How Old to Book a Hotel in the United States

Most states in the U.S. allow legal rights to 18 year or above to book a hotel because it is similar to signing a contract. It is possible that some hotels may require guests to be of higher age group of 21-25 years old. Therefore, its is mandatory to check age policy of the hotel before making a reservation. Individuals must stay prepared to complete the identification process by providing a valid id. This may include a driver’s license or a valid passport. 

However, some hotels may ask for additional identification form like address proof and credit cards. It is not possible to walk into the hotel and book a room if you age below 18 years because. Such age is cons

State-Specific Legal age to Book a Hotel in the United State

State-Specific Legal Age To Book A Hotel in The U.S.?

The United States does not offer anyone under the age of 18 years to book a hotel. However, specific legal age may differ according to various states. Some locations like Las Vegas and Miami require its guest to be at least 21 years of age. This is not a legal requirement but the hotel sometimes asks for higher age for check-in to put itself on the safe side and avoid any possible tragedies. It is clear that legal minors are not allowed to check-in into the hotels. Moreover, if anything happens to the underage customer then the hotels will be held accountable thus, they strictly follow the age restriction policies. 

As previously mentioned, there is no fixed minimum age to book a hotel in the U.S. This completely depends on each state and its local laws. However, the most common criteria is 18 and above. Few places that allow stays in rental rooms to young tourists who are 16 years of age. There are certain states that have different age restrictions. States like Alabama and Nevada have minimum age limits of 19 years and 21 years respectively. Below are the states that permits individual over 18 years to check into a hotel room:

AlaskaIndianaMontanaRhode Island
ArizonaIowaNebraskaSouth Carolina
ArkansasKansasNew HampshireSouth Dakota
CaliforniaKentuckyNew JerseyTennessee
ColoradoLouisianaNew MexicoTexas
ConnecticutMaineNew YorkUtah
DelawareMarylandNorth CarolinaVermont
FloridaMassachusettsNorth DakotaVirginia
HawaiiMinnesotaOklahomaWest Virginia

As you read further, it is a gentle reminder there are special hotel stays that have their personalized age restrictions due to the purpose and theme of the same. So, it is essential to confirm how old to rent a hotel. Refer to the next section for some interesting facts about the legal minimum age restrictions.

Requirements for Checking into a Hotel

Bring a valid credit card and an ID card issued by the concerned government, also take a passport, if traveling from another country. Almost all hotels will run the credit card during the check-in process. This lets the hotel get a hold of your credit card and charge you for services and damages during the stay. One should also stay prepared with the booking details as these are asked when you first go to the reception. The name on the booking and issued ID must be similar.  

Is it Different to Book a Hotel than Checking In?

Yes, it is different to book a hotel than personally going check-in for a room. Individuals do not face any age restrictions while booking a hotel as it can be done online without direct contact with the hotel staff. In most scenarios, customers are asked to provide their credit card to complete the booking online. However, the age restriction policy is always mentioned on their website. Once you visit the hotel, the check-in is not completed without proper identification of the customer and their age. Check-in is forbidden for an underage person. 

Criteria for an Underage to Book a Hotel in U.S.

A parent or guardian’s company is very necessary for below the legal minimum age group to stay in a hotel room. These days, there are some other ways to rent a hotel room even if you are young. Although, that also has an age criteria and requires few additional conditions like NOC from an elder, identity card and some other special provisions. Before you look out for ways to rent a hotel without meeting the minimum age criteria also check the ways on how to Check Out of a Hotel.

Why Minors are Not allowed to Rent a Hotel Room?

Why Minors are Not allowed to Rent a Hotel Room

If the above table results from minor age has brought disappointment to you with your age not being accepted to book a hotel room. Then we feel sorry too. But, there are various important reasons why there is a legal minimum age criterion to rent or stay in a hotel room. 

Financial uncertainty: A major concern for hotels is that the minors do not have a stable income and what if they are unable to make the payment as they planned on staying without any financial help from the elders or parents? That is why based on the generic age for independent and income earning, the minimum criteria for the same. 

Understanding of the Legal Structure and Norms: There are a lot of legal restrictions in hotels like alcohol, consumption of various items and engagement in other activities like gambling and others. By maintaining a minimum age group bar, the hotels are able to ensure that mature individuals who have the know-how of the legal regulations and can act accordingly are allowed to book a room. 

Lack of Liability: As discussed in the above passage, minors or underage guests are not only young to understand the laws and restrictions. Instead, they are neither aware of the consequences of disobeying the rules nor can they be held liable for many acts. This becomes a tough situation for the hotel staff and the authorities to handle and take responsibility. Also, the overall mood and reputation of the hotel even hamper to a larger extent in case of a major incident. Hence, it is essential to set a minimum age bar for the guests who want to rent a room. 

Lack of Liability

Validity for Contract, Signatures, and Agreements: The age to rent a room and other legal procedures are quite the same or at least close enough. This is due to the relation between the acts. Like, here, an individual who books or rents a hotel stay needs to agree to the terms and conditions and sign it consequently for proof purposes. However, the signatures of a minor who is 18 years or below are not legally valid. The age might change for each region but the reason behind not being able to rent a hotel stay remains the same and applicable for all the places. 

Security of the Guests: The last and most common reason for hotels to abide by the legal minimum age criteria is to ensure the safety and security of the guests. While not all youngsters are innocent and can engage in some dangerous and illegal activities creating a chaos and unsafe environment for others, they are not allowed to rent a room.

Security of the Guests

Alternatively, it is also true that adult participation is more common in such unlawful activities. However, they can be held liable for their acts which is a big loop hole in the case of minor hotel guests. That is why, you can only book a stay if the primary or the authority renting a room is a recognized elder in the eyes of the law.


There are various laws to allow a safe and secure atmosphere for tourists. One such is the legal minimum age criteria. This is different for various activities. If you are curious to know how old to book a hotel room in the United States, then find the details in the above-described content. The legal age for each state of the country is specified in a table and a few other provisions are also defined to combine and solve all your travel queries. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the legal age to book a hotel?

The minimum legal age to book a hotel is different for every region or locality depending on laws.

How old to book a hotel in the United States of America?

The United States allows 18-year-olds to book a hotel.

What documents are required to book a hotel stay?

The requirements to book a hotel service are an identity card providing authentic information about the individual’s name, address, age, and others. 

Can you book a hotel at 18 in the US?

Most certainly, 18 years and above are eligible to book a hotel room in the United States but it shall differ according to the local laws of each region. 
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