • Don’t take free stuff from strangers who seem fishy and are trying too hard to sell.
  • Stay alert of your surroundings at all costs, avoid alcohol consumption in public areas.
  • Don’t be flashy with your jewels and valuables, as it makes you vulnerable to theft. 

Is Indianapolis safe to live for women? Overall, if we remain close to our conscious, focused on concentrating on our behavior, as well as our surroundings, then Indianapolis won’t turn out to be dangerous or an unsafe city to live at or to travel to. So, ensure that you follow certain cautions in order to get the most out of your trip. 

Indianapolis Safety for Solo Travelers

As it is with any other city, Indianapolis has its own safety concerns, of which the visitors should be aware. However, Indianapolis is considered a relatively safe city for solo travelers. So, if you are new to the city of Indianapolis and looking for more fun and adventure, to explore all by yourself, then you will fall in love with Indianapolis. 

The city has a number of tourist attractions, restaurants and shopping areas that are generally safe for solo travelers. Additionally, there are many accommodation options for solo travelers, ranging from hostels to hotels. Overall, if you exercise common sense and take basic safety precautions, Indianapolis can be a great destination to travel solo. 

You can follow some of the best things to do in Indianapolis, if you are traveling solo. The few things to do as a solo traveler, are as follows: 

  • Introduce yourself to the thrilling sport of ax throwing, a traditional sport. 
  • Discover the food scene of Indianapolis at the Fountain Square Food Tour. 
  • Experience hiking with other groups, and have a chance to make new friends.
  • Visit the beautiful gardens of Newfields and surround yourself with art galleries.
  • If you love cooking, then learn new techniques of cooking at the Indy Nestle Inn.
  • Get close to nature, wake up early, and enjoy a run at Fort Harrison State Park.
  • Relax in the lap of nature at the Canal and White River State Park or do a segway tour. 
  • Attend the exotic yet relaxing events held at the Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis.

Overall, by following some of the above “things to do alone in Indianapolis” one can have an astonishing experience in the city. And when you are done exploring this part of the United States, you can look for some fun things to do in Temple TX, United States as well. 

Is The Food of Indianapolis Safe to Eat?

Now that you know the answer to your question Is Indianapolis Safe To Visit? Let’s learn a bit about the food of Indianapolis, whether it’s safe or not? So, as far as the food is concerned, there are endless varieties presented to the visitors by multiple restaurants, cafes, and famous eateries, which are easily accessible from other activities in the area. 

The food in Indianapolis is generally safe to eat, as the city follows a strict food safety regulation, ensuring that they meet food safety standards, and have a thriving food scene with many of the reputable restaurants and food establishments. The regular inspections include, food handling, food storage, food preparation practices, and cleanliness. 

It is crucial to note that food safety isn’t guaranteed everywhere you visit. As with any other city, it is possible to encounter restaurants or food vendors that do not follow proper food safety practices. To minimize the risk of foodborne illness, it is better to choose reputable restaurants, avoid eating raw meats, and wash your hands frequently. 

Overall, as long as you are following the precautions, you are being safe on your side, Indianapolis is your place to have some of the tastiest meals you have ever come across. Some of the cautions you can follow are: 

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap or hand wash to prevent spread of bacteria. 
  • Avoid eating raw or uncooked meats, that might be harmful to your stomach. 
  • Be cautious of any food allergies you may have and take appropriate cautions. 
  • Avoid eating at restaurants, cafes, or any other eateries that don’t look clean. 

Is The Water of Indianapolis Safe to Drink?

Is the Water of Indianapolis safe to Drink?

The water in Indianapolis is considered safe to drink. The city’s water supply comes from a series of underground walls, and is tested regularly for purity and quality. Keeping in mind the bacteria, pH levels, and other necessary factors, the authorities ensure to provide a safe resource of water to the residents as well as the visitors. 

However, if you have a sensitive stomach, it’s recommended that you avoid drinking tap water in Indianapolis, as it may hurt your stomach, causing you illness. You can choose filtered water or bottled water in those cases. You can look for and sit in restaurants that provide filtered water to its customers.

You can follow some of the precautions mentioned below:

  • Avoid drinking liquids at cafes, as you may not know if the water is filtered or not. 
  • Carry your water along with you, whenever you explore downtown Indianapolis.
  • Don’t add ice to drinks, as it might be made up of tap water, not safe for sensitive stomachs. 

Overall, just be cautious, and don’t drink anything and everything you get at the destinations. Try to be as safe as you can, if you have a sensitive stomach, in order to avoid waterborne illness. 

Wrap Up

In conclusion, Indianapolis is a relatively safer city to visit than many of the cities in the United States. Like any large city, there are certain areas that are better avoided as they are more prone to crimes, and it is important to take safety measures as well, especially when you are traveling solo to the city. 

However, the city has a low crime rate compared to other similarly sized cities in the United States, and the vast majority of visitors to Indianapolis do not experience any safety issues. As with any destination, it is always a good idea to research the areas you plan to visit, be aware of your surroundings, and take appropriate safety measures to ensure a safe trip. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are the residents of Indianapolis?

The residents of Indianapolis are known for the hospitality they offer to the visitors. The people are friendly with the visitors, giving them exactly the vibe they are looking for. 

Can I walk down the streets of Indianapolis alone?

Walking down the streets of Indianapolis alone is generally safe, as long as you are not walking in isolated areas. So, don’t choose isolated streets to walk, as it makes you vulnerable to petty crimes. 

Is Indianapolis safe to travel with children?

Yes, Indianapolis is a safe city to travel with children, you can find numerous attractions that are meant specifically for kids, and let your kids enjoy there for a while. 

Is transportation reliable in Indianapolis?

As long as you are taking registered and official transportation, you are safe in Indianapolis. However, in cases where you choose to drive downtown, make sure you are following the rules and regulations of the city. 
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