How to check in Flair Airlines

Flair Airlines provides a facility to do online check-in for the passengers which is one of the most convenient ways to do the same. Many travelers often say that airport check-in is kind of a hectic process for them. That is the only reason Flair Airlines provides online check in, mobile check in, and even a Kiosk check-in facility. Passengers will get all the required information to know how to check in Flair Airlines, its policies, and other related details.

Flair Airlines Check In Process

After making the reservation in any airline, another process is to check-in whether online, mobile, or even by visiting the airport directly. These processes and steps are super easy to follow and can be done in a few simple clicks.

Flair Airlines Online Check In

The best and most convenient way of check-in is to do it online. This process is also called the Flair Airlines web check in process and can be done by following a few given steps:

1. Visit the official website of Flair Airlines.
2. Select “Travel Info” on the Home Page.
3. Click on the “Check-In” option.
4. Enter “Reservation Number” and “Last Name.”
5. Select the “Find My Trip” option.
6. Follow the on-screen “Check In” process.
7. After completion, travelers will receive an SMS or email notification.

Flair Airlines Mobile Check In

Flair Airlines Mobile Check In

Another way of doing online check-in is to make it with the help of a Mobile App. The process is almost similar to the web check-in process and can be done after downloading the Flair Airlines Mobile app. Follow the below-mentioned steps to complete it quickly:

1. Open the Flair Airlines mobile app.
2. Login to the account.
3. Enter the origin, destination, and flight number.
4. Then, enter “Reservation Number” and “Last Name.
5. Select the “Check-in” option.
6. Passengers will receive an SMS or email after completion.

Flair Airlines Check-in At the Airport

Flair Airlines Check-in At the Airport

There are a number of travelers who feel insecure while doing check-ins online or even through the official mobile app. These passengers mostly prefer to check in at the Airport or at the Kiosks available at the airports. To complete the Check-in at the Airport, passengers will have to visit the airport at least 4 hours before the flight departure. This might be a time-consuming process as passengers will have to wait in line for their turn. After the check-in will be done, pay the charges if applicable.

Kiosk Check-In

Passengers who prefer to do check-in at Kiosk can reach the airport Kiosk to avoid the long queue, and quickly complete the check-in formalities. Tap the Kiosk screen and click on the Check-in option. Enter the “Flight Number” and “Destination“. Then, enter the “Reservation Number“, “Last Name“, and “Contact Number“. Select the “Continue Check In” option, and select the “Seat” as well. Passengers can print the boarding pass for further use.

Flair Airlines Baggage Check-In Policy

The Airline provides a facility for Flair Baggage Allowance. Flair Airlines has a limited baggage allowance, and the amount will be chargeable if it exceeds the allowed limit. Check all the mentioned policies below to deeply understand:

Carry-on Baggage Policy

Flair Airlines has released some official guidelines for passengers who want to clear all their doubts about their baggage. These passengers want to understand the carry-on baggage policy and ask the same questions repeatedly. Check the below points on Carry-on Baggage policy:

Carry-on Baggage Policy
  • Flair Airlines allows passengers to carry one personal item such as a purse, laptop bag, or small backpack.
  • The maximum dimension for the personal item must not exceed 15x33x43cm.
  • 7kgs or 15.5lbs is the maximum limit for the carry-on baggage.
  • These carry-on baggage dimensions must not exceed the limit and measurement that it can easily fit below the seat or overhead bin.
  • If the limit exceeds, then the airline will charge an extra amount of baggage fee, and the chargeable amount of $29-$54 with taxes for online, and $59-$64 with taxes for airport check-in.

Checked Baggage Policy

Checked Baggage Policy

There are some other policies released by the airlines for the passengers to completely understand about checked baggage as well. These policies are as follows:

  • The baggage check-in window will be closed 60 minutes before the flight departure of the flight to Canada.
  • A window will be closed before the flight departure to the USA.
  • The passenger’s Name and Contact Number must be clearly visible and properly tagged on all checked baggage.
  • Passengers will have to pay the extra baggage fees for extra checked-in baggage starting from $44 per piece of bag.
  • Travelers will have to pay an amount of $99 if the baggage is overweight or oversized.
  • No restricted items are allowed inside the checked-in baggage of Flair Airlines.

Flair Airlines Check-In Fee

Flair Airlines Check-In Charges

Flair Airlines online check-in is free of cost but charges an amount of $25 if the passenger completes the check at the airport. This is one of the reasons why airlines suggest travelers check in online through the official website or the mobile app. Also, passengers are eligible to complete the check-in done within 24 hours before the flight departure if they are planning for airport check-in.

Flair Airlines check-in process is very easy for all passengers, and the online check-in process is super convenient. Still, many passengers are not comfortable with it, they can go for the airport check-in process. This page covers all the related information to know how to check in Flair Airlines, its policies, and other details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I check in my Flair Airlines bag?

The bag drop is available at the airport check-in counters, and passengers are allowed to make it 75 minutes before the flight departure. For Canada flights, the check-in window for bags closes 60 minutes before the flight departs.

Is Flair check-in free?

Yes, Flair check-in is free of cost if done with the online method. Otherwise, passengers will have to pay an amount of $25 for the airport check-in.

How much luggage is allowed on Flair Airlines?

Passengers are allowed to carry 2 checked bags. The allowed weight is 23kg (50lbs) and will be chargeable if exceeded.
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