What Terminal is Frontier at PHL

Frontier Airlines uses terminal E of Philadelphia airport. In May 2022, it announced new non stop flights to Cleveland, Cincinnati, Boston, Kansas city, MO, Chicago-Midway, and San Antonio. Passengers can have more destinations to explore when flying with Frontier airlines from this airport. 

The arrivals and departures of the present day are listed on the online portal. Updates of any change in the flight timings will be shared via email, text message or a phone call. If your upcoming flight is scheduled to leave and you are searching for what terminal is Frontier at PHL. Then, use this content as your personal guide on what terminal is Frontier at PHL and find the location of other services and the  ticket counter. 

Complete Guide on Frontier Philadelphia Terminal

The Philadelphia International Airport is the primary hub for the airlines. It occupies 2302 acres of land and is used by more than 27 airlines. On an average, there are 323 departures on a daily basis. Moreover, Frontier Airlines being the second largest operating from this port makes a large contribution to these high numbers of departures from the port. 

Coming back, We very well know that Frontier Airlines uses terminal E at the PHL Airport. The services are located between the gates E-1 to E-17. Follow the sign boards or Interactive map to reach the following Frontier facilities. 

Frontier Airlines Departures and Arrivals

The Frontier Airlines departures and arrivals are scheduled from Terminal E of PHL Airport. Passengers can move towards the baggage area to pick or drop their bags respectively. The international arrivals take place at the level or floor 3 of the terminal. Since the terminal changes at times due to various operational reasons, check on the boarding pass for what terminal is Frontier airlines at Philadelphia Airport.

Baggage Area for Frontier Airlines PHL Terminal

The Baggage area at the terminal 1 of the Frontier Airlines is at the Floor 1. Remember to check that your checked bags and items are tightly packed to avoid any damage. Also, check if you have kept anything which is not allowed by the airlines. As during screening, all the unnecessary stuff will be removed as a caution to keep the environment safe for the fellow passengers and cabin crew. Passengers arriving can quickly lift their bags and leave the airport after carefully counting and checking their bags. 

Check-In Section for Frontier Passengers 

Frontier Passengers can move to Terminal E, floor 1 for check-in. Keep your booking confirmation code handy and any additional document required for special reservations. The self-serve kiosks and the ticket counters, both are available for check-in. It is essential to remember to check each and every detail before confirming. Furthermore, add the services or preferred seats, if required.

Other Amenities at the Philadelphia Airport 

Philadelphia Airport is loaded with a variety of amenities and services to make the essential to premium services accessible to the travelers of the port. Take a glimpse at all the facilities that will be available for you at the airport.

Shop and Dining

Shop and Dining

Renowned food outlets and restaurants are present at the Philadelphia airport. Frontier passengers can find the food court section on the second floor of terminal E. Vending machines are also placed at close by distances for a quick snack. You can also transit from one terminal to another to grab your favorite meal. There are 99 plus restaurants and dining options. 

On the other hand, tons of shops are present to keep the window shopping going. Since the time at the airport can be very lengthy at times, this is one of the best time passes. Look at the products and buy them if it clicks your eyes and needs. Moreover there are other stores like the spa, beauty, fitness, and various others. You can check the official portal of the PHL airport to check all the options available at the airport. 

Parking and Transportation 

Parking facilities are divided into segments to ensure suitability for various vehicles. 24 dollars is charged for parking the vehicle for an entire day or 24 hours. Since the space is limited and is filled very fast,passengers must confirm the availability by dialing 215-683-9842. Moreover, there are no early reservations possible.


The Airport bus drives the airport guests within the airport to any terminal. Additionally, there are rental taxis and cars available for bookings. Find the contact number and website links to reserve a taxi to arrive or depart the airport. The prices will vary based on the distance covered and the rental service provider policies. Confirm all the details and book a ride to and from the airport.


All details related to what terminal is Frontier at Philadelphia International Airport has been covered in the above article. As your guide, the entire route map of all the places you will have to visit are mentioned in the second para. Take a careful look at the information to save your time at the airport. Since the airport is huge and can lead to conditions at the end moment, plan things well before to avoid such incidents.

Frontier Airlines PHL Terminal (FAQs)

Which terminal is Frontier at PHL Airport?

Frontier Airlines is at terminal E of the PHL or Philadelphia Airport.

How many terminals are at the PHL Airport?

There are a total of  seven terminals at the Philadelphia International Airport.

Does PHL (Philadelphia Airport) have a transportation service?

The Philadelphia Airport bus  commutes passengers within the airport at the Philadelphia International Airport.

Can you walk from terminal E to F at PHL?

You can only walk on the sideways of the terminals. While the Airport bus is available for transits from one airport to another. 

What terminal is Frontier in Philadelphia Airport for domestic departures?

Frontier Airlines use terminal E for all international and domestic flights at the airport.
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