Is Cape Town Safe

Yes, Cape Town is pretty safe for travelers thinking of spending their vacation in the city that often conjures images of stunning landscapes with vibrant culture. The country has been a sought-after destination for travelers. However, the only question that ponders is about Cape Town’s Safety. These concerns have often hovered over this beautiful city in South Africa. Here, we will dive deep into the safety situation in Cape Town. Plus, we will also discuss some safest places to explore in the city. 

How Safe is Cape Town?

Travelers often ponder the question; is Cape Town safe to travel? Like many major cities, it is a complex tapestry of neighborhoods, having its own safety profile. For a better understanding, let’s discuss the variety of factors that influence safety and security.

1. Crime Rates in Cape Town

Crime Rates in Cape Town

The very first step to assess the safety of a place is by looking at the crime statistics. According to various sources, Cape Town has experienced high rates of crime in the past. It is important to acknowledge that crime is not evenly distributed across the city. However, the city has very low tourist crime rates. Some common criminal activities include petty theft, mugging, and property crime. 

2. Tourist Areas and Local Communities

Tourist Areas and Local Communities

Cape Town has a sharp division between the affluent tourist areas and the less privileged areas. Tourist places like the V&A Waterfront and Camps Bay tend to be safe, while some townships face higher crime rates. Travelers must be aware of the place they are visiting and also take local advice into consideration. 

3. Safety Initiative 

Safety Initiative 

Local authorities have put much effort into making Cape Town a safer place for people. This includes the presence of police in popular tourist areas. Moreover, public-private partnerships have also played a major role in strengthening the security in Cape Town. The following are several safety initiatives taken by the authorities:

  • Safety and Violence Initiative (SaVI)
  • Cape Town Global Initiative
  • Safe Cities Global Initiative 

Areas to Avoid in Cape Town

Travelers are advised not to visit Cape Town’s township area. These areas that are most affected by crimes are not suitable for travelers. Some of these neighborhoods include Cape Flats, Langa & Nyanga, and Kraaifontein. Even if you choose to visit these locations then it is recommended to go in groups or take a local guide with you. Before booking the hotel, make sure to do your research and choose the area wisely. 

Top 3 Places to Explore in Cape Town

  1. Bakoven
  2. City Bowl
  3. V&A Waterfront

In this section, we have discussed some best places to visit in Cape Town. Tourists can explore these shared locations without worrying about one’s safety. 

1. Bakoven


When it comes to questioning safety, Bakoven is the safest place to explore in the Cape Town neighborhood. It is a small residential area which very secluded. Such places are ideal for couples and tourists who want to spend a peaceful vacation. This location provides you sea view every day. The sheltered Bakoven Beach in Cape Town offers a lovely beach experience with blue waters, a kelp forest, and a rock pool. The place is small and sheltered by boulders. 

Bakoven Beach in Cape Town, South Africa is a sheltered beach bay. Travelers can easily access Beta Beach, which is hidden behind boulders located next to Clifton. 

2. City Bowl

City Bowl

City Bowl in Cape Town is a great palace for adventurous travelers, creatives, and young entrepreneurs. The city is situated between Table Bay and an amazing mountain range. The City Bowl is another safe location in Cape Town for travelers to explore. It has a perfect blend of nature, art, and creativity. If you are someone who wants to experience action while traveling then you must visit this place. The place is completely equipped with public safety officers who patrol the streets every now and then. There you can locate Bree Street, which is famous for its culinary hotspots and restaurant rows. If you are staying at this location then you can also plan a day trip to bright colored neighborhood, Bo-Kaap. 

3. V&A Waterfront

V&A Waterfront

V&A is located on the Atlantic Shores, which is vastly popular and known and considered the safest place in Cape Town. This location has some very high-end restaurants, hotels, and clubs with a presence of security. However, 2.V&A Waterfront might be expensive for some travelers but is one of those places where you can rest easy. The area is usually crowded with tourists as it provides easy access to the best attractions in the city. Explore the city from the top of ferry wheels or just take a boat to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Cape Town safe for solo females?

Yes, Cape Town is generally safe for solo females if they are sensible and practice safety precautions while traveling. 

Is Cape Town safe to live in?

Cape Town is a safe place to live in, however, several parts of the cities have high crime rates. 

Is Cape Town safe to visit?

Yes, it is generally safe to visit Cape Town for holidays and workstations.

Is Cape Town safe for white tourists?

Yes, Cape Town is safe for white tourists, however, travelers should follow exercise safety cautions.

Is Cape Town safe to travel?

Yes, there are several locations in Cape Town that are very safe for travelers. 

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