How to upgrade to mint JetBlue

There are various ways to upgrade to Mint JetBlue. You can use the Mosaic Mint upgrade certificate or purchase the upgrade at the gate. Lastly, it’s not an upgrade, but you can redeem points to book an upgrade and pay the point difference. The business class at JetBlue alias Mint Class is a plush and unique travel experience in itself. While most customers want to grab the luxury atmosphere, they don’t know the actual procedure. It may leave many passengers baffled. Thus, below, we have explained the steps on how to upgrade to Mint JetBlue business class.

JetBlue Mint Suite Major Highlights

JetBlue Mint Suite

While it may come for a slightly higher price, JetBlue Mint Upgrade offers fully lie-flat seats, priority check-in, boarding, baggage collection, security, special beverages, meals, and many other facilities. This cabin is accessible only on selected Airbus A321 aircraft and some A321ceos, A321neos, and all A321LRs. If you wish to upgrade to JetBlue Mint, make sure to consider the points mentioned below: 

  • All tickets can have a final-minute Mint upgrade.
  • Passengers would have to make separate bookings when the booked passenger wishes to fly on the Core seat and others on the Mint seat.
  • While upgrading to Mint on jetBlue, all the associated benefits with the cabin are added automatically – like security, priority check-in, boarding, baggage retrieval, boarding (incl. a free second checked bag), and additional baggage allowance) and fully lie-flat seats (with an average length of 6 feet 8 inches), beverages, special meals, etc. However, changing to Mint class at the airport isn’t possible, with security, boarding, priority check-in, and additional baggage.
  • Military and Government members can’t get discounted Mint rates for flights less than 14 hours.
  • You can buy mint seats with TrueBlue points depending on the paid fare – but it is not possible to upgrade to jetBlue Mint with TrueBlue points at the gate.  
  • When the passenger is upgrading from Core to min seats, users must use the same payment mode they used while booking Core seats.
  • The paid fee at the gate for the JetBlue Mint upgrade doesn’t earn any points. These points are only earned on the spent amount on individual flight bookings. You also won’t earn points to upgrade to another passenger’s flight at the gate, even when the passenger is on the booking.

Best Ways for JetBlue Mint Upgrade

Best Ways for JetBlue Mint Upgrade

If you have already bought a JetBlue ticket and want to switch to JetBlue Mint Suite, check out these points. This cabin is offered on limited markets and selected routes, including every transatlantic flight. Mint is available on flights to the Caribbean and selected transcontinental flights. Thus, before deciding to upgrade JetBlue flight, check whether you are eligible or not. Once that’s clear, you can upgrade your flight bookings;

  • Through phone
  • Through the Manage Trips section online.
  • From the official ticketing office of JetBlue airlines
  • Through a travel agent
  • At the airport gate

Note: Passengers can’t make an upgrade on a JetBlue flight to Mint at the airport check-in counter.

1. Use JetBlue Mosaic Mint Upgrade Certificates

This option is for frequent flyers enrolled under the JetBlue TrueBlue loyalty program. Passengers who have earned the two highest Mosaic statuses can get Mint upgrade certificates. The status is earned by checking the tiles and four tiers. A tile is earned for every 100 USD spent on the flight and 1,000 USD on the JetBlue credit card. Members with 150 tiles are eligible to get four Mint upgrade certificates a year. In contrast, passengers with 250 tiles are eligible for an extra two Mint upgrade certificates. 

A passenger can upgrade a flight depending on the number of certificates. For example, a transatlantic flight is upgradeable with two mint upgrade certificates, and other flights are upgradeable with just one certificate. The clearing procedure for these certificates will take 24 hours before the scheduled departure. Please note that this is subject to the seat availability in the cabin.

It is possible to upgrade to Jetblue Mint online on a few selected domestic and international flying routes through the following methods:

  • Online through Manage Trips
  • Visit the official JetBlue Airlines website.
  • Choosing Manage Trips
  • To retrieve flight bookings, you must enter the following:
  • Confirmation code/ticket
  • Last name
  • Then click on the button Continue
  • Choose the flight
  • Follow the prompts for upgrading it
  • Confirming and paying

Tip: It is advisable to use the same payment form that you used for buying the Core ticket.

2. Purchase JetBlue Mint Upgrade At The Gate

Do you not have Mosaic status? Worry no more! there is one more option to achieve JetBlue upgrade to Mint suite. You pay an amount to get the upgraded cabin, and the cost is basically the fare difference. It is different here from other airlines, JetBlue does not allow mint upgrade purchases in advance. You cannot even do it at the check-in. You will be eligible to purchase the Mint upgrade at the flight departure gate. So, you will have to wait until an hour or so before the scheduled flight takeoff. However, the upgrade request is processed on a first-come, first-served basis based on the seating capacity. When Core seats are booked already (through points, cash, or both modes), passengers can move to Mint after paying an additional fee at the airport (however, the same isn’t applicable to the check-in desk). 

Wondering how much the JetBlue Mint Upgrade costs? Well, it can cost around 600 USD to 700 USD for transatlantic flights. For other flights, you may have to pay less i.e. around 500 USD to 600 USD..

3. Book JetBlue Upgrade With Redeem Points 

Firstly, it is not an upgrade. You can redeem points to travel in the JetBlue Mint Suite. A passenger is eligible to redeem points earned with TrueBlue for any seats on any JetBlue-operated flights. The value of each point will change according to the ticket price. For instance, a flight from Miami to LA may cost around 150 USD on Economy and 700-900 USD on Mint. If you wish to use your points, you may purchase Economy for 13,400 points plus 5.6 USD or Mint for 71,600 points plus 5.6 USD. This redemption will cost you around 1.1 cents for every TrueBlue point. The total TrueBlue earned points depend on the original booked fare, so you won’t earn any additional TrueBlue points to move to Mint at the airport gate.

In other words, no set rate is there at which the Jetblue points are redeemable to get mint class upgrades. In cases where the points balance is less than required, it would be possible to transfer points from the following cards to the TrueBlue points of JetBlue:

  • American Express Membership Rewards
  • Chase Ultimate Rewards
  • Citi ThankYou Rewards

How To Upgrade Jetblue Flight With Redeem Points?

How To Upgrade Jetblue Flight With Redeem Points

You can log in to the TrueBlue account to upgrade to jetBlue Mint after redeeming the TrueBlue points online. Afterward, head to the option “Explore Fares”. Choose the Mint option and also follow the prompts to complete upgrading. To upgrade to Mint offline, you must call the JetBlue office in the area, visit the JetBlue ticket office, or also contact the travel agent requesting an upgrade.

For passengers flying on partnered airlines, you can upgrade to Mint with American Airlines Advantage Miles. The number of miles you’ll have for mint seats depends on American Airlines partner pricing charts, which are:

  • 50,000 miles for a single-way flight within mainland Canada and the U.S.
  • 52,000 miles or a single-way flight from/to Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

Note: You’ll have to spend an additional 15,000 AAdvantage Miles for Mint at a few selected routes. When you search on the American website, ensure that the message Operated after JetBlue is also available against the search outcomes and award seats in Business Class. After booking, you’ll need to call JetBlue directly to choose a Mint seat, as you won’t be able to choose from American Airlines.

Mint Class Upgrade Cost on JetBlue

While the price can vary, there is not an exact answer to how much JetBlue Mint Upgrade costs. The actual amount range from USD 499 to 699 USD, or more depending on the upgrade route type (Mint Lie-Flat seats or Mint Suite). Overall, the cost for upgrading to mint on JetBlue is subject to selected route and seats availability. In some cases, a passenger may have to pay higher than what we have stated here. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are some basic Mint experience features available to customers?

The mint seats offer the longest fully-flat bed (at around 6’8”) within the United States domestic premium market

How much is a mint seat on JetBlue?

Mint upgrades on JetBlue can’t cost you around USD 400 to 699, based on the route and when you’re booking

Can you pay to upgrade to mint?

Yes, passengers can pay to upgrade or pay the fare difference amount to upgrade jetblue flight and switch to Mint suite. 

Is JetBlue Mint worth it?

JetBlue Mint upgrade offers some attractive features like fully lie-flat seats, priority checkin, boarding, special beverages, meals, and what not to give you a suite-life experience. 

Is it possible to get JetBlue upgrade to mint after booking?

Yes, it is possible to change your seat to Mint cabin after confirming the booking. You will have to use the same source of payment used for original booking to get the upgrade. 

Can passengers travel with service animal on Mint seat upgrade?

Yes, passengers can travel with service animals (only dogs) on Mint seat upgrade but, they will have to give up on lie-flat seats. 

How long does Mint upgrade take?

It may take several hours to process the Mint upgrade. Mosaic Mint Upgrade Certificates takes around a day to clear. 

Can I upgrade my seat on JetBlue with points?

It is not basically an upgrade but, passengers can use points to book jetblue mint upgrade.

Does JetBlue give free upgrades?

JetBlue Mosaic members with 150 tiles are eligible to get four Mint upgrade vouchers annually. In contrast, members with 250 tiles are eligible for an extra two Mint upgrade vouchers. 

How large is the JetBlue Mint suite?

The mint suite also offers quite a lot of living space of other domestic carriers in the United states. With the 1×1 configuration – with only one seat on either aisle side with lengthy flat beds measuring up to 6 feet 8 inches.

How can you upgrade to Mint at The JetBlue Mosaic?

You can upgrade jetblue flight using two mint upgrade certificates for transatlantic routes whereas, one certificate for other routes.

If I booked a core or higher-space seat and want to switch to Mint on the same flight, would I have to pay change fee?

No, passengers wouldn’t have to pay any fee for changing flights. As a passenger you would only have to pay the fare difference. When you are also booked in Even More Space, the seat fee is refunded on changing to Mint. 

After booking core or higher space seats, is it possible to upgrade to mint at the same day?

No, same day changes are available Only to Mint to Mint or Mint to core. In case the mint seat is available, you can confirm it by exchanging the tickets and paying teh fare differences.

On booking Mint seats, is it possible to change on the same day and confirm seats on another flight day?

When another Mint flight is there on the same travel day with availability of Mint seats, it is possible to confirm seats after local midnight time for a $75 same day change fee after you call on the official airline assistance of JetBlue. 
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