What Terminal is EL at JFK?

EL Airlines, formally known as EL AL Israel offers flights to more than 50 destinations. It is a flag carrier of Israel that is considered to be the safest airline. A defense mechanism to safeguard its  aircrafts from surface to air missiles are deployed in it. Travelers rely on the security offered and book tickets with the airline to fly to their preferred destination. 

People who have upcoming flights from New York can refer to all their queries related to what terminal is EL AL at JFK, services on the terminal and other relevant information from this piece of content. The Readers can warm up with a quick introduction of JFK Airport before scrolling to the details of the terminal and other services offered by EL AL airlines. 

Quick Introduction to John F. Kennedy Airport

The John F. Kennedy Airport is one of the largest airports in New York occupying approximately 5000 acres of land. There are six terminals on the airport that are actively serving more than 90 airlines. Recently. Terminal 2 has been closed by JFK Airport and the terminal working at present are terminal 1,4, 5, 7 and 8. The numbers 2, 3, and 6 are missing due to permanent damage in the past or temporary discontinuation by the airport.  So, due to terminal 2 closing permanently, many airlines have shifted their operations to other terminals. The current location of any airline can be viewed on the updated list of airlines on the official website of the airport. 

It is also a primary land for International airlines’ departures and arrivals. Millions of tourists visit the airport  as passengers of different airlines.  JFK is equipped with several amenities and stores offering services and products for sale to the tourists. McDonald’s, Wok & Roll, Tim’s Hortons and others are food and beverages stores  present at the airport. Arriving or departing passengers can find these stores to calm their hunger before continuing their plans ahead. The complete list of shops and stores available in “At The Airport” section on the official website. Travelers can even book transportation services online from the JFK website. Concluding, the JFK Airport has been designed well to offer the guests A class facilities along with the facilities offered by the airlines. Now,let’s register our attention to which terminal is EL AL airlines at JFK. 

EL Airlines JFK Terminal Location 

EL Airlines operates from terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy (JFK) Airport. The check-in and ground transportation of the airline are available at the same terminal. These services are present on different levels of the airport. Check the next few points to know the exact location of EL AL services. 

EL AL  Departure 

The EL AL Airlines departure is located at Terminal 4 in JFK. The passengers after getting the boarding pass can move to the departure gate to fly with the airlines. 

EL AL JFK Airport Terminal for Arrivals 

The JFK Airport has a total of 140 gates which offer passage to various terminals and levels. Arriving passengers of EL AL airlines will land at level 1 of JFK Terminal 4 and will be able to find  the baggage claim service on the same level of the terminal. Pick the bags quickly to continue the journey ahead. 

EL AL Ticket Sales Office 

The EL AL Airlines ticket office is situated on Level 4 of the same terminal. The office is available for ticket reservations, cancellations, flight changes and many other requests related to EL AL services. Individuals can either visit the airport ticket sales office or the online portal of the airline for upgrades, cancellations and bookings.

EL AL Check-In Center at JFK Terminal 

EL AL Check-In Center at JFK Terminal 

The passengers who are visiting the airport to board an EL AL plane can find the kiosk or ticket counter for the check-in process. Immediately after completing the check-in, the passengers will receive their EL AL airlines boarding pass to continue the scheduled journey with the airline. 

EL AL passengers can plan their time at JFK according to the location of the services mentioned above. Upon reaching the airport, you will find an Airport Bus or AirTrain that drives to the different terminals at the airport. Since the wait time before boarding the plane is too long at times, you can catch the bus to visit other terminals  of the airport to shop or eat something. While the options on terminal 4 are the maximum as it is the largest amongst all other terminals with more than 21 food and beverages options. Rest or take a brief walk at the airport but make sure to reach the departure area to board the plane as per the scheduled timings. 


The content is a complete on what terminal is EL  AL at JFK. Passengers of the flight can use the above information to finish the necessary formalities for their upcoming flights. The Airport map offers an interactive format to direct the way to the desired location. You can also view the airline by using the search feature in the map section. For passengers with international flight reservations, it is advised to carry the documents to clear the migration process without any later interruptions. Lastly, reach early to avoid last minute chaos and the hassle to catch the flight on time. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

What Terminal is EL AL at JFK for International Flights? 

EL AL passengers can board the plane from the terminal of JFK Airport. 

Which Airlines use Terminal 4 of JFK Airport? 

The Terminal 4 of JFK Airport is used by Aeromexico, Air Europa, Xiamen Air, WestJet, Virgin Atlantic, Uzbekistan, South African Airways, Singapore Airlines, Avianca Brasil, Air India, LATAM, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Kenya Airways, Delta, Hawaiian Airlines, Copa, Etihad, China , Caribbean Airlines, Emirates, and EL AL. 

Is Terminal 4 International or Domestic JFK?

Terminal 4 is the largest terminal of JFK Airport that majorly witnesses International flights. While domestic flights also arrive at this terminal.

How Long Does it take to pass Through Immigration at JFK?

It approximately takes 30 minutes to clear immigration at John F. Kennedy Airport. 
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