EasyJet is ranked as one of the largest airlines in Europe which carries millions of passengers every year and travels to many destinations globally. With carrying this huge number of passengers, the question is obvious: Is EasyJet safe or not? This page will cover all the required information about EasyJet’s safety, it’s operations, records, and resources. 

How Safe is EasyJet?

How Safe is EasyJet

Additionally, EasyJet Airline hasn’t had any fatal incidents in the past few years. EasyJet is a very safe airline that operates its service in more than 34 countries with over 308 aircraft. EasyJet is a low-cost and the largest airline in Europe. Apart from this, EasyJet has a 7 out of 7-star safety rating and is also the 14th safest airline in the world. Talking about the major incidents, the airline hasn’t had any major incidents in the last 25 years as compared to its competitor airlines. These parameters clearly show that the airline is completely safe, and passengers can prefer EasyJet Airlines over any other as their first choice. 

EasyJet Safety Assurance

EasyJet Safety Assurance

EasyJet always takes care of its passengers and has a strong focus on safety measures in order to operate safely. These measures basically include Regular Maintenance, Skilled Workforce, Strategic Partnerships, and Safety Ratings.

Regular Maintenance

EasyJet introduced a maintenance program that reduces the chances of mechanical issues and ensures the regular inspection and maintenance of the aircraft. 

Skilled Workforce

Skilled Workforce

As per the latest report of 2023, a total number of 13,000 people are working with the airline including more than 4,000 pilots and 7,000 cabin crews. Airlines ensure that every crew member and staff undergo with extensive training and certification to perform safely.

Strategic Partnerships

With many key airports and ground-handling operators, EasyJet has long-term strategic partnerships to perform and achieve operational excellence and cost efficiency.

Safety Ratings

Safety Ratings

EasyJet is one of the safest airlines in the aviation industry with a 7 out of 7 safety rating. Also, the airline hasn’t undergone any major incidents in the last 25-year history.

EasyJet Fleets and Operations

EasyJet Fleets and Operations

EasyJet operates flights and scheduled services in more than 34 countries on 927 routes. The airline was founded in 1995 and operates 308 aircraft from 29 bases today. The largest base among all is London Gatwick. 

Also, EasyJet is a good airline with an average age of the airline’s fleet is 9.7 years and consists of Airbus A319, A320, and A321. This new and modern fleet ensures the safety and comfortability of the passengers, and also helps in keeping maintenance costs low.

Safety Records of EasyJet

Safety Records of EasyJet

Many passengers only care about the safety an airline is providing. If the safety is high, then they will travel with the airline irrespective of the services, and other amenities. EasyJet Airlines has having high safety record because of only 2 incidents on average. The rest of the incidents that happened in the previous year were all minor incidents during the flight operations. These safety measures provide an airline with a clean chit to continue its operations as the safest airline. Also, these things reflect the flight’s efficient operations, skilled workforce, and ensure safety.

EasyJet Resources

Resources are another most important factor for any airline to operate effectively and safely. EasyJet Airlines also depends on these resources to help maintain safety and efficiency. These resources are

Financial Capital

Financial Capital

EasyJet Airlines has a marketing capitalization of 5 Billion Euro with a net debt position of 913 Million Euro as of September. EasyJet Airline has the strongest credit rating in the world which allows the airlines to expand operations. 


EasyJet owns around 59% of its modern fleet Airbus A320 on which it operates. Aircraft is the most important aspect of operating in the airline industry. This is the only reason EasyJet is investing in new generation and more fuel-efficient aircraft. These aircraft are helpful in lower operating costs and lower carbon emissions.

EasyJet has a strong and huge safety record which makes EasyJet a safe airline. With it’s modern fleet, and highly skilled staff help airline works with full efficiency and safety. The services, safety, maintenance, and crew are the reasons why people love EasyJet and a maximum number of people travel with it. This page includes all the related information and answers Is EasyJet a safe Airline? Read all the information thoroughly if you are planning to travel with EasyJet for your future trip.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it OK to fly with EasyJet?

Yes, EasyJet is a completely safe and good airline. Also, the airline is one of the largest airlines in Europe with an excellent reputation and goodwill.

What are the disadvantages of EasyJet?

EasyJet mostly focuses on their cheap services and gives limited focus on premium services such as in-flight meals, and premium/business class seating.

Why is EasyJet so cheap?

EasyJet Airlines cut down many expenses and workforce to operate as a low-cost airline. Also, the airline uses one genre of planes to reduce the training cost as well.
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