How to Check Out of a Hotel

You enjoyed your stay and had a fun vacation but as the time comes near to leave the hotel after having a great vacation at your stay and curious to know how to check out of a hotel, just stay with me as I take you through a number of ways of checking out of a hotel for a hassle-free end of your trip.  The hotel checkout proceeds through various methods. However, the check-out mainly depends on the destination or hotel you are staying at. Check-out process may vary from hotel to hotel, as this is determined by the policies of the checkout, however, some checkouts may be very casual and may not need many formalities while in others you may have to follow instructions and their policy before leaving the hotel rooms. 

Checking out of the hotel is rather easy, however, sometimes the process may differ from one hotel to another and this confuses people in all hotels. While checking out you must ask for receipts and payment after handing over the key. Pay using a credit card and ensure the timing of checkout before leaving, don’t leave your stuff behind, and check all the items on the table, wardrobe, and bathroom. 

Let us explore how we can check out of the hotel and what are the easiest ways towards it.

5 Rules How to Check Out of a Hotel

Rules How to Check Out of a Hotel

At the time of checkout, all you need to do is go to the front desk of the hotel and tell the receptionist that you would like to check out, do keep your room key with you as they will ask for the key to do a final check of your room if everything is in place and you have not left anything behind. To avoid long queues, arrive on time as the guests start to assemble at the reception desk, waiting for their turn to complete the checkout process. Do you know? you don’t have to wait in these long lines as there are many other options available for hassle-free checkout.

Here are a few convenient ways to check out of your hotel.

1. Front Desk Reception Checkout

Front Desk Reception Checkout 

You can easily check out at the front desk reception after leaving your room for that you have to walk to the reception desk and there you can ask for the bill and other due to checkout, or else you can just simply walk away, the hotel will check you out and later they will send you the bill which you have to pay on the available hotel’s website or its application, but make sure you enter the correct details. However, it is advisable to inform the staff at the front desk to avoid any error related to payment and room services and to avoid contacting customer support later if something goes wrong. 

Checking out at the front desk is commonly available in many hotels including IHG, Marriott, Hilton, and Four Seasons. These hotels allow 18 years old to check in only after verifying the details submitted, including the payment of your stay during check-in. 

the ideal time for many hotels to check out is 10 am to 12 pm, if you want to avoid long queues try to check out early to escape the crowds. 

2. Checkout Using Mobile App

Many local and international hotels have developed mobile applications to provide their customers with fast checkout service. When you arrive at the hotel you can access digital check-in and checkout options using hotel mobile applications, and it will also act as a digital key.

When you are ready to leave, select the checkout time on the app, there you will also get the information on any left due. Many hotels even allow you to set the checkout timing in advance and complete all the formalities in advance. 

3. Checkout on Telephone

Another method you can use to checkout is using the room’s telephone service. All you need to do is call on the assigned hotel number, the staff will pick up and help you to check out easily on the phone, make sure you have your details are correctly mentioned on the hotel file, the staff will also provide you with the bill and will send the copy of the bill on your email address or phone number. 

4. Use TV to checkout 

This option is not that popular and available in many hotels, but if it is available at your hotel then all you need to do is locate hotel/guest services, navigate through the menu and select the checkout option, fill in your details, and confirm. You can for the receipt and bill it to the desk or the staff.   

5. Checkout using Hotel Elite status

If you want to check out without following any other method, all you can do is try to earn yourself an elite status at the hotel, this will help you to avoid long queues and offer you a separate desk for checking out with all elite members. 

Elite member status can be earned by owning a wide variety of credit cards and you are a loyal customer of the hotel and frequently make trips to the hotel. 

Avoid These Common Mistakes at the Time of Check-out

Common Mistakes at the Time of Check-out
  • Take extra minutes to check your room carefully to avoid missing or losing any of your stuff.
  • If there is any damage present in your room or if some appliance is not working, then inform the staff immediately, this will help you to avoid paying unnecessary penalties later. 
  • Use a credit card instead of a Debit card as this will help you to avoid fraud, and you can also use PayPal or another application to pay your charges. 
  • Get up on time and set an alarm to avoid overstaying and late checkout, as this will add to penalties. 
  • Before checkout, make sure you inquire about any other charges or penalties that may apply if you do not check out on time. There are some additional charges applied on items such as food products and services used in hotel rooms. 
  • Make sure you ask the front desk staff to provide you with all the details on the extra charges applied, it is recommended that you ask about all this information at the time you check-in. 
  • Some extra fees that may be applicable on items and services are minibars, gym facilities, baggage, internet, and food service. 
  • If there are any gratuities applicable during your stay, carefully check the receipt and it must be indicated over there to avoid paying double tips.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you check out of a hotel by just leaving?

Yes! You can check out by just leaving, and at the drop box you can drop the key and later the hotel will mail you all your checkout information. 

What is the checkout process?

It is a process that guests need to follow before leaving their hotel, from collecting their stuff to calculating taxes and charges. 

When should you check out of a hotel?

The standard check-out time at the hotel is usually 10 am to 12 pm, after that hotels charge you an extra charge for delaying your checkout. 

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