Is French Bee a Good Airline

French Bee Airline is a new and low-cost airline that provides cost-friendly long-haul travel flights from/to Paris. One of a passenger shared the experience of traveling on a French Bee flight with his child. He shared great reviews about the airline in every aspect. He also mentioned that French Bee is a good airline even if you are traveling with a toddler. In this blog post, we will explore whether French Fee is a good airline or not, whether is it safe to travel with French Bee, and other related information. So, let’s read the complete article to find the answers.

What is French Bee Airline?

What is French Bee Airline

French Bee, which was formerly named French Blue Airline, was founded in March 2016, almost 7 years ago. It is a new low-cost airline that is providing much better services as compared to other airlines in the same category. Currently, the airline is operating with a fleet size of 6 aircraft to 7 destinations in the world. French Bee Airline operates on Airbus A350s between France and Worldwide leisure destinations. The Airline is headquartered in Bellevigny, France with the operating base in Paris-Orly.

Doesn’t matter if you are a frequent traveler or planning to travel for the first time. Don’t miss a single chance to save amount on flights, and the best option is to travel with a cost-friendly but better airline. French Bee is a Paris-based airline that provides Basic, Smart, and Premium fare options to passengers. Basic Ticket fare includes one carry-on baggage of up to 26 pounds, Smart includes checked baggage of up to 50 pounds with an inflight meal, and Premium provides the most luxurious class to the passengers. It includes the Smart package completely, additional checked baggage, free drinks, meals, selection of seats, and priority in boarding. 

For the Basic class, mostly the prices are consistent and extras are available like a-la-carte, adding legroom, priority luggage delivery, inflight meals, etc. Basic and Smart categories come under the Economic Class. French Bee Airlines operates Airbus 350s, which has 35 Premium Class, and 376 Economy Class seats. French Bee also provides a facility to upgrade their flight tickets which makes the passengers more comfortable to travel with them.

How Safe is French Bee Airline?

How Safe is French Bee Airline

French Bee is a safe airline received some great ratings. But still, most passengers often think that French Bee Airline is a newbie and can’t operate perfectly. This is because it’s a new airline but that doesn’t mean, it’s not serving better to its passengers. Travelers create an assumption and make a negative perception before using the airline. Check every detail mentioned below before jumping to any other airline. These factors are the destinations they are covering, the facilities they are providing, the process they are following, and overall ratings of the airline. 

Destinations Covering

Destinations Covering

Most passengers consider this new airline as a newbie in the industry that is unable to fulfill all their requirements and can’t even provide good services as well. But this is not true and is just an assumption. French Bee is giving their best in every aspect and giving good competition to other low-cost airlines of the same category. How French Bee Airline can be easily answered by looking at a few factors. Check the airline covers so many popular destinations with their single and round flights as well. These destinations are very much known and dream locations for many passengers whether seasoned or traveling first time in life. French Bee can take you to these locations safely and with great comfort. These destinations are:

  • United States including Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Vegas, Orange County, Orlando, Palm Springs, Portland, San Diego, Washington, Seattle, New York, Miami, and San Francisco.
  • French Polynesia which includes Bora Bora, Hiva Oa, Huahine, Nuku Hiva, Papeete, Raiatea, Rangiroa, and Tikehau.
  • Punta Cana in Dominican Republic.
  • Saint-Denis in Reunion Island.

One of the best services French Bee provides is their Train+Air Service in which passengers can add a train ticket within France when purchasing their air tickets. The advantage of booking all together is that it costs less in bundle booking. Also, the transfer between Massy TGV train station and Paris-Orly airport is free. 

Amenities French Bee Offer

Amenities French Bee Offer

While traveling with a budget-friendly airline, the passenger makes sure that the complete travel must be value for money. While traveling with French Bee Airlines, they offer 4 different types of fares. These fares are Basic, Basic Plus, Smart, and Premium which both Basic and Smart Fare covers under Economy class, and Premium is the Business Class fare in French Bee Airlines. The Premium class offers a premium cabin section with comfortable and completely recliner seats. But this class costs much higher. Similarly, the lower fare includes fewer facilities on their flights. 

Both Basic and Basic Plus class provides a facility to carry 12 Kg hand luggage, and inflight entertainment service. Similarly, the Smart fare provides a facility to add on checked luggage, flexible tickets, and inflight meal service. 

Apart from these Economy classes, Premium Class allows passengers to carry 2 checked baggage, refundable tickets, and some extras like wine, champagne, etc. Irrespective of the class fare, passengers are allowed to buy these services separately. The services, one can add to fares separately after paying are:

  • Seat Selection
  • Priority in Boarding
  • Access to Airport Lounge
  • Additional Baggage
  • Travel Kits
  • Line jump services to save time
  • Extra Legroom for extra space

French Bee Check-in Service

French Bee Check-in Service

French Bee already reduces all the hassles for their passengers to make the check-in process smooth. The airline also provides a facility to complete the check-in process through French Bee’s official website. After completing the check-in process online, passengers can print the boarding pass at home or before reaching at the airport. Alternatively, check-in processes are also available at the airport ticket counter. The online process starts 48 hours before the departure of the flight and 24 hours before flights to Tahiti or the United States. The check-in counter opens four hours prior to the flight departure for those passengers who want to check in at the airport.

French Bee Airlines Baggage Allowance

French Bee Airlines Baggage Allowance

Now, talking about the luggage they allow for any passenger includes a personal item like a handbag or laptop bag and hand luggage inside the cabin. 4 kg is the maximum allowed weight for the personal item with the dimensions 16x12x6 inches. Similarly, hand luggage must not weigh more than 12 kg with the allowed dimensions of not more than 45″. 

On the other hand, Smart fares include all the above-mentioned things, and also 1 checked baggage. Premium fare allow passengers to carry 2 checked baggage. These checked bags must weigh not more than 23 kg each, with a maximum total dimensions of 62″. These checked luggage are not included in either Basic or Basic Plus classes. However, passengers are allowed to buy checked bags additionally with a maximum total no. of 3 bags.

Talking about the prices for these additional checked-in bags, passengers have to an amount starting from 82 USD if the process is done 48 hours before the departure. This is for online processing only, and 131 USD is the payable amount at the airport for the same process. 

French Bee Airline Ratings

French Bee Airline Ratings

A few months back, some websites researched a lot and rated French Bee Airlines on the basis of their flights, services, add-ons, meals, previous passenger reviews, and the locations they are covering. The average rating received by French Bee Airline is 3.2 out of 5 which is good enough for such type of airline. Below is the explanation of the ratings given:

  • Fares are budget-friendly which provides value for money.
  • An additional Air + Train bundle is available while booking the tickets for more convenience.
  • Enough hand luggage allowance.
  • Add-ons are available if passengers need them.
  • Covering many amazing destinations.
  • Amenities are very few.
  • The destinations list is small.


French Bee airline is giving great competition to similar airlines working for years by providing some great services at very low cost and covering the best destinations for travel. This is attracting more and more customers to French Bee. The airline charges a very low amount for fares but provides value-for-money service to survive in the aviation industry. 

Similarly, if the service is not included in the ticket fare, then one can purchase the required service separately by giving a minimal amount. Also, the airline is providing a bundle of Train + Air ticket booking services within France to minimize the rest of the hassle. These things make French Bee Airline stand out from the rest of the airlines. 

This blog post includes all the related information highlighting the topic Is French Bee Airline good or not, is it safe to travel, how is the airline, and what all services they provide? Read the complete article to find out whether the airline is good or not, and plan your next trip with French Bee Airline without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is French Bee a safe plane?

Yes, French Bee is a safe airline in all aspects. Also, the airline takes care of technical maintenance of their flights timely so that everything works smoothly without any compromise to the lives of passengers and crew.

What is the rating for French Bee Airline?

French Bee Airline is rated as a 3-star low-cost airline.

Is French Bee a low-cost airline?

Yes, French Bee is a low-cost airline that provides value-for-money services to their passengers. 

How many stars is French Bee Airlines?

French Bee Airline is rated as a 3-star low-cost airline by Skytrax which is an airline review agency.
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