Is Frontier Airlines Safe

Yes, Frontier is a safe airline and trustworthy for your future travel. The airline operates under strict guidelines of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). It is also a 3-star Skytrax certified airline providing quality services and products. The airline holds all necessary safety certifications including IATA. Every airline is concerned about the safety of its passengers and crew members and thus, implement various programs to improve its operations. We will discuss what makes Frontier Airlines a safe and secure choice for travel. Let’s explore its various operation programs, safety measures and records.  

How Safe is Frontier Airlines?

Safety Rating Criteria

Frontier Airlines is counted amongst the safest air carrier in the industry as it comply with safety laws and codes. It has a strong safety ratings of 7/7 by airlineratings. This website rates airlines safety standards after considering the audits fro governing body in the aviation industry. In addition, Frontier AIrlines operates under the strict sight of the FAA. The airline religiously follows the safety measures which includes consistent aircraft maintenance, safety inspections, and crew training. FAA conducts frequent audits and inspection to ensure that airline align with the set guidelines. Frontier Airlines operate flights with highly skilled professionals to ensure security during flight. The budget airline had a safety rating of 7/7 due to the following reasons:

  • The airline hasn’t had any fatal crash since the last 10 years, moreover, it hasn’t had any crash since its operations.
  • Frontier airlines didn’t suffer any serious pilot associated incidents in the past making it worthy of the given ratings. 
  • The airline has always passed the safety audits by IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) U.S. and the EU Blacklist. 

Frontier Airlines Pilot Training and Qualifications

Frontier Airlines Pilot Training and Qualifications

Security lies in the cockpit, and Frontier Airlines takes pilot training qualification seriously. It is mandatory for all the pilots to complete the extensive training to serve the airline. All pilots have to meet essential requirements before operating the Frontier flights. Pilots are well trained in handling different situations like emergencies and bad weather conditions. Moreover, the airline keep them up to date regarding the latest safety measures through training. 

A few basic needs to become a pilot on Frontier Airlines are:

  • A total flying time of over 2500 hours
  • 750 hours multi-engine fixed wing
  • 500 hours plus turbo/jet pop
  • At least 500 hours pilot in command (PIC)
  • 750 hours of multi-engine fixed wing
  • FAA Class 1 Medical Certificate at present
  • 20/20 correct vision
  • Radio Operator’s Permit Restricted to FCC
  • ATP Certificate

Frontier Safety Record and History

Like every airline, Frontier Airlines has had its share od incidents and accidents over the past years. However, it is worth noticing that the airline had not experienced any major accidents since the beginning of its operations. The airline learns from its mistakes and follows the safety regulations in order to minimize the potential risks. According to the FAA data, Frontier Airlines has kept a quite good safety record. 

Note: There was another airline company in 1950 to 1986 by the same name that had a fatal crash in 1978 and some people confused it for the new Frontier Airlines. Overall, Frontier Airlines has an excellent track record of air safety. 

Remarkable Fleet of Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is known for using the best aircraft for the operation of its flights. The airline has some of the safest commercial aircrafts. In addition, Frontier Airlines keeps its fleet upgraded by installing new technology for better flight operations. This also contributes towards the safety of passengers and crew members during flight. The following are the list of aircraft included in the remarkable fleet of Frontier Airlines:

  • 168 Airbus A321neos, 
  • 72 A320neos, 
  • 21 Airbus A321-200s, 
  • 19 Airbus A320-200s and many Airbus A321XLRs.

Moreover, the company is considered as amongst the greeniest airline in the States. In a way one the passengers is contributing towards planet. The airline fleet is has average age of 4 years and are more fuel efficient. This also helps in reducing the carbon footprint. In fact, the airline has 40% more fuel efficiency than the other airlines in the American market. 

Frontier Ensures Strong Safety Culture

Highly Trained Pilots And Crew

Frontier Airlines ensures that safety is practised in every level of the organization. Each and every operation is conducted by taking safety precautions. This way, the airline is able to reduce the probability of risk. Moreover, Frontier Airlines thoroughly analyses the occurred incidents to rule out the cause and take effective measures. This implies that the airlines keep a strong safety culture within the organisation and everyone is bound to follow it. 

Frontier Airlines Is Mostly On-time

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS), in 2020 Frontier Airlines had a mid rank for on-time arrival percentage among all the major airline carriers in the U.S. Looking at Frontier from a performance point of view, the affordable airline carrier showed their ability to compete with legacy carriers but sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances they are also subject to timing issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Frontier Airlines reliable?

Yes, Frontier Airlines is safe despite being an ultra cheap fare airline. 

How safe is Frontier Airlines? 

Frontier Airlines is fairly safe and has a great track record that proves it is a safe airline to fly. 

What kind of planes does Frontier fly? 

 Frontier Airlines fleet includes Airbus and Boeing aircraft.
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